Waterford Walls 2017 – some more


Dan Leo is one of my favorites. I just love these thick black lines! Unfortunately, I have lost his pictures in an accident, but you can visit his Facebook page. Dan Leo was born in London and moved to Ireland in his youth.

To see more details, you may want to enlarge the pictures by clicking on them.


More birds 🙂 Another favorite from Toronto, Canada. BirdO! You can follow him on Instagram. It is BirdO‘s second time in Waterford, and I am proud that Waterford Walls festival is bringing artists of this caliber to our city.


Just around the corner – Magdalena Karol, Poland. Her girl with the bird house backpack reminds me of Dr. Jack Vallentyne, AKA Johnny Biosphere, whom I met in the 1980s.


ARCY, mural artist from the USA, accepted the invitation to participate in Waterford Walls, and I hope he returns to our city again. He includes a hidden Mickey Mouse head in his works for his two young sons to find, and you are welcome to spot one in this work 🙂


Kelsey Montague, also from the USA. I love her works, especially the Wings anyone can step into. Hope she will paint a pair of wings for Waterford some day.


Talented Spanish artist Lula Goce changed the look of O’Connell street with her gorgeous mural. Working in the rain was challenging, but she did it! 🙂

lula goce


More in O’Connell street. Australian artist Fintan Magee known for his stunning large-scale murals is working on the highest wall available in Waterford 🙂 It is so cool to have his work in our city.



Fintan Magee

Amazing constellation of street artists at Waterford Walls this summer. DMC  – Dermot McConaghy from Belfast- is back with another beautiful female image.


Dermot and local photographer Patrick Lyons.


Taking a look.


DMC (Dermot McConaghy

Jess Tobin AKA NOVICE, from Dublin, is working in George’s street. Her previous marriage-equality themed work was vandalised in 2015.



Charming Kathrina Rupit – KINMX – from Mexico lives in Dublin. It is her second Waterford Walls festival.


Her smile is as beautiful as is her mural.


Sadly, the map in my copy of the festival brochure doesn’t exactly help me locate some artists. Hope I will come across their work by accident some day 🙂 Like it happened with this work of Joe Caslin.


Ta-da! The old painting is still there 🙂

Joe Caslin

Thank you for your interest in Waterford Walls festival. The Harvest Festival is on the way.

You might love to visit Graffiti Lux and Murals blog by Resa McConaghy from Toronto Canada and enjoy the ephemeral art of murals.

www.inesemjphotography.com Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Bash woke up way too early, so I asked him to look at these pictures with me. The purple building with the “white ducks (aka ostriches)” was his favorite. 🙂

    1. Some of them will stay until they weather away. Some walls will be repainted by another artist next year. We have some works that still look very good after 2 years ( our festival is only three years old).

  2. That’s so much creative talent all in one place. It’s almost impossible to pick out a favourite. Maybe the very last one, but only just. They’re all exceptional.

    1. Yes, breathtaking. And it is happening just in front of your eyes. Being able to watch an artist create is another wonderful thing about this festival.

    1. The rain was a big nuisance, but the watchers did walk from site to site and admired the creation 🙂 Some artists have gifted us with more than one of their works.

  3. This is even better than the previous one. I do like them all. These artists have different styles and unique. Seeing some of the artists in action, they have so good sense of scaling what they painted in a much much larger than field of view of his/her eyes. Amazing.

  4. Incredible how big this art form has become, and how organised, Inese! There really is something for everyone. Love the angry kingfisher and the O’Connell Street work. 🙂 🙂

    1. Oh I too love the ostriches and the way they are painted over the window niches. If you google, you will find her Wings. I had hoped she would paint a pair of wings for our city 🙂

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