It has been a year


My silence lasted too long. I have been writing this and that though… And taking pictures too. For the future. I still cannot upload them successfully to the Media folder of my dashboard most of the time, and I probably never will. But I cannot just leave a blog I was working on a whole year.

It is a year, yes. I feel so humbled thinking of all the friendship and support you have given me, dear blogger friends. It has been a wonderful year with you. I admire and love you.

I don’t feel well today, to be honest. I forget to smile.  I worry about everything that has been happening in the world lately. It breaks my heart that the  evil seems to be taking over.  Is it taking over?


We live in a murky world of half-truth. How to navigate so that we never leave the safe half? How to beacon the others ?

I hope you all stay safe.

inesemjphotographyHave a peaceful weekend!