A letter to Mark and Priscilla they will never read

Dear Mark and Priscilla!

Many happy wishes and congratulations on the birth of your little daughter Max! There is nothing like the birth of a new child to restore hope to the world.

I have read about your pledge. I sincerely hope that this money will make a difference, not just change hands. There are many good causes where your money can do miracles, and if you profit from your good deeds, it is absolutely fine with me. Whatever the critics say.

I understand that this is a done deal, and you have planned everything for the rest of your lifetime, but in case you change your mind, or in case some of your wealthy friends are looking for a good cause, there is one I would suggest.

The Internet is a blessing. Uses of the Internet  are unlimited. Many people make a living off the internet and get wealthy, like you did.


Some people use the internet to find, abduct and sell children including babies and  toddlers. There are hundreds of millions children pornography images and videos  in the internet. Millions of children are used in commercial sex – they are abused and filmed for pornographic videos, trafficked into brothels. Millions of children are raped and killed. Many sex offenders had viewed pornography prior to committing sex offenses and murders. Dr. Michael Seto from International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children estimated that 3% of the male population is aroused by  pedophilic stimuli.

Most of sex offenders use social networking sites to gain home or school information about their victims.

You wrote to your daughter that you felt “a great responsibility to leave the world a better place for you and all children”. You want to use that money to “advance human potential and promote equality for all children in the next generation.” What you say is wonderful.

I know that cleaning up the bottomless Internet is almost impossible, but with the money like yours, there is a chance. Your money and new technologies can save lives, you just need the courage.

Research indicates that at least 200 million girls and 100 million boys will be sexually abused before they reach adulthood. My heart is bleeding.

I don’t see a better cause than creating a safe future for children.

PS Each of us can do something about it. Or stop doing something we should not be doing.

IneseMjPhotography Stay safe!


  1. Very, very powerful letter (and fascinating photo as well) ~ there is one group around the world unable to defend themselves: children. There are charity groups around the world that make a difference, but the chasm between helping during a crisis versus helping in every day life is huge. Great post. Giving and also donating time so important ~ Save The Children is one of many solid groups who have programs that make a difference, and may 2016 see me taking action towards assisting where I can to support the words I’ve written. Good time of the year to remind others Inese ~ thank you!

    1. Thank you for your kind comment! I wrote this after reading another Facebook post on a missing baby (!) who was found raped and murdered. If someone donated 45 000 000 000 to fight the sex crimes against children, it would be the best investment ever made.

      1. Agree, it is one of those crimes that does not get the attention it deserves ~ full-time, constant pressure to eradicate such practices and syndicates, and to prosecute all through this “industry”.

  2. Inese – This is one of the most important issues facing the world today and I applaud you for addressing it. Their daughter will be at high risk for abduction and held for ransom. I’ve come to believe, there’s not a way in our society as we know it today, to keep someone safe if someone else really wants to get to them. I had to deal with this issue in federal government and it was impossible then and here we are 20 years later and the problem is worse than ever.
    Thank you for addressing this critical issue.

    1. Sheri, thank you so much! I completely agree with you that their daughter is a high risk, but it is for ransom, not for abuse when the poorer is the family, the easier to get to them. People with no influence are the most vulnerable. I believe in technologies, and hope that the internet can be made a nicer place.
      Thank you again, Merry Christmas to you and Tom!

      1. Exactly, Inese. We’re working with a group of kids who think nothing of posting nude pictures of themselves. I only wish I had more time for volunteering for this program. I’ve always loved mentoring but none of that will matter if we can’t save them in the first place.
        Our state, Arkansas, has one of the highest rates of abducting girls into the underground sexual slave trade. Unfortunately, we also have the highest rate for the girls coming across the border, the girls that are undocumented, being picked up and being sold immediately into the sexual slave trade. Tom and I watched a powerful documentary last night regarding how the girls, as well as drugs, are purchased on the deep web.
        I’m so glad you brought the subject up and you are right, it’s the poor and disenfranchised population who suffers the most.

  3. An impressive and heartfelt letter, Inese. I agree with what you say about the abhorrent use of the internet and can only hope that one day, someone or something can put a stop to it. The Zuckerberg’s pledged money could be a start, but this dreadful issue of internet misuse isn’t likely to be controlled very quickly however it’s approached. But, we can all live in hope that one day it will stop.

    1. Thank you for your comment! To be honest, I don’t believe they will invest their money in the Internet safety, but I hope someone else does. I wrote this on impulse after reading an article about another baby rape case.

      1. Cases like that are totally sickening! I simply can’t understand the inhumanity of people who do things like that. No, I realise it’s unlikely that their money will be used for Internet safety, but perhaps some ultra-wealthy people in the future may help Perhaps.

  4. While I admire the internet and its freedom of expression, there does need to be limits. Child pornography is a scummy thing, paedophiles deserve what’s coming to them, and the sooner the Net is purged of this filth, the better.

  5. A deep felt and moving letter… but also a warning sign… you are quite right when you highlight the perversities and reprehensible behaviors that could be triggered through the internet…
    I think that prevention and care are the best tools to get over those threats…
    Thanks for this post, dearest Inese…
    Love and best wishes. Aquileana 🍒☀️

  6. This was a powerful letter. As with everything but now new technologies can be used for good and for extremely bad in this case that you mentioned
    By the way, may I ask who in the world is Mark and Priscilla?

    1. Charly, thank you for your comment! I think that it is possible to clean the Internet, and the only obstacle is that huge money the monsters are getting for the human trade. As to Mark and Priscilla – they are the owners of Facebook who made a pledge to donate 99% of their revenues to the good causes. Sure they don’t read WordPress blogs .

        1. We will see, none of my business 🙂 I just really wish someone developed the software capable to detect and block all the human trafficking activity, and maintain a reliable security of personal accounts. I don’t think it is impossible, however it means a war.

          1. That has to be up to the authorities. You can´t ask Marky Marck here to monitor himself all that data. Really is up to the individual and in this case the parents to monitor what in the world their kids are doing in the internet.
            Or just take away the internet, I didn´t have internet as a youngster, neither did you, and we didn´t commit suicide. Plus a bit of going out with your friends, playing in the garden, around the neighbourhood, all that was normal. I say was, because now this kids seem to get an ipad the moment they are born.

            1. Most of the things could be a blessing or a curse. The Internet is a fantastic tool, but the criminals use it too. Hope for some new technologies.
              You say we didn’t have the internet, that’s true, but we had many books, and not everyone read them 🙂

              1. Well, it´s like everything. A dumb example: They invented the car, that was great for the majority of the population, but criminals also used it to commit armed robberies and speed off without the police being able to catch them.

                So like any new technology, it can be used for good which is the majority of the times, but a small percentage of the population who are bad people they´ll use it to do bad things.

                If you create new technologies, the criminals, the bad people will eventually get around to use them to their advantage. I just can´t find a silver bullet that can keep everyone safe and prevent bad people from doing bad things.

  7. Well written, Inese…who could possibly do something like that? What possible gratification could there be. Kudos for your courage to write such a heart felt letter. Agree totally!!

    1. Thank you Patrick! Can you believe that the children sold for sex are counted in millions worldwide? If you say the word “child” it takes you one second. If you repeat it million times, it takes you 11 days without sleep. Each of these children is a life that was cut short in the most abominable way. Call me a nazi, but I do want the pedophilic gene erased from the genome of humanity, whatever it would take.

    1. Thank you Seb! I just read another article about baby abuse, and wrote this post on an impuls. I simply want people to understand the true face of pornography, and remind them that the internet isn’t the happy place it used to be in the 1990s.
      Thank you for reading!

        1. Yes, it is the name 🙂 I remember how excited were people about the internet. It truly is a blessing, just has to be cleaned up from the monsters.

    1. Thank you! Unplanned one, just read about another baby raped and murdered. People who have genetic disposition to become children rapers should be banned from having posterity. These genes should be erased from human genome forever. xxxxxxxxx

  8. Yet so many people deny abuse when confronted with its existence — I know this from experience. Those who deny have blood on their hands, because they enable abusers. Hugs to you dear Inese.

    1. Oh Teagan, I have met such people myself too. They don’t want to think what is behind all those videos and pornographic images. There are many organisations working 24/7 to save children, and they have some horrifying statistics, everyone can google and read by themselves, yet it is easier to deny and have blood on their hands – it is invisible anyway.
      Hugs to you! xxxx

        1. Well, you might be right… I don’t think they will touch this abominable source of revenue though. I rather believe in some noble hackers or something…

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