Rapeseed field pictures

Yellow rapeseed flower field always attracts photographers. This one was a real magnet. With Slievenamon mountain in background and the birch tree alley framing it was a huge treat… locked behind a high gate… no way to get closer.

This evening on my way home I thought I might just stop and peek over the wall. What a beautiful view! A farmer truck turned to the gate right behind me and the driver rolled down the window. It was his farm, and his field, and he said i could go and take as many pictures as i wish! Happy day, lucky me! I didn’t want to take an advantage, so i just made a few shots, and left beeping the car horn with gratitude. Did he realize that he made my day?





Photography tip of the day: To reduce camera motion inhale deeply, then exhale and hold your breath while pressing the shutter release button.

inesemj_photographyHave a great day!



  1. Great tip. Once I took a really, really deep breath, but i didn’t exhale. I started to float away, but got caught on a tree branch next to a gray squirrel that was sitting there reading a Stephen King book (I believe it was Cujo) . That was scary. 🙂

  2. This fills me with such a longing for green and living things. Living in the coastal desert forces me to create my own artificial oasis. It works of a fashion but only until I have to drive away. You are blessed. Thanks for sharing the wild beauty.

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