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Hi everyone! I am a grandmother of three, a family history enthusiast and a family portrait photographer living in Ireland.


 Photographs mean memories. It is lovely to have a studio shot now and then, but after many years your loyal pet,  your toy horse, or your favorite tree will matter as much as your sweet little face. I am not only taking your portrait; I am making memories for you. In my photographs, I want to show how good and beautiful is this world and its people.

For this reason I want to reach out to you, to let you understand me better. It is important that you know me before you let me into your home and life. This blog sounds like a great idea for us to get familiar with each other, and I do approve comments:).  I will talk about things I have been reflecting upon; about my projects and recent trips.  Sometimes I might share a simple photography tip and related links for those who plan to travel. 

My latest ‘fox picture’ can be found in this blog post  🙂 In this post there is the beginning of the fox story.

If you wish to own a print or discuss and book a photo session,  let me know. Because of never-ending issues I have removed my Contact page – you can either email me to inesemj@gmail.com, or leave a comment on any of my posts. You can also PM me on Twitter @inessa_ie

This blog is not a portfolio.

All my photographs on this website are copyright   ©  protected and cannot be reproduced without my written permission and consent – All rights reserved.