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mahon falls

Image of these rough slopes reflects my present state of mind quite precisely: vast and empty… I am still fighting virus infection and have no energy to do much reading, let alone writing. It is why my Tuesday’s blog is missing.  As a compensation, I am posting a video. Amazing Irish musician Fergal Scahill, the best fiddler I have ever heard, will play for you 11 minutes!

This video was filmed in  Cliffden, Co Galway, in the area known as Connemara. In the Main Street there is a bar – J Conneely’s .  I listened to Fergal’s music there  and can tell you – there is no fiddler like him. Love this video, great memories about the place and music.

Tomorrow I will post my weekend blog as usual 🙂

Last week I was spoiled with awards. A great blogger, Mythology expert Aquileana nominated me for two awards, and I really appreciate her kindness knowing how brilliant she is.  Please visit her blog! You will enjoy reading it!

The first one is Liebster Award.


My nominees for the Liebster Award are:

The other one is a  Black Wolf Blogger Award.    


My nominees for the Black Wolf Blogger Award are:


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Here are the Award Rules, which are the same for all the awards:

1) The nominee shall display the respective logo on her/his blog.

2) The nominee shall nominate ten (10)  bloggers she/he admires, by linking to their blogs and informing them about it.

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  1. You´re a spoiled woman-photographer-probably much other stuff, and what about trophies? Why don´t they call them trophies…..I like that word much better.

    Congratulations on the awards!!!

    I read you had a virus? well this was posted on the 25 of September so hopefully by now your feeling better.

    1. Thank you, it was a bad virus but didn’t last long. Now I am alive and kicking.
      Getting those awards is no fun: you have to spend at least one hour linking to the other’s blogs. It is why they don’t call them Trophies, I guess 🙂

          1. That´s good, I´m also glad that people have nominated me. And I graciously tell them, but that I don´t accept that for me I never really started this thing to get people to read, it´s actually quite amazing to me that now I´ve reached 500 followers, but was never my intention to get followers and I´m grateful for them but not so much for reading me but because they provide me with a vast source of knowledge, you name a topic I probably follow it, since I call this wordpress thing my free online university, so it´s great to promote others and I have done that after I saw that people actually started reading this blog of mine so I figured that if they read me and I put up a link they´d probably go to the check the other person.

            1. Exactly, those who nominate you put a link to your blog – it is how more people know about you. Then they read your blog and stay with you, but if no one directed them to you how would they know?

              1. Because I do spend quite a lot of time really reading other blogs, their post´s and commenting on them. Thoughtful comments in some that are talk about important things and funny in others. That´s day in and day out. Not so much to get back a follow but because it makes me think, and that´s good for my two neurons. So people see that I´m really interested in their blog, and that´s the truth and seems they reciprocate. But easily spend quite a lot of hours reading I mean really reading not just glancing over and then comment smartly in this wordpress blogs. Won´t tell you how many though 😉

                1. You are right, but I do read some blogs thoroughly, including yous:)
                  And you are also right about learning. A great place to learn about life in different countries and stuff like that

                2. Specially when you dropped out of college and you find yourself in your 30´s with no real education having worked up until now in shitty jobs,(not counting army days) in what you like, like writing, or other hobbies you would have liked to do like photography, painting. So this is my online university.

  2. A belated thank you Inese! A great honour to receive this award from you considering how much I enjoy the multi-media nature of your work. I trust that you’re feeling better, Michael 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for the nomination. 🙂
    Having said that, I hope you get well/better soon. Thanks for sharing the video. I enjoy the lilt of Irish music. If I am wrong, I am sorry. It does sound like one to my untrained ear. 🙂

    1. Thank you Imelda! Yes, it is Irish music, and an excellent example of it. This guy is crazy talented and I am happy that I had a chance to listen to his performance. 🙂

    1. Getting better, Sheri, thank you! I know that you are not doing awards even that you deserve all of them and more. For me it is a chance to tell thank you to the people who write and provide me with an excellent reading 🙂 I want to spread a word about their work, that’s it. I don’t believe that I deserve any awards. It is just that someone else says me “thank you” for the efforts I make.

      1. Inese – You are so correct in what the awards are all about. It gives us a chance to thank people when we are getting started and they send potential readers to us. Once we start building that great reader list, then it’s our turn to play up the ante. I pick up a few here and there but have to be careful where and when. I adore finding new blogs on others list of nominations. You, my friend, are impressing me to no end on the number of loyal followers you’ve picked up since I first met you. My hat is tipped your way. Sheri

        1. Sheri – you are the one who gave me a hand and put me in your Travelling blog list when I was just starting out. Thanks to you I got more followers and more good friendships. It is why I keep doing the awards even that many bloggers are annoyed by my nominations. I don’t bother you with the nominations knowing your situation, but you know that in my heart I have bestowed on you all the rewards and honors in the world 🙂
          Love, Inese

  4. Congratulations on your awards. I enjoy reading your posts, watching your pictures and, in this case, in the mood for dancing. Great fiddle! Get well soon.

  5. Thanks so much for the nomination. I went through a period of awards and decided they should go to more deserving and not yet recipients bloggers. I would have nominated you, but too late now!

  6. Thanks for linking to my blog, cara amica…
    And YES you deserve those awards and many others. Your blog is precious and priceless to me. Love, Aquileana 😀

  7. I’ve been fighting a virus too – for two weeks! Even with my usual flu-buster pharmacopeia of zinc, vitamin C, echinacea and garlic. I hope you get over it quickly and wow us some more with your gorgeous nature photos and interesting stories!

    1. Thank you Ann! Hope you are well now. I was still sick when I went for the flu shot : didn’t want to wait anymore. So now I got worse all over again…

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