Cannon Hill

cannon hill

We are rounding up our calorie-burning Comeragh hike. Before we are done, I want to share this post about a small but very important part of Comeragh Mountains –  Cannon Hill,  one of beloved places  of Clonmel people  ( I have already written about Carey Castle, St. Patrick’s Well and some other local favorites).

We take the left turn up a narrow road just before the Carey Castle sign, and start our walk along the side of Cannon Hill. There are two roads, the upper one is wider, and there is a nice space for parking. A couple of years ago I came here to assess the old farmhouse ruins for a photo session. I had only one hour, but there was the man with his dogs, and he started a conversation that lasted 40 minutes 🙂 He introduced himself as Richard, and it came out he is a father-in-law of my former colleague, but the most important, he is Clonmel history enthusiast, it is why I forgot about time and listened to the stories about his ancestors and historical events I have never heard about before.  The funnies part is that recently I came across an article where another man mentioned his long conversation with Richard that took place in exactly the same spot 🙂 So, if you want to learn more about history of  Clonmel, hang around Cannon Hill.

The best part of Cannon Hill is the views we enjoy as we walk.


Cannon Hill

This is Kilmacomma Hill. It looks like a huge green sleeping bear. In background you see Galtee mountains some 20 miles away.

The fertile land between Comeragh, Galtee and Knockmealdown Mountains is traditionally called Golden Vale.


Knockmealdown mountains to the west of the Comeraghs.

Cannon Hill is a great place to walk a dog. Or two. This is us returning from that photo session.

Cannon Hill

The ruins of an old farmhouse are easy accessible in the winter time, but overgrown with the weeds in summer.

I already shared this photograph as a part of my project two years ago.

It takes about half an hour to get here from the car park, and even our dogs are tired.

This is another walk around the Cannon Hill, and another model 🙂

Local fauna can include Deer, but my only picture of a fawn sleeping in the grass is lost in a hard drive crash. I photographed this herd of cows, and discovered the fawn in background. All that is left from that shoot is this big lad with gorgeous albino eyelashes.

And of course, there are sheep. It is Ireland 🙂

It takes a couple of hours to explore all the paths.

Cannon Hill

These are two versions of the same song – different accent ;). Tom Healy and Brian Coll sing about all the places I have mentioned in my blog, so you can learn how to pronounce the Irish names 🙂




Thank you for taking this simple local walk. Treasures are often closer than we know.  Have a wonderful weekend!




  1. These are stunning pictures, I especially love the fourth one down. I also see you have a moss monster…sort of…with that tree trunk further on. xxxxxxxxx

  2. Spectacular views you captured in your photos, Inese! I loved the dog photos too and am glad they took time to rest, as should we all xx I’ll stop and look over those views anytime!

      1. Oh yes! If I lived close to it then I’m sure I’d be there regularly. There’s a peacefulness we feel when out in nature, isn’t there? 🙂

    1. So glad you loved the story, Thom. It is so rewarding to read comments like yours. Clonmel is a great town, and the surrounding mountains are beautiful. I have written about Clonmel many times over these three years. You might found some other posts too. Thank you again for your lovely comment. It means a lot to me.

  3. Beautiful photos as usual! I liked the song, kind of a mix of folk and country if I’m not mistaken in my musical styles 🙂

    1. Thank you! It is an immigrant song, pretty American. A song of a settled immigrant who left Ireland young. When I wrote about Slievenamon, I posted another popular immigrant song video, and it was rather sad. Different people, different fates, different times. xx

  4. Wonderful hike, Lady Inese! Thank you for the stunning views. The dogs were cute, but they kept trying to take my bones — not cool, at all! Thank you for your sweet company. ❤


    1. Oh I am so sorry for your beautiful bones! In a minute I will post the last Comeragh blog, so no exhausting hikes in the near future. Actually we are going to get very slow and lazy next week … but it is a secret yet 🙂
      Have a lovely day, my sweet friend! xx

  5. My goodness! That was one of the longest hikes I’ve been on, but what gorgeous scenery you’ve captured!! Your lovely company was worth the energy. I’m more of a cat person, as well, but those dogs are sweet. xo

    1. Thank you so much! Today I will post the last Comeragh blog so you can relax and get a little lazy. I am a cat fanatic, but I always pet the dogs too. I want to be just, and I like most of creatures anyway 🙂
      Hope you have a lovely weekend ❤

    1. Thank you Antonia! The other blogger took a photograph of him. I didn’t dare 🙂 It is so wonderful to chat with people and learn precious information about the past.

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