Pat and his foxes

Pat Gibbons

On my way back from an assignment I turned off the main road and drove under the canopy of old trees to the house of my favorite people. I wrote about Pat Gibbons and his family in these blog posts : in 2015  and 2014 It has been a while since I last visited, and I didn’t call in advance. I saw that the door was half open, and parked at the side of the road. Another car slowly approached, and parked across from me. I didn’t plan to take any pictures and knocked on the door just to say hello, but Pat was about to take the foxes outside for a minute anyway, so I went to pick up my camera. Meanwhile, a family got out of the other car and asked me if it was the Fox Man’s house. The word spreads 🙂

Pat is always happy when someone shows up to see his foxes. ‘It is why they are here’ he says. He told the visitors about where the foxes come from and about Gráinne’s career as a movie star. She is as beautiful as always, just with more silver in her fur.


Minnie is soft and shy – nothing has changed here 🙂


It is the time for hugging.


Gráinne is tired.


She does a bit of posing for pictures.


Pat is asking Gráinne to perform her famous trick.




We walk to the pen to visit with Henry. He is not in the mood to go outside this time.

In a couple of hours they all will go to Pat’s house and enjoy their evening together cuddling and watching the TV.


I know you all love this post and the foxes 🙂 Thank you for stopping by!

inesemjphotography Have a beautiful weekend!



  1. I am so thrilled you stopped to see Pat and the foxes. They are the precious trio and the special man who loves them dearly.
    I have always loved foxes since my youngest daughter saw some cavorting and playing in a field. We were driving down a curving road along a river. She yelled, “Stop, Mommy! There are foxes to pet out there!”
    Her name is Felicia and ironically, when she was in high school her friends called her, “Fox.” 🙂
    Thank you a million times over!! I appreciate your stunning photographs, Inese. ❤

  2. What beautiful creatures. Incidentally, I was heartened to see your comment about jelly beans in your thread. I can’t help feeling the fact I also like jelly beans improves my chances of being considered a fox.

  3. Beautiful creatures, Inese, and thank you for posting about them again. Pat is a very special man and his relationship with these lovely animals is a joy to see. The shoulder ride is quite something! I can just imagine them all cuddling up together in the house to watch TV. I wonder which snacks they all prefer? Lol Your photography is awesome and deserves every praise.

  4. Is Grainne your favorite, Lady Inese? Such spectacular images — you’ve captured the foxes’ beauty and Pat’s kindness so well. I wish there was a photo of you and the foxes! Hugs to you and the foxes. xxx


    1. Oh I don’t know who is my favorite, dear friend. I can scratch their head, but Grainne wouldn’t like to be picked up. She only rides on the shoulders, and acts like Pat’s equal 🙂 Minnie loves attention and doesn’t mind cuddles, so I can pick her up, and I enjoy it 🙂 Henry is very gentle, and shy, and I can hold him too. Three different characters, but they don’t fight. Love rules in this family.

  5. I melt when I see those absolutely stunning and gentle foxes. Thank you so much for allowing us to visit Pat and his lovely friends! In your gravatar photo, which fox are you holding, dear Inese? xo

    1. Thank you for loving the foxes 🙂 Yes, it is Henry I hold. The one that didn’t go outside this time. I was happy to see them all well – you know they were badly injured in the past. The life span of foxes in captivity is about 15 years though. In the wild, they wouldn’t live past five years of age. These three are enjoying their quiet life. xx

      1. I’m so glad the foxes are so well loved! Such an amazing caretaker they have, and how spoiled they are — I see the lamp heater in their den!! Heart warming. xo

  6. Wow, I had to stop by to say, that photo of Gráinne yawning is incredible! The detail is awesome and the negative space as she yawns is just so exciting 🙂 it looks like you got her at peak yawn! Also, now I am yawning…

          1. I know. I’ve just read them and was wondering what comment to make. Quite strange in today’s world when mostly you hear about foxes as villains. 🙂 They’re beautiful, aren’t they? And what a character!

            1. Pat is an advocate for foxes. He just wish people let them be, but it is easier to kill a fox than fix a hole in the chicken coop wall, you know… The same about wild rabbits – 20 years ago there were hundreds of rabbits seen in the country side, and last summer I only saw two 😦 I think they have been poisoned 😦

  7. What a wonderfully heartwarming post….I am left with a huge smile on my face and in my heart:) It I was there I would definitely want to visit Pat and his foxes….thank you and hope you are enjoying a beautiful weekend..janet. xx

    1. Thank you so much, Janet! This update was long due. I am glad that you love it 🙂 Beautiful creatures, beautiful friendship. Have a wonderful and happy week! xx

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