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January 14  2016, a glorious day for Irish Cinematography –  Lenny Abrahamson’s Room and John Crowley’s Brooklyn have been nominated for Best Picture at next month’s Academy Awards.

Our beautiful Saoirse Ronan is nominated for Best Actress for her starring role of Eilis Lacey, while Brooklyn is also nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay. This is Saoirse’s second Oscar nomination. She was previously nominated for the Best Supporting Actress in  Atonement in 2007. Way to go, girl!

Brooklyn is facing competition from The Big Short, Bridge of Spies, Mad Max: Fury Road, The Martian, The Revenant, Room and Spotlight.

I won’t write any review here, it is not my forte. I advise you to see the film regardless of your age or gender. I enjoyed every bit of it.  A very good quality film, a simple story – but are not the simple stories the most moving and true?

You can watch the trailer here:

As I said, I haven’t intended to write a review. I will speak about the time when the film had not existed yet. Well, except for in John Crowley’s head.

Brooklyn is based on a novel by Colm Tóibín, and you can read this very interesting interview he gave to The GuardianThe story begins in a small Irish town of Enniscorthy.

In the end of March 2014 I met an old acquaintance, and he proudly told me that he had been recruited for Brooklyn as they were looking for hundreds of extras. We agreed that I would come over and take some pictures of him. It was arranged for Friday, but on Thursday, I woke up before the sunrise with a strong feeling that if I want to see Saoirse Ronan, I have to go now. So I did, and I was right, because she left for the US the following morning.

I didn’t know the town well, and I had no idea where exactly the filming would take place that day. After struggling through the narrow one-way streets I finally found a big parking lot. ( Advice: when you park in an unfamiliar place, take pictures to show the locals if you happen to get lost).

I walked around the town and spotted some activity in the Court Street. So that was the place!


I took some photos of preparations. The street got  new ( vintage) looks: houses were repainted, windows replaced.



The markings on the asphalt were carefully covered. ‘One worker two supervisors’.  😉


More camouflage.


Court Street has never seen so many vintage cars.





I was getting comfortable, but then security guys came over and asked everybody to leave the set. After another half an hour there was a taxi  – Saoirse Ronan arrived!



All these pictures are taken from a distance, and their quality is poor, but I was very happy to get a glimpse of our local favorite actress.

Hair stylist is adding the last touch to her perfect hair.


Most of the filming took place inside the house. This is all I have got.

2014 brookly240res

A few seconds of acting.

2014 brooklres253

The man with the props cart was really annoying – he was in front of everything! 🙂 In this photograph you can also see Jim (Domhnall Gleeson), one of the main male characters. As you see, there is no chemistry between Eilis and Jim on the set – no wonder it didn’t work out for them in the movie 😉

2014 brookly121res

Another surprise – Canadian actress Emily Bett Rickards, Felicity from the Arrow, was on the set! Props cart in front of my camera, of course!


Waiting was long, filming lasted about half an hour ( mostly inside the building). Actors left,  barriers were removed and I walked through the movie set. Local extras remained standing in their positions, unwilling to return back to reality.




I suddenly realized that I had no clue where  my car was.

After a long search and five minutes of embarrassment asking a local by-passer where he thought my car could be, I finally left the town.

I am really glad they have made a good movie.


Marje from KYROSMAGICA nominated me for a Girl Love Blog Challenge. Thank you Marje! We girls have to stick together and support each other!  Marje is working on her YA fantasy book, and her blog is a fun and magic place 🙂 Please visit and follow!

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My answers:

  1. Audrey Hepburn is undoubtedly an inspiration, but there is a less known woman, a blogger Stephanie Nielson, a mother injured and disfigured after a plane crash when she was only 27. Here is her blog.
  2.  In my real life, there are many women who inspire me. Some of them are young, some not really. They are mothers and grandmothers who are living their day-to-day lives not knowing that they are special.
  3.  There are five ladies bloggers I nominate for this challenge. (No obligations – I only want to share your blogs with others )

Poet and author Ellie 

Artist Mihaela 

Author Teagan

Holistic wayfarer Diana

Author Shehanne

I love what you do!

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  1. All wonderful photos, Inese, even though the man with the props cart did his best to ruin them for you! I can feel your enthusiasm and excitement underlying your words – you really enjpyed observing and photographing the movie set. You’ve done a great job of convincing me I really should see this film. Saorise Ronan is such a lovely looking girl.

      1. She has a delicate and fresh kind of beauty. You were fortunate to catch a glimpse of her, especially in ‘those clothes’! A real Irish rose – or should that be Irish colleen? 🙂

  2. What a cool experience! I can’t believe the way they transformed the street! Good pix even with the prop cart. It never occurred to me how they move their props around!

    1. Yes, it was a new experience, and I marveled at many things 🙂
      They were filming in two other places nearby, only indoors. I think it is what that props cart was for.
      Saoirse Ronan is a local girl from County Carlow, and many people came over to support Irish actors. I have seen some of her movies and loved them. You have to watch this one, it is very well made 🙂

  3. That’s very interesting. I’ve seen a little bit of filming before, but usually for news shows and things, not period drama. I’m fascinated by the way the filmmakers can take a modern-looking street and with a few fairly cosmetic touches, take everything back decades. The original buildings just haven’t been altered that much over the years, I guess. 🙂

    1. Oh I am sure the owners were happy to have their houses repainted. It was fun to watch all of that, but on my way home I was wondering what was going to come out. Everything looked too primitive, amateurish at that time. But being a photographer I know the power of post production, and indeed, the movie came out splendid.

              1. The only movies I ever get forced to see are ones with my kids, but there are no shattered expectations in such cases because usually my expectations are rock bottom to begin with. Sometimes I’m pleasantly surprised, though.

                1. The same was with Brooklyn. The book is OK – just another book, not the best of the author, but the movie is spectacular, and thoughts provoking. Even your teenagers might like it 🙂

  4. I like the vintage redo! Did those gigantic boots Emily Bett Rickards is wearing in photos 13-15 really make it to the movie? Surely not.

    1. Haha, I was unsure myself. Actually, I was unsure of many things, but look what a great movie they have made. This scene took just a few seconds in the movie, and it is unrecognizable.

  5. What a fun post! I will see the movie for sure now. I don’t blame the extras for lingering on set. It must feel a bit like time travel. Your photos are fab, even of the props cart! LOL glad you found your car.

    1. Thank you Resa! 🙂 You will love the movie for its atmosphere. It is about anyone who has left home and started a new life.

      Yes, lost my car, couldn’t find the parking lot anymore. What a goose!

  6. Wow! What great behind the scenes shots. Well done Inese. I loved the movie, it’s sets were so authentic. I did struggle with the book until I got to about the middle of it but only because I found it a little slow going till then. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Very interesting post! I’ll be telling others about it. We recently saw this movie and were knocked out by it. Wonderful acting, wonderful cinematography.

    1. Thank you for stopping by! I am so glad to hear that you saw the movie and loved it. Saoirse Ronan is acting even when she doesn’t say a word 🙂
      For some reason I cannot visit your blog. When I click on your profile name and picture, I am sent to a single page, apparently not in use. I would love to pay a visit. Please let me know if you still have a blog.
      Best wishes!

  8. What a great experience, Inese…..and amazing to see the street ‘made over’… Glad you got a glimpse of Saoirse Ronan

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