Spraoi 2018 – Scotch is back!

Spraoi 2018 Scotch

For those who don’t know yet, Spraoi is a free street festival taking place every August bank holiday weekend in Waterford, Ireland. I have written a good few posts about Spraoi, some of them can be found on this page. Spraoi is back once again, and so is Scotch!

Last August I featured the Dutch party band Scotch in one of my Spraoi related blog posts. An established favorite in Waterford, the band is celebrating their 15th anniversary this year. Way to go, Scotch!

This is Tim. He wasn’t with the band in Waterford last year.

Spraoi 2018 Scotch


Spraoi 2018 Scotch

Sam and Nathan,

Spraoi 2018 Scotch

Wouter and Sjoerd,

Spraoi 2018 Scotch

and Juno ( cute pout, man 🙂 )

Spraoi 2018 Scotch

I didn’t get a decent picture of Jochem that time, but bear with me.

Hi Wouter! Glad to see you and the guys. How does it feel to be on the Waterford soil again?

We really enjoyed to be back at Spraoi! It’s starting to feel a bit like home 🙂

How was your year since the last Spraoi? Any news?

The last year we’ve been mostly on the road. Have been touring every other month to a total of 12 different countries: The Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, France, Czech Republic, Croatia, England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland.

It is a very impressive list. Delighted for you and for those who were lucky to hear you perform. Sad that Sam won’t be touring Europe with the band any more. Why this decision? Do you have another violinist lined up?

Sam decided there’s no room in his life to play in a band. It’s too demanding to run a family, have a day job and tour all over Europe. It has been harsh but in the last months we’ve found our way to deal with it. There will be a new violinist, and starting next week we will be performing a new show. Looking forward to that!

So do I and all your fans. Thank you!

So, the rest of this post is dedicated to Sam who has been with the band from its first day.

Spraoi 2018 Scotch

For his solo number, Sam left the stage and mingled with the crowd. It didn’t take him long to make everybody dance 🙂

Spraoi 2018 Scotch


Spraoi 2018 Scotch


Spraoi 2018 Scotch


Spraoi 2018 Scotch

The band had another two gigs scheduled for the weekend, and I came over to Kazbar to take some pictures in a more relaxed atmosphere.

Spraoi 2018 Scotch


Spraoi 2018 Scotch


Spraoi 2018 Scotch

It is where I had a chance to take a proper picture of Jochem sporting a platinum mane. You can rock any style, Jochem 🙂

Spraoi 2018 Scotch

More pictures of Sam ( ah it is so so sad)

Spraoi 2018 Scotch


Spraoi 2018 Scotch

With his fans, one more time.

Spraoi 2018 Scotch

There was that sad beautiful stranger who had been standing there and showing no interest in the gig whatsoever.

Spraoi 2018 Scotch

But who can resist Wouter’s charm? I am sure she smiled back 🙂

Spraoi 2018 Scotch

Grand finale!

Spraoi 2018 Scotch

The audience was so large that I decided to take a picture of the part of it that was reflected in the roof mirror.

Spraoi 2018 Scotch

Thank you Scotch!

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/scotchtheband/

Website: http://www.scotchtheband.com/

Booking info:

t+31 6 12 42 70 77

Spraoi 2018 Scotch

Some more from Spraoi in my blog in November.

www.inesemjphotography.com Have a great weekend!


  1. What a party! You certainly know how to have fun, Inese. I loved how you mingle with everyone and don’t miss a thing. Perhaps that little lovely girl misses Sam? Wonderful time! 💕🌹💋

  2. Every one looks as if they’re having a great time! What a wonderful festival and band, you can see the joy they bring with their music reflected in their own faces and those of their fans. Your pics would be surely great for their website too, did you offer them? Xxxxxxxxxx

    1. Thank you Sarah, they are using some of my pictures for their posters and their FB page 🙂 The pictures from this blog have only a sentimental value as Sam has left the band xxxxxxxxxxx

        1. Oh Brian, Freddy is the best friend of mine. He is cheering me whenever I pass by his home 🙂 I have trained our middle child to catch grasshoppers for him in my absence. But I am back to Ireland now… Fighting jetlag and missing my dears. How is everything?

          1. Grasshoppers? Must be quite a treat for Freddy. 🙂
            Welcome back to Ireland. I’m sure the trip did you lots of good, jetlag and spleen notwithstanding.
            We’re ok. Weathering out the rainy season (till October?) Daughter #2 is in the UK, then to Iceland. The trip should do her good. Hopefully.
            Take care Inese.

  3. This is fabulous… I love your photos Inese, they really make you feel like you are there. WOuld love to see them one day, it looks fun 🙂 xx

  4. I have a feeling that I may have read an earlier post about this festival, a year back or so. 🙂 I’ve always wanted to visit Ireland and I absolutely enjoy visiting it through your lens. Some of my favourite bands are Irish. Have you watched the movie Once? I really liked it. 🙂

  5. Beautiful photos, as always. The poor girl! There’s always one who just doesn’t want to be around at something. Reminds me of my sons who begged to get away from town during the fireworks. For all the festivities, they just didn’t want to be there. But still, the emotions on these faces, especially the band, are priceless, each and every one. xxxxxx

    1. Thank you! I cannot disagree. These festivals bring people together and put smiles on their face, and we all know that whatever life throws your way you are better off smiling and pressing forward.

    1. Thank you Diana. Scotch always gathers a crowd, and it is a fantastic opportunity for street photography. I also love to watch the way they interact without words, like the longtime friends they are.

  6. This is such fun, Inese, the photos and introducing Scotch to us as well as the Spraoi. One day I will have to head to Waterford and check this festival out myself, you paint it so beautifully with your words and your photos. Wishing you a great week ahead. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! Hope you too have a wonderful week.
      I love to see people who are gathered for fun and hearty laughter not in front of the screen 🙂 I also love the Parade on Sunday night. August is a month of festivals, and you are always welcome! 🙂

  7. Sure seems like Waterford loves festivals! FAB. Wish I could hear the band. OMG… that bass player is very, very cute. He’d be the one I’d take home!
    Did I say that?
    On line?
    I deny everything! 😀

    1. Hahaha Resa, no one will blame you!
      Right now I am listening to a concert that is going on somewhere in town, but I cannot put my finger on where the sound comes from. Don’t want to venture out in the dark either. We are very bad organising and advertising things, but I am sure someone knows about the concert and the others just follow the sound 🙂
      Did you recognise the girl on the picture I linked to my comment the other day?

      1. No I didn’t recognize her, but she seemed familiar. Neat that you can hear music from outside and away.
        Oh, btw… did you get his number?

  8. What excitement you captured in this post, Inese! I could *feel* the music. They must be fabulous to see in person. I loved every photo. I’m also intrigued by that strange instrument…
    Hugs on the wing!

    1. Thank you Teagan! I guess we are intrigued by the same thing 🙂 Stroh violin was invented in 1899, the year my grandmother was born 🙂 I think that Sam is playing the Romanian variety – gypsy trumpet violin. I have never asked.

  9. You have managed to compress so much about the band in so few words. What’s more, I could deeply feel the dilemma of the violinist, the tedium of traveling, and the Herculean efforts needed by the clique to remain relevant. The sad stranger looks quite purposeless and lost in that shot, and yet it must be her quest for happiness that has driven her to the spot. Maybe she wants to join them but is held back by her abilities or earthly bonds?

    1. Thank you for your wonderful comment! The guys are together since 2003. They will hopefully keep playing together in their own country, but the tours take a toll.
      That beautiful girl caught my eye from the very beginning. She didn’t really look at the band. She was barely 10, and apparently alone. My guess is her chaperones were busy dancing somewhere in the crowd, and she was embarrassed by them 🙂 Wouter was first to come up to her and play his drum for her 🙂

  10. Looks like a great fun time with the band. I really like this live street performance especially when audiences can dance along. I just love people do that. I am glad you had pictures of those to show too! A great sharing!

    1. Thank you so much! The festival lasted three days, and more than 200 performers took part. It is a greatly anticipated event in Waterford that ends with a Monster parade and fireworks 🙂

  11. What a joyful occasion. I love everything about this band. A group of very handsome musicians and such fun. Thank you for the wonderful photo’s you have captured the atmosphere exactly.

    1. Thank you so much! There are about 200 performers at the festival, so I had to choose. This year I took photographs of four performers: this band, choir, brass band and act. Hopefully I feel better next year and do more street shots.

  12. What a fun day! Would’ve loved to be there in the crowd enjoying the band.
    Poor Sad Face 😦 She probably wanted to be somewhere else with her friends.
    Great photos 🙂

    1. Thank you Rosaliene! It was a fun weekend. That poor child didn’t want to be there 🙂 I guess her mother was dancing and embarrassing her 🙂

  13. Your photos are wonderful, Inese! This looks like such a cool festival. I adore the band’s outfits. Maybe Sam will come back one day. I can imagine it is tough to manage so many things.

    1. Thank you Joseph! I think their best music hasn’t been recorded yet 🙂 As they are specifically a party band ( and it is how they make their buck), they advertise accordingly. Sometimes they play their country songs, and it is when they really shine, but another reason they are often invited to festivals is their personality. They don’t have a single unkind bone in them. They do behave crazy sometimes, but I have never heard anyone being offended. In my pictures, I always want to highlight the best in people, because it is what I really want to see – their inspired faces, and the merry audience who will remember them and beg for them to come back 🙂

      1. You portrayed them well with photos. I can see why people look forward to their music. The link I provided was only clips and not the whole songs. A taste if you will. I can see why people like them.

        1. Yes, I have seen these clips before. These are the most recognizable songs 🙂 Many people listen to their music while being drunk (party band!), and the catchy music helps to restore the memories 🙂

  14. I bet every performing artist would want you to take the pics, Inese. This is truly a brilliant collection of photographs – so good I felt like I was there at actual the event ~ George

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