Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Star Flyer lifts adrenaline lovers to the heights of 40 m (131 f). I can hear their screams from a distance ūüôā

Unhurried Christmas Train is fun in its own way. Winterval is in full swing in Waterford – there is fun for everyone.

When the moon goes up and the streets become silent, it is the time for memories.

My train of thoughts is slow like the Winterval Express, and it is off the rails sometimes.

I will start from Spring. I remember it was lovely.

Birds saved the summer.

I left autumn behind and found December.

It was my first walk in a while, and I suddenly felt like someone was watching me.

And sure it was ūüôā

A little symbol of Chinese New Year. A Rat!

Fear and curiosity fought, and curiosity won. I wish I knew what the little fella was thinking about me.

Then we were joined by a Robin who landed behind the rat and startled him.

Yet, he resumed his position and kept watching me. So did the Robin who didn’t want to miss anything. I took my pictures and wished them both well.

Hope you have a very Merry Christmas, and a happy new year of the Rat that starts in the end of January.

, with love ‚ô•!

It has been four years

My Fourth Blogoversary is approaching, and it makes me sad that I have to take a break. I will resume posting in June.

Today I am sharing some ideas for my future posts. There will be birds, as always.

There will be animals. This bunny crossed the road in front of my car and just sat there. The picture was taken through the dusty windscreen, but it is the only picture I have as the rabbits don’t usually pose for you like that.

There will be some trips to beautiful places. This white cloud landed on the mountain ridge in Killarney.

Of course we will go to the Comeragh Mountains and explore some more.

I will also share my adventures in the Heritage Park.

I hope to make it to Saltee Islands again, and I also have a family history trip planned for a blogger friend. This year is supposed to be better than the previous one. Sorry for this long break, it didn’t work out like I expected it would, but I will still be around. If you want to read something on this blog, there is an Archives button and a list of blog posts from February 2014 to February 2018.

Thank you for your friendship and understanding. Love and best wishes to all!

Big birds, little birds

birds of prey

I have already posted four bird-related stories from Saltee Islands, and a River Suir¬†bird story, and here is another one. I love¬†birds and never miss a chance to take a picture and listen to what they say. This conversation was overheard ( or¬†may¬†be just dreamed up? ) in Mayfield Birds of Prey¬†falconry, Co Waterford, Ireland. I don’t know what it is about. Just some gossip, I guess. We are all guilty ūüėČ So, here they are:¬†Sadie, Banin, Peanut, Muffin, Bailey, Izzy, Holly and Boo.

-Did you hear that?

birds of prey

-Uh oh…

birds of prey

-Aaaaaaah! Trouble!

birds of prey

-I heard nothing!

birds of prey

-Oh really?

birds of prey

-I¬†always knew…

birds of prey

-“A little¬†bird told me”, huh?

birds of prey

-I heard nothing!!!


-Oh come on, it is OK.

birds of prey

-But …

birds of prey

-And what?

peanut owl 2 351ares

-You can’t¬†be serious…

birds of prey

-Who cares?

birds of prey

-Yes, who?

birds of prey

-I. Heard. Nothing.

birds of prey

-Are you kidding me?

birds of prey

-I don’t want to know anything!

birds of prey

-Or do I already know something?…

birds of prey

-Everyone knows! 

birds of prey

-Well, at this point…

birds of prey


birds of prey

-I’d¬†better¬†be going…

birds of prey

birds of prey

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you click on the images to see these sweet faces better.

When you travel Ireland, visit Mayfield Birds of Prey. This experience is not to¬†be missed.¬†Willie and¬†Bridget¬†¬†will let you handle and fly these noble¬†¬†birds, and tell you amazing stories about them. Pure love – it is all I can tell about their work¬†.¬†Please “like” their Facebook page, and¬†book a visit for yourself and your family, or make it an educational birthday trip.

Two more photographs of my favorite, Peanut, the Asian wood owl. He is molting Рhis eyelids will be all feathered soon.

birds of prey

birds of prey

May all creatures  be loved and respected, and live long and happy.

IneseMjPhotographyHave a wonderful weekend!