Back to Comeragh Mountains


After a short break we resume our hill walking exercises.

When you look at the picture, you see a sharp-peaked feature on the silhouette of the slope of the mountains in background. Remember it, I will tell you what it is in the end of this post. The mountains you see in the picture belong to the Knockanaffrin Ridge, and we are walking across the Comeragh Plateau.

I feel sorry for the little lamb – the gusts of wind are throwing the hail at the car window, but he is standing there and staring at me.


Another season, another storm. Heavy rain passed over Clonmel and the hills we visited in my previous post from the Comeraghs.


In my first Comeragh blog post you saw the other side of these distant Laghtnafrankee mountains – Glenary Valley. To get a closer look at the mountains, we will turn to the other road. There are two roads, both of them finally coming together and taking you across the Comeragh Plateau from Clonmel to Ballymacarbry. Right now we are walking along the Harney’s Cross Road, the upper one.


This is a closer view of Laghtnafrankee  from the lower road.   The real summit is right behind it. There is also  Laghtnafrankee SW Top on the left side. On the other side of Laghtnafrankee there is a natural amphitheater – so called Punchbowl. If you enlarge the image by clicking on it, you will see a tiny lone hiker on the slope, right where the shadow of the cloud begins. He gives you sense of the scale.  The Comeragh Plateau is nestled between the Lachtnafrankee and Knockanaffrin Ridge.


This is the view from the lower road with the Knockmealdown Mountains in background.


I took many photographs of these stunning crepuscular rays that winter afternoon.


Another season, and the mountains look different again. Shauneenabrega Mountain is wrapped in thick fog.


The horse ignores me. She hates snow. I think that this horse ‘works’ at the nearby turf cutting. I remember the bad experience I had  visiting the Woodstock Oyster farm and abandon the idea of walking across the bog to the turf cutting site. May be another day.

The same road in Spring with the Three Graces refusing to pose for me.


More of the Knockanaffrin Ridge in this picture. The summits of these mountains offer beautiful vistas with Lough Mohra Coum nestled beneath the steep slopes. You can walk from one mountain to another along the crest. Most of the summits have cairns.



I like the minimalist look of this picture 🙂

The top of the Long Hill ahead. We are returning to the main road between Clonmel and Rathgormack .


Early June is my favorite season in the Comeraghs when Rhododendrons bloom.



Do you remember the first picture and mysterious sharp-peaked thing on the slope? It was the summit of the beautiful Knockanaffrin.

Knockanaffrin Ridge

You can walk from Knockanaffrin to Knocksheegowna along the crest.  There is a trig pillar near the highest point on the top of Knocksheegowna. If you hike over The Gap ( the trail starts just a few meters from here), there is a beautiful Nire Valley on the other side – it is where we are going to walk in my next blog.

Down the hill to new adventures! 🙂


inesemjphotographyHave a wonderful weekend!


      1. Thank you, Inese. Sadly my life has complicated a lot, Flickr is most a storage place and my blog was meant to be a personal diary. Now I am working a lot to pay some debts and sadly is the only I can do these months, besides other things I am not sure to share in my blog things that would be sad or would make me appear to want to be felt like a victim, so if they cannot make a smile then there is no need to share it. Take care, Inese. : )

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        1. Thank you for coming to visit. You know you are not a victim. Circumstances can change to the worse, but then they turn to the better some day. It is just how the life works. I have very little time for blogging these days, but does getting old makes me a victim? Hell no 🙂

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