Pat and his foxes

Pat Gibbons

On my way back from an assignment I turned off the main road and drove under the canopy of old trees to the house of my favorite people. I wrote about Pat Gibbons and his family in these blog posts : in 2015  and 2014 It has been a while since I last visited, and I didn’t call in advance. I saw that the door was half open, and parked at the side of the road. Another car slowly approached, and parked across from me. I didn’t plan to take any pictures and knocked on the door just to say hello, but Pat was about to take the foxes outside for a minute anyway, so I went to pick up my camera. Meanwhile, a family got out of the other car and asked me if it was the Fox Man’s house. The word spreads 🙂

Pat is always happy when someone shows up to see his foxes. ‘It is why they are here’ he says. He told the visitors about where the foxes come from and about Gráinne’s career as a movie star. She is as beautiful as always, just with more silver in her fur.


Minnie is soft and shy – nothing has changed here 🙂


It is the time for hugging.


Gráinne is tired.


She does a bit of posing for pictures.


Pat is asking Gráinne to perform her famous trick.




We walk to the pen to visit with Henry. He is not in the mood to go outside this time.

In a couple of hours they all will go to Pat’s house and enjoy their evening together cuddling and watching the TV.


I know you all love this post and the foxes 🙂 Thank you for stopping by!

inesemjphotography Have a beautiful weekend!



  1. They are so beautiful. As you know, Inese, there are lots of foxes where I live but my dog wouldn’t approve of me getting any more closely acquainted with them than I am already. They like the sound of my voice. There’s one I talk to out in the street sometimes. It seems to recognise my car and stands there on the pavement only a few feet away waiting for me to get out and say hello to it. It’s amazing how many variations of the shade of red they are — anything from deep rust to sandy-beige. They also have different thickness tails and varying amounts of white on their chests and chins. I love them.
    One thing I’ve been meaning to ask — if they become semi-domesticated, do they still fire off those rather strong smelling glands of theirs? I always know if a fox has been in the garden, as it leaves behind an overpowering scent. I’m thinking of the man who kept a fox as a pet when I was a child, and used to drive around the town with it in his car. It liked sitting on the parcel-shelf in the back and stare out of the window. I often wondered what the man’s car smelled like!

    1. Sarah, it is amazing the way that fox knows your car and loves your voice. Foxes are so intelligent. According to Pat, foxes smell because they eat raw meat. Pat is cooking their food, and there is no smell at all. At all! In summer, Pat takes them to the river to have a bath. I didn’t ask him what they do when the weather is cold, but I was there in December and the foxes were clean and fresh 🙂

  2. Simply lovely!
    This post made my day.
    The first picture is perfection! You captured the glances of Pat and the foxes, also I love the colours of the fur and the composition of the scene!
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Ohhh! Thank you so much for another wonderful and inspiring post about the beautiful soul (Pat 🙂 ) and the fabulous foxes!!! You´ve made me soooo happy!!! It´s just beyond stunning how beautiful a friendship they´ve created! So very special indeed! Big hugs to you my dear friend!!! 🙂 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx ❤

      1. He´s a wonderful man, even not knowing him personally I couldn´t be more sure of it! Animals have a perfect sense when it comes to these things and their love for each other is visible on every picture of yours! 🙂 Have a stunning Sunday! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Oh so lovely! It was something absolutely new for me to see foxes on a leash… and it looks like the have a special deep friendship with Pat! When I think about the awful bloody fox hunting going on in some countries: being an animalist I wish all these sentient beings should be treated with love and respect… but it is a long story and here isn’t the right place to make a protest. Thank you so much for sharing, have a lovely and serene weekend 🙂 claudine

    1. Thank you so much for your comment, Claudine. These foxes were badly injured when they got in Pat’s care. It is a long story I wrote about in my previous blogs. Foxes are wild animals and Pat doesn’t encourage people to have them for pets. Just as you say – to treat them with respect and love, as we should treat any living creature.
      Have a lovely weekend you too!

      1. I would love to hug a fox! 😀 It is quite a complicated issue, the interaction between people and animals. I’ve been to the Cornwall Seal Sanctuary recently, and I’ve seen some seals that would be dead now if they hadn’t been rescued. Of course, some of them can never return to the wild because of health conditions. Anyways, thanks for the lovely, lovely foxes, Inese!

        1. Thank you so much! 🙂 I have posted two links to my previous blogs, there is the story of these foxes. Many animals die, and there is no way to help them. That is life. These three were lucky to survive against the odds.

  5. They are so cute. I am glad you posted about them again. I am not so sure they are more of dog or they are more of cat. I really like them and you pictures of them are awesome!

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