Till we meet again


It is my last post of the series, but I will return to the mountains as I always do, and share more pictures in the future.

I will probably visit the mountains in May to walk through the Rhododendron Fairy Tunnel…

fairy tunnel


…and revisit Glenary village.


I am also curious if the tiny spruces and larches that are hidden in the tall grass haven’t grown up already since the picture was taken in 2013.


To add the last touches to my photo story about Comeragh Mountains I drive along the Eastern ridge which I hope to revisit when the weather gets more summery. Late afternoon sun paints the mountains in rich, warm colors.

I park at the side of the road and enjoy the beauty of Stookangarriff Ridge and Coumshingaun. At the bottom of the almost vertical cliff there hides Ireland’s most beautiful lake.

I continue driving along the mountain road, and it feels like flying a small airplane.


More coums, big and small …


… and sheep, always sheep, with red, blue or yellow painted bottoms.


The mountains are their life. Rough life.


To complete a full circle around the Comeraghs, I drive along the Southern part of the mountains.

Once I stuck in this place for a couple of hours, because my car refused to start. It did, eventually, and I still have no idea what happened. Must be fairies. Anyway, as I managed to start the car and hurried home, I looked in the rear view mirror and noticed something unusual in the sky. I got out of the car and could not believe my eyes: a perfect heart-shaped cloud was hanging at the edge of the hill, and another cloud that looked like a pair of angel wings, was hovering over the heart. I had already packed my camera, but managed to take it out quickly and get a couple of shots before the clouds disappeared.

This Cloud Heart is here for all of you who took your time to read about my favorite mountains, and to be an active participant of our grand hike 🙂 Thank you so much for all your wonderful comments and friendship! When I take more photographs to put up another Comeragh mountain blog, we will meet again. Stay fit 😉

My next blog is about creatures 🙂

inesemjphotography  Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. Breath taking. You have such an eye fro capturing the beauty and the grandeur of the mountains and then you have these amazing ones in black and white of the sheep that are like a whole step back in time xxxxx

      1. Don’t worry my darling. I don’t know if it was maybe me by mistake when I scrolled down here one time and it jammed as it often does her cos we are near the North Sea, and clicked unfollow but I had no notifications of your posts so I was just catching up.

        1. Ah, no worries, I am on an off myself, and all my posts are written in advance. I write when I have the time for writing 🙂 This week i only answer the comments and don’t even have time to visit xxxx

    1. Thank you so much, Linda! These are mostly my old photographs. I am too busy to go to the mountains these days 😦 Hope you come to Ireland some day and use my blog as a route planner 😉

    1. Oh I am glad to hear this. Hope they have a better weather up North. Belfast is a beautiful city with exquisite architecture. Armagh is beautiful too, they have two magnificent cathedrals. You should advise them to visit Dark Hedges which is nearby. Another couple of years and the place will disappear.

  2. My, what wonder and a hearty walk, indeed! I’m very glad to have eaten before I read your post, Inese. Your love of nature certainly shows in each beguiling photo. The heart cloud is a present to you, I’m sure. for you capture hearts quite easily. Have a lovely Sunday!! xoxo

  3. I bet the Rhododendron Fairy Tunnel is amazing! I love rhododendrons! I have to say, it looks pretty awesome in the winter too, and I love the black and white photo. Also, a heart shaped cloud…probably the coolest cloud I’ve ever seen. I guess it made your wait worth it 😀

    1. Thank you so much! The tunnel is quite long – there is a break somewhere in the middle, and then the tunnel continues. It is how you get to the Cross monument I wrote about. The cloud was very unusual indeed – the sky was clear with very little feather-like white clouds. This one was thick and grey 🙂

    1. Thank you Andrea! In real life it was even more magical 🙂 After another 20 seconds the cloud went behind the hill for good 🙂

  4. I can well understand your need to keep returning to these beautiful mountains, Inese. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed taking the tour with you over the past few weeks, and have been very impressed by your stunning photos and the variety of images you’ve shown us. The heart-shaped cloud was definitely a rare treat…so unusual. I’d also love to see the rhododendron tunnel in flower and walk through it imagining the fairies watching, out of sight. I always enjoy seeing your b/w photos and how they can create a completely different mood. A lovely series of posts altogether! 🙂

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