Saluti, Maestro!

I knew you wouldn’t live forever, but the loss hurts so bad. The world has been listening to your music yesterday. Yesterday I was a better person than I usually am because I had my earphones on most of the day listening to your ‘energy, space and time’. Thank you for being there these 50+ years of my life, Maestro.


  1. I honor your honoring with the loss of the Maestro. I know for me when I loss my partner I was devastated. 4 years later I thought I would never say this but I learned to love more. I learned to appreciated people more that are in my circle as I appreciated you Inese. Much love J

    1. Joseph – thank you so much for your kind comment. I remember that heartbreaking news you shared. It was like a bolt of lightning. But where is love, there will be more love brought by rebirth. This doesn’t end, thankfully ❤

  2. Lovely post, Inese!
    I’ve been soaking up his wonderful music for years!
    He will be missed, but he has left us a myriad of treasure!

    1. I am so grateful I grew up listening to most beautiful music right after it was written 🙂 1960-70 s, what a great time it was.

    1. My first movie was The Good The Bad & The Ugly – when I was nine. I played Chi Mai over and over again at the age of 14. Grew up with Nino Rota and Ennio Morricone music. Sad.

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