SPRAOI – Source to Sea

As always, the three-days long festival culminates in a spectacular creative parade Sunday night. Every parade has a theme. Source To Sea is the theme for this year’s 25th anniversary Parade. It is all about River Suir. I have written about River Suir on many occasions, and I know I will write again :). River Suir […]

SPRAOI – 25 years in the streets

Two years ago I wrote about Musical Nun Ruth antics, last year I was impressed with The Morbid and Sons undertakers street theatre. This summer SPRAOI presented a whole constellation of street performers who demonstrated many talents and successfully had the audience in stitches. Niamh McGrath and Keith Singleton, the Oh Dears, gave me a […]

SPRAOI – quarter of a century party

August Bank holiday weekend in Waterford is better known as The SPRAOI weekend. In 1993, twelve events took place over three days of the festival; this time, 25 years later, the number of events is over 200. I have counted 28 performers, and I will tell about some of them in my next blog, but […]

SPRAOI – twenty three years in the streets!

Twenty three years!  Well, not every day, but once a year, in August. In this blog I will cover just 1/100 of all the theatrical and musical events, just a small fragment of the festive fun so that you plan your next visit to Waterford on August Bank holiday weekend. Spraoi [spree] is a Festival of international street Theater and […]