Magic Hour

I woke up at about 6am and just on impulse went out to catch the sunrise. Not having any plans I just crossed the bridge and headed up the hill for a greater view. After taking a few shots I looked down and saw that beautiful fog over the river near my house. Should have walked there first! Hurrying down the hill I reflected with a slight annoyance on so human “the grass is always greener” concept. Now my magic hour was running out!

Nevertheless, I still have got a few minutes of magic.







When I move around making compositions and keeping my eye on the settings, somehow I always manage to think about the matters that seem not to be related to the subject of photography. So, I cannot tell now how I ended up thinking about forgiveness. I was walking around the willow tree, shooting close-ups into the rising sun, and thinking about hate, broken relationships and general chronic unhappiness we humans sometimes experience. They say that there is a universal cure: we have to forgive to free ourselves and be happy. That is nothing new, and many of us practice forgiveness for the wrongdoings on a daily basis. Is there anything else we fail to forgive?

Perching on the rock I was looking through the viewfinder trying to make a composition of the willow catkins. And then I knew it. Humans are forever unhappy when they don’t forgive each others differences. It is nothing new either, but usually differences are “accepted” or “tolerated”, and this doesn’t make anybody happier.

Differences can be strange and annoying. Differences just don’t fit! This person is doing it wrong! I do it right! Differences can trigger arrogance or envy. This person is plain stupid! That person is just being lucky! Differences take our focus away from the things that truly matter. It won’t work if we only accept them.

So, I am making a statement here. I am forgiving your differences, people. Please, forgive me for being different and let’s move on and enjoy our life!

I had a wonderful morning. I found magic so close to where I live. A different kind of magic.


Photography tip of the day: First hour after the sunrise is the best  time for landscape photography. Fog is a bonus. Fog softens objects in the background, mutes colors, and makes everything look mysterious.

inesemj_photographyHave a great day!

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