St Patrick’s Day

St Patrick’s Day Parade, Carrick on Suir 2014

I want to share a few photos taken during the St Patrick’s Day Parade in Carrick on Suir. I love street photography.

Happy St Patrick’s Day to all!



patrick day2

Tip of the day: Use your widest lens for the street photography.  To take these photos i used shutter speed about 1/800-1/1200 for the moving people, and 1/125 for standing. Remember to ask permission if you want to take close up pictures of children.

inesemj_photographyHave a great day!



Saint Patrick’s Day is near!

This is one of my favorite holidays! First, because I am very grateful that Saint Patrick took care of them snakes.  And second, because I love the parades!

Every town is getting ready. I took this shot another night sneaking around the Old Friary in Carrick on Suir. The green light changed all the usual night colors, and coupled with the fog it made the streets look dreamy and mysterious.

Also, I have made a Patrick’s Day card.



Tip of the day: Name your photos meaningfully and store them by years. Don’t clutter your computer, don’t keep all those flowers and waves and sunsets. Keep one of each that you like the most.

inesemj_photographyHave a great day!