Waterford Walls 2017 – some more


Dan Leo is one of my favorites. I just love these thick black lines! Unfortunately, I have lost his pictures in an accident, but you can visit his Facebook page. Dan Leo was born in London and moved to Ireland in his youth.

To see more details, you may want to enlarge the pictures by clicking on them.


More birds 🙂 Another favorite from Toronto, Canada. BirdO! You can follow him on Instagram. It is BirdO‘s second time in Waterford, and I am proud that Waterford Walls festival is bringing artists of this caliber to our city.


Just around the corner – Magdalena Karol, Poland. Her girl with the bird house backpack reminds me of Dr. Jack Vallentyne, AKA Johnny Biosphere, whom I met in the 1980s.


ARCY, mural artist from the USA, accepted the invitation to participate in Waterford Walls, and I hope he returns to our city again. He includes a hidden Mickey Mouse head in his works for his two young sons to find, and you are welcome to spot one in this work 🙂


Kelsey Montague, also from the USA. I love her works, especially the Wings anyone can step into. Hope she will paint a pair of wings for Waterford some day.


Talented Spanish artist Lula Goce changed the look of O’Connell street with her gorgeous mural. Working in the rain was challenging, but she did it! 🙂

lula goce


More in O’Connell street. Australian artist Fintan Magee known for his stunning large-scale murals is working on the highest wall available in Waterford 🙂 It is so cool to have his work in our city.



Fintan Magee

Amazing constellation of street artists at Waterford Walls this summer. DMC  – Dermot McConaghy from Belfast- is back with another beautiful female image.


Dermot and local photographer Patrick Lyons.


Taking a look.


DMC (Dermot McConaghy

Jess Tobin AKA NOVICE, from Dublin, is working in George’s street. Her previous marriage-equality themed work was vandalised in 2015.



Charming Kathrina Rupit – KINMX – from Mexico lives in Dublin. It is her second Waterford Walls festival.


Her smile is as beautiful as is her mural.


Sadly, the map in my copy of the festival brochure doesn’t exactly help me locate some artists. Hope I will come across their work by accident some day 🙂 Like it happened with this work of Joe Caslin.


Ta-da! The old painting is still there 🙂

Joe Caslin

Thank you for your interest in Waterford Walls festival. The Harvest Festival is on the way.

You might love to visit Graffiti Lux and Murals blog by Resa McConaghy from Toronto Canada and enjoy the ephemeral art of murals.

www.inesemjphotography.com Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I came back to leave a coherent comment, dear Inese. The one from Canada, BirdO, American Dan Leo and the Belfast artist who painted a beautiful woman were captivating. Kelsey’s ostriches were fun! xo 💖

    1. Ah Robin, Kelsey’s Ostriches are no more! Just a couple of days ago I was walking by – the building has been painted over in egg yolk yellow.

      1. I’m so glad you took photograph of her artwork! In the summer, you probably saw my brother Randy’s 70 foot commissioned truck carrying hops for a Cleveland, Ohio brewery. I liked the mountain climber he did on the inside of the brewery’s semi truck garage door. I am in one photo of this July, 2017 series with him, since he took me to the soft opening. 🍻

        1. Robin, it might be that I haven’t seen it. I was not online for a while this summer.
          Well, I just found some, but there is no mountain climber.

          1. No problem or worries, Inese. I actually go around and say I’m sorry often since I run behind and try to catch up.
            Thank you for trying and maybe I will put a link sometime to them. They’re not his own thoughts, just the brewer’s. . .
            The mountain climber has a small red flag but the mountain looks like it has a big ogre sitting on it, (the brewery picked a crazy idea for its label!) Hugs xo 💖

      2. This is the sad problem with murals! Many people think it’s no big deal to divide them or even destroy them! How could anyone think an egg yolk yellow wall is better than a gorgeous mural??!!
        By the way, is Waterford Falls the same place they make Waterford Crystal?
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        Sherrie Miranda’s historically based, coming of age, Adventure novel “Secrets & Lies in El Salvador” will be out en Español soon. It’s about an American girl in war-torn El Salvador:
        Her husband made a video for her novel. He wrote the song too:

        1. Yes, I was absolutely stunned by that. The pub was only benefiting from the mural. What a waste. Waterford Walls is the name of the festival that takes place in Waterford city, a home of Waterford Crystal 🙂

  2. So many great themes here. It’s amazing how these artists come up with these fabulous images, let alone create them. I’m totally in awe of them, and can imagine how they delight everyone who visits Waterford. Two great sets of photos in your two posts, Inese. 🙂

    1. Thank you Millie. Some artists had never finished their works because of the horrible weather. Some works are already gone, the buildings are sold, repainted…

  3. Inese, these are magnificent!! To have one or two of these would be wonderful but a whole town covered with such stunning art is magnificent. I bet it takes time to walk from one place to another…I’d be stopping every few steps to look, consider, admire. I tried to choose a favourite one, found one, then scrolled down to the next and found a new favourite. All brilliant, all so different – art at its zenith! 😀

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