Through the fog


Recently I took some fog pictures and added a few more from my archives to put up a blog. The reason for this blog was a dream. I woke up after driving through the thick fog, struggling to recognize the familiar road. I knew that the road might be flooded and I could perish. From time to time I came across the cars with the blinking lights – the drivers gave up and pulled over to the side of the road, but I kept striving until I finally knew where I was. It felt like a victory.

This is  Dove Hill Castle,  or De La Poer Castle, a fortified tower house that was built in the 14th century. In my dream, I was driving this road 🙂


Kilsheelan Woods in the foggy morning.  It is just a test picture taken when I was looking for a background for my film sandwich project two years ago. I am not taking solo trips in the woods anymore. People are getting robbed and beaten in the countryside lately, and their cars stolen. I don’t want to reduce my life expectancy.


Kilsheelan bridge. This place was completely under the water during the last flood.


When I think of water, my thoughts immediately shift to mosquitoes and Zika virus, the subject that has been all over the news these days. It is one of the cases when I feel somewhat unhappy  that I fell out with one of my relatives years ago – she is a microbiologist, and would be able to answer my questions, I believe. I was trying to find answers myself,  in the internet, and came across this wonderful blog – The Hartley Hooligans.  Please, have a look. You might find answers to the questions you have never asked yourself before.

I had a chat with my daughter,  we talked about Zika and the babies with microcephaly. Perfect people, she said, and I knew what she meant. Perfect people who are here on Earth only to bless and teach others. It is how we should think of them instead of trying to come up with a politically correct word.

Reading news is bad for you, some people say. I don’t think so. It is like driving through the fog – if you are careful and don’t get distracted, you will be all right.

Waterford in the end of January, with the Christmas lights still on 🙂

2016 w fog 076res

The rising sun is rolling the mist from Johns Hill.


I took a picture of two Mormon missionaries in the narrow street still filled with mist. The media let them be until Mr. Romney decided to run for president. Since then, I have seen many hateful articles, and even read one. Got distracted in the fog, so to speak 🙂 Never read any messages of hate!


I think that I can end this post with a Mormon quote.  Google has a good assortment of them, and I loved this one for it’s optimism, good humor, and confidence in the future. I am a huge believer in the future.

mormon quote

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Stunning photos, the one of the sun rise fron St. John’s Hill is beautiful. How sad that your solo visits to Kilsheenan Woods have had to stop. Whether it’s a sign of the times or something we (or the media) notice more nowadays, I don’t know. But such crimes seem to be on the increase in so many areas. A lovely ‘dream post’, Inese.

  2. Pink sun shining through the fog is really beautiful. By the way, I also like reading news. It’s hard sometimes, but one should keep with the world, even if it,s foggy. It’s getting even more foggy in Poland this days. Sometimes also interesting: a time to show hidden emotions. By the way- i don’t believe it. Is it really so dangerous to walk in forest in Ireland? Who is so dangerous in there?

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! That’s not the sun but the moon 🙂 It wouldn’t have any color, but there is a thin cloud in front of it, and this cloud reflects the sunset – it is why the moon looks pink. After a minute the cloud was gone and the moon became her silver self 🙂
      Isn’t the fog beautiful? But it can be dangerous when driving. By the way, I don’t exactly know about forest, but driving country roads is dangerous lately. Two men who speak English with an accent, are robbing and beating women-drivers on the country roads, using different strategies to get the women out of their cars. As you know, photographers are carrying equipment worth thousands, and it is easy to figure out where they might go for a shoot. The last robbery was reported from a scenic coastal road.

      1. If this the moon, then I see this photo in another light. Really incredible! The fog is most beautiful in the high mountains, where it creates unique atmosphere and some sort of oversensitivity: when eyes don’t see much, smells and sounds get very strong and thrilling. I dream about some walk with a tent in the Ireland or Scotland, not conscious of possible risks of this idea. But I think robbers would not hit me, conscious of my fatal and prolonging lack of money 😉

  3. The mystery the fog brings to any day is always kind of fun (weather and light working together is a photographer’s dream)…and you show how great it can be to capture the feel. A bit mysterious and bold at the same time. My favorite shot, easily is of the two Mormon missionaries…I’ve known many and you’ve captured their spirits with this shot. Wonderful works again ~ wish you well.

    1. Thank you Randall! These two young ladies are so inspiring. Regardless of the weather they are out in the streets. I know that they have sacrificed their time and money to serve their mission. Amazing faith, and always in the crosshairs of hate. Thank you again! Wishing you a wonderful week!

  4. Great fog pictures. Fog is something I respect thoroughly.
    Just browsed your fox pix. (Comments closed) Baffling. I’d heard of people raising fox cubs (not kittens, right?) but always having to let them go after a while as they grow up. (I even have a book on that somewhere)
    My compliments on your blog. I’ve never been to Tipperary, nor met anyone from there so I will come back once in a while.
    Take care

    1. Thank you for your comment, Brian. Comments are closed because of the incredible amount of the worst kind of spam I was getting on my older posts. Sometimes I am posting photographs of children, and I don’t want this sick linking to my blog. These foxes were dying when Pat took them in his care. They cannot survive in the wild anymore, unless they undergo a long period of transition supervised by wild animal specialists. Let them go free, and they will likely get killed by their own species. They smell of humans.
      I have three blog posts about these foxes 🙂
      Thank you again for stopping by and following this blog.
      Best wishes

      1. (No worry about comments) I browsed my shelves for that book I read long ago. Couldn’t find it. Probably stored in a bix in France. Joy Adamson in Born free did show that it takes a lot of effort and (re)training to train lions (or others) back to the wild. I’m glad those little ones were rescued. Will check your other fox posts. Cheers.

      2. Just saw your other posts. Lovely. Particularly like their “body language”, the one standing on Paddy’s shoulders to get a better view. Are their pupils like cats’?

  5. It’s wonderful how much romance and interest a bit of fog can bring to a picture. I don’t blame you for avoiding wandering about by yourself in the woods if there has been trouble recently, though.

    1. Oh I so agree with you, being a fog addict myself ( only a fire would get me out of bed that early).
      Yes, it is terrible, just read about another case. This time they put a blinker on the car roof and tried to make a lady driver to pull over.

  6. I love the way you began with the beautiful photos of fog, inspired by a dream. I like the way the bare branches seem to create layers of silhouettes. Then you cast the literal fog over our perceptions, the distortions when we can’t or refuse to see with clarity. A lovely layered post, Inese.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! It is so true what you are saying. People’s judgment can be easily affected by distortions, especially when they are skilfully orchestrated.

    1. Thank you so much Resa! Yes, a few incidents, one after another, two males are watching for a female driver, then pretend that she knocked someone over. She gets out of her car and… Police is investigating, but there is very little chance to catch them. They choose narrow country roads and early hours. The last incident happened on a very scenic road used by most of seascape photographers.

  7. You did it again Inese!:) The most beautiful fog pictures I have ever seen! I especially like the first and second one for the true romantic look – reminds me very much of Caspar David Friedrich! The picture with the bridge is realy eerie and the sixth picture is absolutely stunning! You create so much atmosphere with your pictures.
    And it´s wonderful that you have so close a relationship with your daughter! Luckily I´ve got a similar close one with my mother – she is the best!:)
    And you´re absolutely right about not avoiding news – yes, they are mostly defeatingly bad ones but it´s no help to close one´s eyes before them:( Best to know what´s happening in the world and prepare oneself if possible. Wish you a beautiful sunday Inese! Sarah xoxox

    1. Thank you for you kind comment, Sarah! I am happy that you and your mother are close friends. You need each other.
      Absolutely agree with you about the news. Avoiding reality is not a good tactic, and being prepared increases our chances of staying safe.
      Have a great week ahead! xxxx

  8. Those are brilliant photographs Inese. Very atmospheric. I suspect the amateur psychologists among us would say your dream indicates certain questions in your life for which you seek answers despite some barriers while knowing you’ll get the answers in the end because you’ll take the right path.
    Have a Great Week
    xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment, David! I think you are right with your dream reading. What I really like is the fact that I had no fear, only determination 🙂
      Many hugs!!!!

  9. Your deep connection with your daughter is wonderful, Inese. I am so glad that you see the positive in the “voices” or “faces” of little ones with special disabilities due to the Zika virus-carrying mosquitoes. You are so ♡ wonderful to think about these children and how challenging their lives will be, if they live. . . . Poor sweet babies.
    I was appalled about the gorgeous Mormon photograph getting hateful reactions. 😦

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! My daughter and I have been through a lot in our life, and we can read each others minds 🙂
      Did you click the link to the Hooligans blog? I beg you do, it is a very inspiring and humbling read.

      It is a new photograph, so I didn’t get any reaction yet. I spoke about the Mormon Church. After Mitt Romney’s run for president, I noticed that the media turned against the church as never before. It is a very sad sign.

  10. There’s something eerie and mysterious about the fog that you’ve captured so well in your photos.

    I believe that we are living in the times of a thick fog of uncertainty, where the way forward seems unfamiliar, insecure, and dangerous, as you described in your dream.

    1. Thank you so much Rosaliene! Fear is a tool of control. If a politician uses word ‘fear’ too often, be aware. I rather listen to those who say ‘Fear not’ 🙂 Especially in these insecure, uncertain times, as you say. It is why I love this quote of Gordon B Hinckley.

  11. Beautiful photos of fog
    Gracing lovely words on your blog…

    I, too, have dreams where I am driving in a terrible fog (or snowstorm) and cannot see where I am going, even as I continue on. So far, it hasn’t resulted in a catastrophe before I wake up!

    1. Thank you so much, Cynthia! Nothing happened with me too, I was focused on staying on the road, and there was no panic or anything, a very realistic dream.

  12. Fog is somehow magical or creates mystery. The tree picture that you took the test shot is just that. It looks like in a story land. It is too bad that the place is less safe for people to enjoy it as before. Sadly, that crimes seem to be every where.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! Yes, it is not safe to walk alone anymore. As a kid, I walked to visit my grandmother through the woods, a quarry, across the railway and highway, about 8-9 km. It took me a few hours with all the stops. Nowadays, I doubt that a grown up man would walk there on his own.

      1. That sounds like fun walking during those time. I recalled walking a long distance when I was younger even there were buses but I just wanted to walk so that I can see things.

  13. Nice entry. I love the fog. It is my favorite time to stroll outside. I like it when it is thick as well so we can hear the fog horns. As for dreams involving fogs I always look at it as an omen as the universe not wanting to let you see. The mosquito carrying illnesses are scary nowadays. It seems that you can’t turn your back and there is a new illness on our doorstop. Most disconcerting. Be well my friend

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! The fog horns! Yes! The sounds are struggling through the fog the same as the light.
      I am very concerned. Mosquito can fly up to 5-7 miles 😦
      Be safe and well!

    1. Thank you Jan! I don’t think that there is something wrong with the Mormons too 🙂 Speaking of Romney – to be honest, I don’t know much about his campaign, but I know one thing that is always true – people who are able to run their family well, can run the country 😉 I think the US needs not a party but a person for president. A leader.

  14. Inese you are in fine form, my friend. There is something about fog that lends a stillness to my mind; peace. These photos are so beautiful… truly magical. Even the city ones are magical, and I don’t tend to feel that way about cities. Thank you so very much for sharing them. Mega hugs! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for your comment, Teagan! I wish I were in fine form to answer the question in your blog. Sitting and staring at the picture, and the only smell I feel is the smell of a fried fish someone is cooking for their lunch! I will go back and start all over again 🙂 Many hugs!!!

      1. I think that is perfect, Inese! Besides, you said something different. So many of the comments were either bread or rain, or both. Fried fish is a very evocative aroma. It reminds me of “fish fries” my grand parents would have, inviting a dozen people if my grandfather caught a lot of fish. More hugs!

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