Saluti, Maestro!

I knew you wouldn’t live forever, but the loss hurts so bad. The world has been listening to your music yesterday. Yesterday I was a better person than I usually am because I had my earphones on most of the day listening to your ‘energy, space and time’. Thank you for being there these 50+ years of my life, Maestro.


  1. I am so sad at his passing. I remember how my friend, a young composer from France was so entranced by Morricone when she got to meet and chat with him a few years ago at an Academy Awards luncheon. That’s all she talked about for days. So sad.

      1. I remember Julia on cloud nine after seeing him. She had done the music for an animated short that had been eliminated because it was a few seconds too short, but they liked her work enough to invite her, she was not yet 30 and well, it was an honor for her. I was privileged to have her stay with me and preview some of the nominees, both at the academy and Dreamworks, but that particular luncheon was exclusive. We’ve lost touched but I do hear from her every now and then. Thanks for the memories.

  2. Most of my knowledge of Morricone is from a CD I have of cellist Yo-Yo Ma playing selections from some of his pieces. You can well imagine how lovely that sounds. RIP maestro.

    1. We knew about him from the movies here in Europe. I was probably a 8 or 9 years old music student when I first learned his name. Loved the movies too 🙂

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