Saluti, Maestro!

I knew you wouldn’t live forever, but the loss hurts so bad. The world has been listening to your music yesterday. Yesterday I was a better person than I usually am because I had my earphones on most of the day listening to your ‘energy, space and time’. Thank you for being there these 50+ years of my life, Maestro.


  1. YES! His music is unique, so very unique. I was commenting to Bo about all the whistles, claps, and such, and what unique choices they were. Bo, being the avid reader of classic cinema, explained to me that Morricone made such unique choices…because of money! Whistles and the like were cheap, and so Morricone used them. Lo and behold, those choices helped craft a style we love and look for when we traverse the vast deserts of renegades and bounty hunters.

    Hope you’re well, Friend! xxxxxxx

  2. I am so sad at his passing. I remember how my friend, a young composer from France was so entranced by Morricone when she got to meet and chat with him a few years ago at an Academy Awards luncheon. That’s all she talked about for days. So sad.

    1. Yes, people who went to his concerts say the same. He was like Tesla in physics – and innovator and seer.

      1. I remember Julia on cloud nine after seeing him. She had done the music for an animated short that had been eliminated because it was a few seconds too short, but they liked her work enough to invite her, she was not yet 30 and well, it was an honor for her. I was privileged to have her stay with me and preview some of the nominees, both at the academy and Dreamworks, but that particular luncheon was exclusive. We’ve lost touched but I do hear from her every now and then. Thanks for the memories.

  3. Most of my knowledge of Morricone is from a CD I have of cellist Yo-Yo Ma playing selections from some of his pieces. You can well imagine how lovely that sounds. RIP maestro.

    1. We knew about him from the movies here in Europe. I was probably a 8 or 9 years old music student when I first learned his name. Loved the movies too 🙂

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