Through the fog


Recently I took some fog pictures and added a few more from my archives to put up a blog. The reason for this blog was a dream. In the dream, I woke up after driving through the thick fog. I knew that the road might be flooded and I could perish. From time to time I came across other cars with the blinking lights – the drivers pulled over to the side of the road, but I didn’t give up until I finally knew where I was. It felt like a victory.

This is  Dove Hill Castle,  or De La Poer Castle, a fortified tower house that was built in the 14th century. In my dream, I was driving this road 🙂


This is Kilsheelan Wood in the foggy morning, a background image taken for my film sandwich project two years ago.


Kilsheelan bridge. This place was completely under the water during the last flood.


When I think of water, my thoughts immediately shift to mosquitoes and Zika virus, the subject that has been all over the news these days. I come across this wonderful blog – The Hartley Hooligans.  Please, have a look. You might find answers to the questions you have never asked yourself before.

I had a chat with my daughter,  we talked about Zika and the babies with microcephaly. Perfect people, she said, and I knew what she meant. Perfect people who are here on Earth only to bless and teach others. It is how we should think of them instead of trying to come up with a politically correct word.

Reading news is bad for you, some people say. I don’t think so. It is like driving through the fog – if you are careful and don’t get distracted, you will be all right.

Waterford in the end of January, with the Christmas lights still on 🙂

2016 w fog 076res

The rising sun is rolling the mist from Johns Hill.


I took a picture of two Mormon missionaries in the narrow street still filled with mist. The media let the Mormons be until Mr. Romney decided to run for president. Since then, I have seen many hateful articles in their address.


I think that I can end this post with a Mormon quote.  Google has a good assortment of them, and I loved this one for it’s optimism, good humor, and confidence in the future. I am a huge believer in the future.

mormon quote

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Stunning photos, the one of the sun rise fron St. John’s Hill is beautiful. How sad that your solo visits to Kilsheenan Woods have had to stop. Whether it’s a sign of the times or something we (or the media) notice more nowadays, I don’t know. But such crimes seem to be on the increase in so many areas. A lovely ‘dream post’, Inese.

  2. Pink sun shining through the fog is really beautiful. By the way, I also like reading news. It’s hard sometimes, but one should keep with the world, even if it,s foggy. It’s getting even more foggy in Poland this days. Sometimes also interesting: a time to show hidden emotions. By the way- i don’t believe it. Is it really so dangerous to walk in forest in Ireland? Who is so dangerous in there?

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! That’s not the sun but the moon 🙂 It wouldn’t have any color, but there is a thin cloud in front of it, and this cloud reflects the sunset – it is why the moon looks pink. After a minute the cloud was gone and the moon became her silver self 🙂
      Isn’t the fog beautiful? But it can be dangerous when driving. By the way, I don’t exactly know about forest, but driving country roads is dangerous lately. Two men who speak English with an accent, are robbing and beating women-drivers on the country roads, using different strategies to get the women out of their cars. As you know, photographers are carrying equipment worth thousands, and it is easy to figure out where they might go for a shoot. The last robbery was reported from a scenic coastal road.

      1. If this the moon, then I see this photo in another light. Really incredible! The fog is most beautiful in the high mountains, where it creates unique atmosphere and some sort of oversensitivity: when eyes don’t see much, smells and sounds get very strong and thrilling. I dream about some walk with a tent in the Ireland or Scotland, not conscious of possible risks of this idea. But I think robbers would not hit me, conscious of my fatal and prolonging lack of money 😉

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