Facing The Wind

There have been no birds in my blog since October. I looked through my files and opened one with a note saying “for revision”, a long forgotten walk along the estuary in Tramore, Co Waterford. This place is known for its great diversity of waterfowl, gull and wader species, especially in winter months, but there is a number of songbirds residing there throughout the year. I selected some photographs and was not surprised to find that all the birds were facing the same direction. They are facing the wind. They will fly into the wind using its energy and the currents.

The same like the airplanes, these Lapwings take off and land into the wind.

All young birds must learn it.






I spent hours there that day, till the golden sunset, and even after.

What I want to say is that facing the wind is an advantage. Wind is not an obstacle. Flying into the wind gives birds the lift they need, and control of flight. Birds knew this from the beginning of the World. When we face something that resists the forward motion, this might as well be the right time to fly.

February is my Blogoversary month. Thank you for your friendship and support. I love you all.

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!


  1. INESE!!! I took a respite this morning and journeyed through your posts of old. Coming here and reading your note to face the wind brings a tear to my eye. The past year has been a struggle to be sure, yet we are here, we are still together, and we can, if we try, still fly. Thank you for this hug of hope with your words!

  2. Thanks for sharing those, Inese. Here, in the city, we mostly see pigeons and cockatoos, so it’s lovely to see variety. Big hugs!

  3. Fabulous bird shots! We were in the marshes again this morning and though there are heaps of birds I am sensationally bad at taking their photos. 🙂 🙂

  4. Inese, a treat of a post and I’ve savoured looking at your wonderful bird photos! No wonder you spent the whole day at Tranmore – I can sense the serenity from your images although guess it can be rather windy at times! Your final lines are a moving analogy for us in these tough times – let us trust our metaphorical wings each and every day! xx

  5. I like your thought at the end. It is encouraging.

    Lovely pictures of these cute birds. I did not know before that birds also take off into the wind too. We all obey the law of nature just the same.

  6. It appears we are in sync this valentines; my recent prose complements your own:

    “While walking through the wintery forest my soul fills up with gratitude and awe for the beauty that surrounds. The chirping of birds become music and their flight a twirling dance from tree to tree. This softens my heart, which in turn opens my imagination to new possibilities.”

    1. Thank you, Andrea:) Some day I will post more pictures from the estuary and sand dunes of Tramore. The place is out of my 5 km radius.

  7. Happy Blogversary. What a beautiful post full of such gorgeous photographs of birds. One of my favourite creatures on earth, but I have so many favourites, especially among the animal kingdom.

  8. Love all the beautiful bird images – definitely one of your photography strengths, not that your other photos are not also great. Congratulations on your blogging anniversary! Always look forward to your blogs.

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