Let me decide for myself

Very often I have  to decide what image is the one I want to keep.  I don’t need two or three, which would make the things much easier. Only one. “He who has a choice, has a torment”.

It helps when I know exactly what the image will be used for.  Below, there are two photographs of the same swan – the cropped one is a header image. That is easy.



Sometimes I have two things that I have to choose between, and neither of them is good. It is like you have to choose what house you have to move in, and these are your only options:



Choosing between two imperfect things is a difficult choice most of voters have to deal with…

In modern society, The Media tells people how to live and what to think. Many of those who imagine themselves free, independent and having their own opinion, are in fact tied up with the choices someone else has made for them. If it is not enough, they are also helpfully provided with the motivations for these choices. You just have no choice but accept ‘your’ choice, so to speak, remaining disillusioned and unaware. It is not the way choice operates. At the very least, people have to use their own knowledge, experience and intuition, and exercise judging, selecting and rejecting before they call the choice ‘theirs’. No cheating.

Recently I came across a quote. American comedian Sandra Bernhard said the following: ‘I am very much a humanist. I am very much pro-choice. I am very much politically correct”.

I hope she was joking.

Power of choice is one of the most important principles in our life. Freedom of choice is one of the most important values in society. Pro-choice (the same as pro-life, if you wondered) labels are just what they are – the labels, and one of their purposes is to divide society. Why would you want anything that divides your nation?

I am not finished with Sandra Bernhard yet.

I beg you to never be ‘politically correct’! Please, if you are not naturally kind, caring, cultured; if you are tactless, if you often have a cause to regret your words and justify yourself – don’t be discouraged, and don’t replace all of this with the ‘politically-correct’ label on your sleeve. Make your own choice to become a genuinely better person, not a properly labeled hypocrite.

And again, if you wondered, I am too far from being that ideal person, but I rather die trying to become one, than humiliate another fellow human by being ‘politically correct’ towards him or her.

“Truth without love is brutality, and love without truth is hypocrisy.” 
Warren W Wiersbe

Please, don’t demand ‘political correctness’. You are manipulated without knowing that. Stick to the good people, earn respect, have your goals to focus on. People might try to offend you now and then, but that happens with all of us, no exceptions, because it is what some people choose to do.

Here is a quote to those who are difficult to deal with.

“He who takes offense when no offense is intended is a fool, and he who takes offense when offense is intended is a greater fool.”
Brigham Young

Each of us has been that fool at least once 😉

And the third quote is

“Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be. Be one.”
Marcus Aurelius

These three quotes mean that my blogging friend Sarah at  Sarah Potter Writes has nominated me for 3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge 🙂 Thank you so much, Sarah! Hope you don’t mind that I wrote only one blog post instead of three.

The rules:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Post one fresh quotation on three consecutive days.
  3. On each of the three days, nominate three folk who have not yet taken part to continue the challenge.

Sarah Potter is a fantasy and science fiction author – and much much more. Please, visit and follow Sarah’s blog.

There are my nominees. Don’t feel obliged 🙂










Hope you greet these bloggers like the pirates from De Stormvogels, Holland, greeted me 🙂

de stormvogels

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Brilliant post. The quotes you chose were interesting. I just finished a book about following the philosophy of the Stoics in the modern day and so really enjoyed the Marcus Aurelius quote. Most of us have more choices than we perceive and are often caught making the same choice over and over again. The top portrait is lovely. Cheers!

    1. Thank you! Glad you like the quote. I am not really a stoic, but I appreciate simplicity and no-nonsense. You are so right about the choices. I was not born tactful, which is a pity, but I work on it all my life, and hope that my every next choice is better than the previous one 🙂

      1. I thought the same thing about not being a stoic but the book clarified quite a lot. Actually, a very realistic philosophy of life. I’m learning a lot about choices myself these days. All we can do is to try to make the right ones each and every day. Cheers.

  2. Inese, I do not think I have ever seen a bad picture on your blog! Are you sure you take bad ones? Nice post – very thought provoking!

  3. Great pictures! I’ve been a fool too many times to count. I try to be kind but some people are easily offended.

  4. I remember some words by Leon Bloy, he wrote a kind of thought, a tale he never would write, about the Tsar, perhaps not even him is the ruler but the man that cleans his boots.
    I think not even the men that decide what is political correct or other thoughts are really free, we are in the same boat : )

    1. Thank you Francis! I just think about myself – would it make me happy if someone were politically correct with me? I would rather be with genuine people. If one cannot be kind without being commanded, this person should think of changing their character. You are right, our thought are free. I want to clean my thoughts so that I don’t have to hide them under any labels 🙂

      1. Yes… it’s better to be a person true to him/herself and try to be better than to fake to get an appearance. Perhaps the social netwoks have made that damage, now is easier to give an appearance and “hide” the parts we think others aren’t going to accept.

        1. Exactly. Hiding is not a solution. Ethics are known from prehistoric times. Each of us has idea of the good and the evil. What else? We have a good start 🙂

  5. What a brilliant and cleverly argued post, Inese, and I enjoyed your views on Sandra Bernhard ideas! And you’ve linked this all so well to your three great quotes. I love the one from Marcus Aurelius – passed on for almost 2000 years! As for the second quote, I’ve been that fool more times than I care to think about. 🙂
    Thank you so much for the nomination! I’ve done these quote challenges a few times now, and really enjoy doing them. I was wondering what to do for my last post before I take a ‘bloggiing break’, and this would be perfect. I’ll do the post sometime during the coming week.

    1. Thank you so much Millie! I have been that fool many times, and laughed at myself afterwards :). I believe in humanity. We can do better, and we will 🙂

  6. Political correctness has gone too far. As a writer, I’m all too aware of that balancing act between authentic characterisation and managing not to offend people. I’m also thinking of how much more funny and clever comedians used to be, but they wouldn’t get away with some of those sketches of theirs these days because of the whole political correctness thing. It’s all so stifling. On the other hand, I’m reading a novel at the moment “Small Island” by Andrea Levy and had no idea how bad the prejudice was towards Jamaicans who fought with the British in World War 2 and afterwards when they tried to settle in the UK. So some things have improved.

    Your quotes are most thought-provoking, Inese, as is your whole post. Thanks for accepting my nomination. And there’s no problem with doing the challenge in one, which is what I chose to do, too. I’ll be checking out those bloggers you’ve nominated, although some of them are familiar to me already.

    1. Thank you so much Sarah! I think that these improvements are a natural result of education. People know much more about everything these days, and they are taught some values too – like a value of human life. It is what I want to say – people should respect others not because they are commanded to, but because they cannot disrespect anyone anymore. Because they have overcome this evil thing.

    2. I read Small Island about a year ago and loved it. It also portrayed the situation of blacks in the US military of the time which goes a long way to explain ongoing prejudice against blacks in the US to this day,

      1. I know many people who originally came from Africa. I don’t call them ‘blacks’. I call them by name. Actually, I have never heard anyone around call them ‘blacks’. A member of extended family is a policeman in the US. He writes a tribute post on his Facebook page every time a cop is shot. Some of them have a different skin color than his own, but he always calls them ‘brothers’.

      2. Such extreme prejudice totally bemuses me. It’s so unintelligent and cruel. I guess it dates back to slavery. In other words, if you’re willing to enslave another human being, it means you have no respect for them and believe yourself a superior being … Grrrrr D:

  7. Great post! I love the way you’ve woven the strands together to create a passionate, intelligent whole. Love the quotes and photos too.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! For some reason it didn’t come up until today…
      I was looking for a quote to complete a challenge, and came across the one that became the last straw: i just had to say something 🙂
      Have a nice day!

  8. These are great quotations, but the most subtle one of all is the first one: he who has a choice has a torment. There’s a tendency, in these times to think that a multitude of choices is really terrific…but sometimes it can paralyze and make one impotent to know or choose for the best. Very inspiring, Inese!

    1. Thank you so much Cynthia! It is a translation of a German proverb. A very correct observation, I would say 🙂
      Yes, too many choices in the world, suffocating at times 🙂

  9. Marvelous post, Inese! As soon as you mentioned us being told what to think, you struck a chord. That’s one of my “Julia Sugarbaker soapboxes”. So in the spirit of sharing I’m giving you two things. First my thoughts on thinking from a LinkedIn post I do each Thursday: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/most-people-said-what-theyre-thinking-teagan-geneviene?trk=hp-feed-article-title-comment

    Secondly, an explanation of a “Julia Sugarbaker soapbox,” with Julia defending her never PC sister. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wV86kehwkc0

    I hope you enjoyed them. Mega hugs my friend. 🙂

    1. I have seen this video 🙂 Thank you Teagan! 🙂 I have lost in Linkedin page – cannot find your post.
      I don’t like it when people instead of being good people, put these cheap labels on themselves. Cheap is always cheap, no value.

  10. I would keep all your photos, can´t you do that?
    As for political correctness it really is a way to silence people that don´t agree with those who feel their morality is above everyone else, they are in some great moral cusade to make the world a better place, hence if you disagree you are the worst of the worst and you have to be shut down. That is a politcally correct person, another form of fascism is you ask me.

  11. Inese, you are not only a great photographer, but an inspiring writer, as well. This post has me thinking about so many important things. Thanks!

  12. This is a wonderful post Inese… Sometimes I think you’re in my mind, taking the words straight from my thoughts🌾🍃🍂 Wavelengths

  13. I think Sandra Bernhard may have meant ANY position is supposed to be politically correct. She is usually a brash, brusque snd outspoken woman, Inese. She loves rubbing people the wrong way. Just thinking she may have meant it in a different way. . . Unless you have the setting and context, some quotes don’t always reflect the person. Smiles, Robin

    1. Sometimes even the best people get deceived. She is not the only one who uses these labels – most of people do, actually. And I just wanted to tell why I don’t use them:)

  14. Congratulation on your nomination. Political correctness has taken the fun out of things to a certain point as where you have to walk on eggshell not to offend wondering what you say will offend. You are right if you have tact etc then you don’t have to worry and if you do then be a better person as you say. Well done

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