Golden faces, silver eyes and blue eyelids

And this is another old post from my last year’s trip to Saltee Island. It is a beautiful place, a haven for those looking to escape the big city for a day, for the birdwatchers and photographers. Hope you enjoy this post and the trip to the Gannet kingdom.

Making memories


It started raining. Creeping from one rock to another I was finally done with photographing the puffins willing to pose.

I looked around and saw that my peeps took off and started to disappear one by one in the sea of ferns. So I hurried after them.

Saltee islands

Our next destination was Gannet Headland, a nesting ground for the Northern gannets. You cannot see the place before you climb up to the highest point of the island through the high ferns and then walk down to the rugged cliffs. Then you just stop there, speechless.

gannet colony

gannet colony

The gannet is Europe’s largest sea bird with a wingspan up to 2 metres. The adults are white and the young birds are very dark  brown. It takes 5 years for them to reach maturity and start breeding. They say there are two thousand couples nesting there on the island. The gannets make their nests from seaweeds…

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  1. Inese, I recalled this post from last year immediately with a smile and scrolled through the comments to remember what we had written. I remember our little conversation about penguins. It’s hard to believe a year has passed since, and this trip you took still delights the soul upon revisiting with these glorious birds and you 🙂 absolutely worth a repost to see your bird’s eye again!

    1. Thank you Alisa! 🙂 When I posted it I had just a handful of followers, so I though it would make sense to post again. Hopefully I will share my latest trip tomorrow morning 🙂 Another year, I cannot believe myself…

  2. Truly fantastic. I admit to having a teeny Alfred Hitchcock moment there, but the sights are so spectacular, it was easily overcome. LOL 😀
    I could look at your photos all day. Mega hugs!

    1. Thank you Teagan! It is funny you mentioned Alfred Hitchcock because I had a moment… Well, I will write about it in my next post from my recent trip to the island:) Hugs!!!

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