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This week I visited Pat and his foxes again and took some photographs. I am reblogging my old blog post so that you can read the story again to refresh your memory 🙂 Next Friday I will share some news and pictures of this famous family.
Information about the blogging rewards in the end of the post is outdated and belongs to my original post.
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Making memories

Pat Gibbons foxes

It is my second blog post about Patsy Gibbons and his foxes. In early April, almost 4 months ago, I went live with a blog post KINDNESS, amazed with my own boldness, and having a very little knowledge about blogging rules and ethics. Still learning.

That time Pat invited us to come again in summer when the foxes look gorgeous on the green meadow. Two weeks ago a friend of mine arranged a visit, but when he rang to confirm it Pat told him that he is in the hospital waiting for admission. They kept him in from Monday to Thursday; Pat’s brother fed the foxes, but they had to stay in their den all this time, and they also missed their bath – a day when they all walk to the pond to get bathed. Needless to say, the foxes were upset, Pat wasn’t feeling well either, so…

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Golden faces, silver eyes and blue eyelids

And this is another old post from my last year’s trip to Saltee Island. It is a beautiful place, a haven for those looking to escape the big city for a day, for the birdwatchers and photographers. Hope you enjoy this post and the trip to the Gannet kingdom.

Making memories


It started raining. Creeping from one rock to another I was finally done with photographing the puffins willing to pose.

I looked around and saw that my peeps took off and started to disappear one by one in the sea of ferns. So I hurried after them.

Saltee islands

Our next destination was Gannet Headland, a nesting ground for the Northern gannets. You cannot see the place before you climb up to the highest point of the island through the high ferns and then walk down to the rugged cliffs. Then you just stop there, speechless.

gannet colony

gannet colony

The gannet is Europe’s largest sea bird with a wingspan up to 2 metres. The adults are white and the young birds are very dark  brown. It takes 5 years for them to reach maturity and start breeding. They say there are two thousand couples nesting there on the island. The gannets make their nests from seaweeds…

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Saltee Islands, a place where birds rule

I have been to Saltee Island again. I thought I would re-blog my two old posts before I share some new photographs with you. Never too many puffins for me 🙂 Hope you enjoy the trip!

Making memories


Our Camera Club had an outing to Great Saltee island for bird photography. Before the trip I did a research as I always do, which helps me not miss anything important and regret it afterwards. There is a website with beautiful photographs where you can learn more about the owners of the Islands. I don’t know if anybody ever met them when visiting Great Saltee, but I am sure they are wonderful and hospitable people. They have a shelter behind their home: a kitchen packed with bottled water and basic utensils for those who might get stuck on the island because of the weather, and two beds upstairs. We used the shelter while waiting for the boat to pick us up: the rain shortened our visit by two hours…

If you plan this trip you might find useful the Trip Advisor comments and Captain Declan Bates’ telephone number to arrange the boat and…

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mahon falls

Image of these rough slopes reflects my present state of mind quite precisely: vast and empty… I am still fighting virus infection and have no energy to do much reading, let alone writing. It is why my Tuesday’s blog is missing.  As a compensation, I am posting a video. Amazing Irish musician Fergal Scahill, the best fiddler I have ever heard, will play for you 11 minutes!

This video was filmed in  Cliffden, Co Galway, in the area known as Connemara. In the Main Street there is a bar – J Conneely’s .  I listened to Fergal’s music there  and can tell you – there is no fiddler like him. Love this video, great memories about the place and music.

Tomorrow I will post my weekend blog as usual 🙂

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