I have visited with a special man, Co Kilkenny resident Pat “Patsy” Gibbons and his sweet pet foxes Grainne, Minnie and Henry. You can find their story in this article. I am going to see them again in summer.

Kindness in his eyes is flowing over straight to your heart. Every creature would feel safe in his protection.

It is OK to visit, but keep your numbers  small (2-3 people), and bring a couple of chicken legs with you:)







Tip of the day: Taking pictures of your pets focus on the eye.  Long hair sticking around the eyes can catch the focus and make the picture blurred, so make sure you try different angles.

inesemj_photographyHave a great day!


  1. I am not sure why I did not leave a comment before on this. I had pushed like already. Probably pressed for time, as all of us are, from time to time.
    Inese, your photos of Pat or Patsy were so true and clear. The way his eyes look, you are right. He is a gent l e and kind soul. Thanks for sharing, off to answer my brother’s questions about my visit this past long weekend. Smiles, Robin

    1. They live in a clean spacious shed, and are well fed, and have a walk every day. His house and yard are spotless, and he also has some ducks and hens and dogs:) A happy family, lucky red haired fellas:)

      1. Very lucky, indeed. I was also going to add that the fox look healthy, too. Finally got to read article. Very nice article on Patsy.

    1. Thank you for stopping by! They are really sweet, I will see them again soon, in July. They are lucky to find a good home and protection.

      1. You have wonderful eyes, too, and I’m 100% Irish. So there! I have a music video filmed in Ireland. If you are so inclined, search youtube “Hattie Wilcox Hands Around My Neck.”

        1. Wow, i will! I have been living in Ireland since 2002. Have seen most of the country. My daughter lives in the USA and she is fascinated with everything Irish too. Now heading to Youtube:)

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