Once upon a time there was a powerful Fairy Queen  living in the Woods. She was beautiful but lonely.


Poor travelling musician touched her heart with his tunes… But there was another heart looking for love…


A girl living in the woods with a pack of wolves for a family heard him sing and fell for his voice before she ever knew him.


Love and Music walk hand in hand, you know.







So, the powerful Queen and the human girl both fell in love with the musician… It happens on a regular basis – there is nothing new under the sun.




And yet something has changed. Actually, everything has changed.  Harmony was empowered with magic; magic was subdued by simplicity; poor girl married the musician and they lived happily ever after.




inesemjphotographyHave a Great Day!


  1. I always like to see how people decorate themselves. I enjoy costumes but really liked the jewels on your face. Lovely and your special man is handsome. I will have to come back and visit, since my oldest daughter asked me to come spend the night with her and her boys. Take care, Robin

    1. Thank you Robin! 🙂 It was a fun photo shoot. The make up was done for a completely different studio shoot for another photographer, but he kindly lent me his model for my project. The man is not a professional model, but he did a great job. Thank you for reading!

  2. Oh, Inese, this is wonderful! I love all your photos. The makeup on the “fairy” is fantastic. I must admit the shepherd is Gorgeous! 🙂 The music is lovely but I’m definitely partial to Love Changes Everything! Well done! 😀 ❤

    1. Thank you so much Linda! This make up was intended for a different shot, but I needed a Fairy 🙂 The make up artist is amazing. I love this song too – it is a closing song for our choral society concerts. I have never watched the whole musical though. Thank you again!

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