Till we meet again


It is my last post of the series, but I will return to the mountains as I always do, and share more pictures in the future.

I will probably visit the mountains in May to walk through the Rhododendron Fairy Tunnel…

fairy tunnel


…and revisit Glenary village.


I am also curious if the tiny spruces and larches that are hidden in the tall grass haven’t grown up already since the picture was taken in 2013.


To add the last touches to my photo story about Comeragh Mountains I drive along the Eastern ridge which I hope to revisit when the weather gets more summery. Late afternoon sun paints the mountains in rich, warm colors.

I park at the side of the road and enjoy the beauty of Stookangarriff Ridge and Coumshingaun. At the bottom of the almost vertical cliff there hides Ireland’s most beautiful lake.

I continue driving along the mountain road, and it feels like flying a small airplane.


More coums, big and small …


… and sheep, always sheep, with red, blue or yellow painted bottoms.


The mountains are their life. Rough life.


To complete a full circle around the Comeraghs, I drive along the Southern part of the mountains.

Once I stuck in this place for a couple of hours, because my car refused to start. It did, eventually, and I still have no idea what happened. Must be fairies. Anyway, as I managed to start the car and hurried home, I looked in the rear view mirror and noticed something unusual in the sky. I got out of the car and could not believe my eyes: a perfect heart-shaped cloud was hanging at the edge of the hill, and another cloud that looked like a pair of angel wings, was hovering over the heart. I had already packed my camera, but managed to take it out quickly and get a couple of shots before the clouds disappeared.

This Cloud Heart is here for all of you who took your time to read about my favorite mountains, and to be an active participant of our grand hike 🙂 Thank you so much for all your wonderful comments and friendship! When I take more photographs to put up another Comeragh mountain blog, we will meet again. Stay fit 😉

My next blog is about creatures 🙂

inesemjphotography  Have a wonderful weekend!



      1. Pleasure is all mine, Inese. I love beauty and I go where there’s beauty to appreciate. Thank you for sharing with us the magnificence.

  1. These were beautiful photographs, Inese. I’m glad you managed to get a picture of the heart-shaped cloud before it disappeared. It really does look like a heart! I also enjoyed the picture of the sheep pretending to be blue-bottomed flies.

  2. Inese, yet another immersive photo series! I especially loved the Rhododendron tunnel as it reminded me so vividly of similar stretches in North Carolina and Virginia along the Appalachian Trail. We called it the green tunnel, and some of these darkened paths extended for hundreds of meters. Beautiful, cooling, and magical.

    1. I would be afraid to walk in a hundred meter long tunnel 🙂 Ours is some 20-30 meter long, and I still feel very uncomfortable there, thinking of fairies all the way 😉
      Thank you for stopping by!

  3. I just love the Rhododendron Fairy Tunnel!!! I´m sure the fairies turned up everytime you had your back to them 😉 And the cloud is such a beautiful surprise! Thank you so much for letting us share your awesome hike! Can´t wait for the next one 😀
    Have a very lovely Sunday evening and a stunning week ahead! xxxxxx ❤

  4. I was looking at some monochrome photographs – classic old ones – just the other day, but have forgotten the name of the photographer for the moment. I hadn’t heard of him before. The thing is your tunnel and the sheep are in the same timeless, raw style. The sheep at the roadside shot is already a favourite.

    1. Thank you so much for taking a hike around the mountains. I love b&w photography, there is no distractions in it, and the message connects straight to the viewer’s senses.

      1. I am almost 100% colour blind, so b&w is more or less how I see the world. I had no idea I was seeing differently until they told me, so it doesn’t really matter to me.

          1. I had no idea I was different until the art teacher asked me why my sky’s were orange (or something). Then when they tested me, apologized and then said things like I could never be a front line soldier, an airline pilot, a policeman, a doctor etc. and all I could think of in reply was “And?”

  5. No wonder Ireland is the world of fairies and leprechauns. How could they live anywhere else but such a magically beautiful place. Thank you for exposing me to it. Sending the ♥️ right back to you Inese.

  6. No-o-o! What on earth will I do without your beautiful photos that bring back memories of the one wondrous week I spent in Ireland?!

  7. Those are heartwarming windows into the soul of the mountains, no wonder your car wouldn’t want to leave. I suspect, it was your car’s heart that soared into the sky to caress the verdant hills, or was that yours? While the overall mood of is Wordsworthian, the Rhododendron Fairy Tunnel reminds me of The Enchanted Wood (Enid Blyton). I can hardly wait for your return to those charmed corners.

    1. Thank you! I had to stop many times on that road to take pictures, because the scenery was changing with every turn of the road, but the sun rays were still there all the way. I was lucky .

  8. These photographs are so wonderful. I especially enjoyed the ones that show the viewpoint of the sheep world in black and white. I look forward to seeing more pictures of the Rhododendron Fairy Tunnel. I particularly love the moss covered stone buildings. Thank you.

    1. Thank you Ginene! These old buildings were abandoned 50 years ago, or may be even less. The tunnel looks pretty much the same from inside – it is always dark there, but I want to take a picture of the lovely pink blooms.

  9. The tunnel may be spooky, but I like it. It reminds me of one I found in Costa Rica a few years ago (see my Mother Earths Indigestion post.) And when you return to that area, get a picture of that beautiful lake you teased us with…

    1. Dave, every weekend I hope to go to the lake, but it is raining during the week, and the slopes are very steep, and there is a stream to cross too. You can google Coumshingaun lake 🙂 It is a beauty, but I want my trail dry, because it is too high and slippy 🙂

        1. Yes, and you can google the lake and see how high and dangerous is the crest. The lake is about a mile long they say, I don’t really believe, but I can see that the cliff is really high indeed.

  10. Such a beautiful trip once again. That Faerie tunnel I would love to see in bloom. That must be something else to behold and leave it to Faeries to get you stranded for a period of time to make you observe the scenery even more. Love the photograph of the black and white sheep. There was something mysterious about that photo. Hope you are having a great day. Be well.

    1. Thank you so much! About that tunnel – it is always dark inside, and the old gnarled branches have no leaves on them. Imagine a sunny day, and the rhododendrons in full blossom, birds singing, insects humming, but when you step inside the tunnel it is dark and silent. I don’t feel comfortable being there 🙂
      The lonely sheep do look mysterious 🙂
      Have a lovely day, be well.

      1. The tunnel almost looks like a version of death and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Is it alright if I download the sheep photos as my cousin loves sheep.

          1. That would be great. Not to put my email in public you can go to my main page of my blog. At the top right hand corner there is a contact tab. You can use that. Much appreciated.

  11. The special post you presented to us is such a beautiful one!
    I think the heart cloud was a sign and blessing upon you, the viewer. ❤
    Thank you sincerely for sharing these natural elements, Inese. I liked knowing about the blue spots on the sheep, seeing pretty flowers and the black and white countryside photos were stunning. Hugs xo ❤

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