About inesemjphotography




Hi everyone! I am a grandmother of three, a family and lifestyle photographer living in Ireland.


Photographs mean memories. It is lovely to have a studio shot now and then, but after many years your loyal pet,  your toy horse, or your favorite tree will matter as much as your sweet little face. I am not only taking your portrait; I am making memories for you. In my photographs, I want to show how good and beautiful is this world and its people.

My latest ‘fox picture’ can be found in this blog post  🙂 In this post there is the beginning of the fox story.

If you wish to own a print or discuss and book a photo session,  let me know. You can either email me to inesemj@gmail.com, or leave a comment on any of my posts. You can also PM me on Twitter @inessa_ie

This blog is not a portfolio.

All my photographs on this website are copyright   ©  protected and cannot be reproduced without my written permission and consent – All rights reserved.