Spraoi 2019

Spraoi 2019 hit the streets. Most of people are merry, but not the Morbid family. Business is dead! People are too fit and healthy, they are not dying any more! Family is struggling. The son is starving! The last chance would be to open a pop up funeral shop and offer a funeral demo with […]

SPRAOI – Source to Sea

As always, the three-days long festival culminates in a spectacular creative parade Sunday night. Every parade has a theme. Source To Sea is the theme for this year’s 25th anniversary Parade. It is all about River Suir. I have written about River Suir on many occasions, and I know I will write again :). River Suir […]

SPRAOI – 25 years in the streets

Two years ago I wrote about Musical Nun Ruth antics, last year I was impressed with The Morbid and Sons undertakers street theatre. This summer SPRAOI presented a whole constellation of street performers who demonstrated many talents and successfully had the audience in stitches. Niamh McGrath and Keith Singleton, the Oh Dears, gave me a […]

SPRAOI – quarter of a century party

August Bank holiday weekend in Waterford is better known as The SPRAOI weekend. In 1993, twelve events took place over three days of the festival; this time, 25 years later, the number of events is over 200. I have counted 28 performers, and I will tell about some of them in my next blog, but […]