New brother

First the sad news. Sweet Minnie the fox followed her sister Grainne to the Rainbow Bridge at the age of eleven. Last time I saw her she was weaker than usual. She died in her sleep like Grainne. Both had a long and happy life.

Run free in heaven, you beautiful girls! 

These are links to some of my blog posts about the Fox Man Pat Gibbons from County Kilkenny and his foxes:


And here is another little soul who needed love and care. Meet Gorta, a 14 weeks old cub named after the famous Kilkenny hurler Martin Comerford’s nickname. In Irish, Gorta means Famine.

Gorta is different colour than the other foxes. He is peach-and-silvery grey with red goggles.

We are sitting outside and Gorta is sniffing the air and perking his ears. His nose never stops moving.

He smelled the ducks grazing in the garden and licked his lips.

A passing car startled him…

…so he did exactly what any other scared baby would do – reached for safety and pressed his little body to Pat.

A universal picture of love and trust.

No matter who or what you are.

  Have a happy week!


  1. Sooooo many hugs, Friend! I’m thrilled to see more of your eternally beautiful work. I don’t know if I got to mention this in the spring, but when I worked as an art teacher substitute for a few days, I used your posts on the Waterford Walls as inspiration for their own street art projects.

    I just showed the little fox to Bash, and he thought Gorta adorable! Yes, all dear souls must cross that rainbow bridge in time, but they are never alone, and never without love there. Now this little wonder has a special place with Pat, and he a special place for him. Thank you for introducing us! xxxxx

  2. So sorry to read about the loss of Sweet Minnie.<3

    Young Gorta is utterly adorable and so beautiful captured. ❤

    1. Oh I was so sad when I learned the news. I expected that to happen though. It is the life span of a domesticated fox.

  3. Gorta is gorgeous and I hope he has as long and happy a life as Grainnie and Minnie. I’ve read posts in the past about the amazing Fox Man, Pat GIbbons and have every admiration for him and the wonderful work he does. Your beautiful photos show the love he has for little Gorta,

    1. Thank you so much! I could see how happy he was to have this little one. It won’t be easy for him though. Harry and Gorta have to be kept separately. It is going to be a challenge.

  4. OK, so, no fair sneaking up on me and wanting to make me cry! A beautiful post!

    1. Thank you for stopping by. Minnie and Grainne had a long and happy life. It is how I am comforting myself…

  5. Ahhh … Gorta is adorable and what beautiful and unusual colours! Already well loved and enjoying the safety of the cuddles. A heartwarming post, Inese and the photos are wonderful. I’ve missed your previous posts on foxes and will check them out now … I’m in for a treat!

  6. I’m sorry to hear about Minnie. And happy to meet Gorta and see him loved and cuddled. These posts about Pat and the foxes are so dear, Inese. The kindness warms my heart. ❤

  7. What beautiful markings! I know he will give you wonderful memories and stories as you past loved ones have. It’s always so painful to lose such dear ones.

  8. Sorry about Minnie, but thank you for such a lovely post. Gorta is adorable. I am surprised how your friend Pat has managed what all publications I read say is not possible: to raise and tame foxes. I’ve always read the call of the wild becomes irresistible for them after a few months. Also glad you made the trip. 🙏🏻

    1. Thank you 🙂 It was my first trip this year 🙂
      Pat is getting his foxes very young and very sick. He is fighting for their life, and Gorta’s story is no different. Pat and his foxes are close from the start, but for their own safety he keeps them on lead because as you rightly noted, they are wild animals and can run away and get hurt.

      1. Hurray for your first trip! 🙏🏻
        How does Pat “get his foxes”? Parents killed in traps or by hunters? His work is very commendable. My praise to him.
        And… keep traveling… Cheers my friend.

        1. Someone found the cub, wanted to keep but didn’t know how. Little fox got sick, almost died. Was given to Pat. Siblings and parents killed. Usual story… Bad start and a happy life afterwards 🙂 Fairy tale 🙂

  9. One of the saddest things about pets is their truncated lives, sometimes too prematurely. But, life goes on, as intended by Mother Nature, in the young shoots left behind. It’s a pleasure meeting Gorta! He retains the common felicities of a fox, and yet I can see a mutation in work in his genes, of being domesticated.

    1. Oh it is very sad to lose a pet, Uma. It hurts even after decades.

      Grainne and Minnie have lived more than ten years – a limit for a domesticated fox or a dog of the same size. All Pat’s foxes got a bad start in life. They were not expected to live at all. Little Gorta is not an exception – the vets gave up on him. But not Pat. Now after 14 weeks Gorta is a happy little fox with a long life ahead. Pat also has an 8 years old Henry. None of the foxes are related, of course – no mutations or anything here 🙂 They are as wild as you get them 🙂

  10. So sad to hear of the dear one leaving earth but so very happy for this little baby who is well loved! Love your blog posts!

    1. Thank you! 🙂 Such a pity that foxes don’t live longer, but in the wild they never survive past 4-5 years. I will write more about the baby Gorta when he is comfortable with strangers. I will see them in September.

  11. Hello Inese,
    It is bittersweet to see our animal friends go, but I am glad she had a happy and fulfilled life. Gorta is beautiful, and your photo series is full of love and warmth❤️

    1. Thank you Takami ❤ Just a few month ago Pat said that he won't take a new fox, and here he is with the baby Gorta on his lap 🙂

    1. Thank you Joseph. This was my first trip. All is well for now 🙂 Yes, it is sad the foxes don’t live longer, but you know how it is – when we choose to care about an animal, we know that we most certainly will outlive it. They come to us with that future sadness included in the package.
      Now I am off to your blog. Is the book out yet? I have missed a huge chunk of life.

      1. Yes it is sad that death is part of our lives. It can leave a whole in you heart that you live around it. Unfortunately, the book is at a stalemate. I am looking for a proofreader at the moment. Sometimes I swear Spirit is putting stumbling blocks in front of me. For now I will let it be and if it is meant to be it is meant to be if not well at least I have written my first book. I’m pleased that all is well with you.

          1. I think it is your security. Spammers use links, it is why security blocks them. I will give you the link with the missing ‘https’ 🙂 ://

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