A few more words on political correctness

In the darkness, place a studio light behind your model. You will get a silhouette like this one. Fill it up with whatever you like.

spirit of rocks

You can try different ideas, tell a different story.

spirit of dusk

I have a light personality, it is why I am not interested in doing dark, creepy photography even though it is more popular, marketable and straightforward. Even in the darkness there is light if you choose the light.

cave spirit

In my previous blog post on this topic, there is a portrait of a young girl.  It is an old portrait – now the girl is happily married, with a family.  At that time, at the age of fifteen, she had already lost her mother, and had been through trials that would have broken many grown up people. I call her ‘survivor’. She is beautiful inside and out, sweet soul, but she is also as tough as a rock. Life has tossed some opportunities her way, and she never missed one. Smart, hard working, young woman of integrity, she has built her life only relying on her own decisions. A very young mother, she has a child with disability.  Life isn’t getting any easier, but it is a busy and happy life anyway. We can decide how to feel about our life.

I know that not everyone can be as strong as this young woman, but many people just have to be strong. Last night I met an acquaintance, a former refugee from Syria, now an Irish citizen, a respectable family man and community member, fully assimilated into society. Life isn’t easy, but he is getting there, with a smile and good cheer. He would wave away any ‘political correctness’ like an annoying fly.

These two people who had a bad start in life used all the help they could get and built their new life from scratch. They never demanded a special treatment.

The government institutions can help you with material things. Your moral value is your own.  Compassion, tact, care, gratitude cannot be enforced.

Political correctness hurts both the sender and the receiver. It is a distrust, a doubt, a fear that keeps us from doing our best when we communicate with others. It is a myth of a Total truth that makes people reluctant to speak the Necessary Truth! Instead of reaching to each other, people avoid each other.

Now tell me – are these normal human relationships?

Political correctness is invented to hide the lack of moral value. Don’t take that bait, don’t swallow that poison. You have been manipulated, and your CHOICE of being a better person is stolen. I would say, this is a glimpse of the Zombie Apocalypse – people stripped of their identity and free will.

Growing up in the Eastern Block, I remember the term “political correctness” too well, and I know where it is leading.

Here are some unsolicited advice – partly photography-related 🙂

  1. Don’t stay in the darkness if you don’t want someone else to sneak into your head and stuff it up with labels, slogans and ready-made recipes. Don’t be a silly puppet.
  2. Live today. Learn from the past but don’t go back there. If the only light you have got is coming from behind, read #1.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. A wonderful post, Inese. The silhouette photos are lovely, and I love the way you link them to your key theme. I couldn’t agree more with your views on political correctness. (Sorry for being so late in getting to your post, Inese – particularly as it was such an valid message to put across.)

    1. Thank you so much for your comment, Millie! I am really sad that so many people are manipulated into believing that PC is something noble and human. How did it happen? When did the media get so much power that they can tell people what they have to think. Why don’t people learn more about the ideology they worship?

      1. There don’t seem to be answers to question like these, Inese. Life, and people, are so hard to understand at times. The media is responsible for so much prejudice and ill feeling in the world. It’s influence on people’s understanding and opinions is enormous, and quite frightening. Gullible people believe everything they read without looking into things further.

    1. Thank you! Most of people just want to start a new life and that’s it. Aggressive friendliness of politically correct citizens is the last thing they need. I give this guy a lift from work when I can, and it is all that matters to him the most, not a strained conversation with a politically-correct jerk.

  2. Hello! I love what you did with the photos. They are works of art. This is a great post. I understand what you’re saying in reference to political correctness and I agree. 🙂

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