Merry Christmas!

merry christmas


I truly wish this week is filled with good feelings, all are content, honest with themselves and comfortable with others.

I truly wish your life is simple, and you always have time when you need it.

I truly wish no one is hungry, scared or hurt.

I truly wish there is someone for you to love.



Yet, it is not always like that. Not with all of you.




Some of you are trying to keep your balance relying only on yourself. 



Some of you put their trust in God.


2015-02-08 060r


Yet, it is not always like that. Not with all of you.

Some of you have lost hope and have given up, both on God and on themselves. 

Please look out for those who might be having a hard time this Christmas – look out, even if you are one of them.

I traditionally share this Christmas video on my Facebook page. I think it is a treat to both believers and non-believers. Mike Masse performs acoustic covers at gigs in the US and internationally.



Joy and peace to the world.


www.inesemjphotography.comHope you are having a Wonderful Christmas!



  1. This was very touching, I can certainly relate (as you know) with all you said. Nice of you for thinking like that for other people and reminding others even if one of the other is one of “those” people.
    (If I don´t respond to your comment is because the damn wordpress and this computer, I think I can only see the comments if I go to the post I posted or through wordpress administration and hitting “comments”, I need a new computer “pronto”!!)

    1. Don’t worry about responding, I know you read, and I know you have problems with the internet. This was not a good year, for most people, and the new year will be tough, but more secure, they say. You just try to stay away from trouble, and write your poems, and may be even some sort of a book, some prose between the poems to glue all the thing together. You can always find advice on WP on publishing such book, and we your friends will be your first readers. Set a goal and go for it. This is the year. xx

  2. A belated Merry Christmas to you, too, Inese. The words of your post are so meaningful, as well as thought-provoking. Many people are not as fortunate as ourselves.
    This carol is another one I love and this arrangement is a joy to listen to. Thank you for sharing it.

  3. Beatiful pictures, and the comments match them very well. Thanks for sharing these thoughts. Merry Christmas!

  4. Waiting for sunset on Christmas Eve is like standing toes-over-the-edge on a high diving board.
    Every year we’d cruise casually by the window to keep an eye on the sun’s progress until it was officially evening.
    Then the shout “Christmas Eve Gift!” would ring out.
    You see, the traditions says that the first person to voice that phrase on Christmas Eve to another would be graced with good fortune and joy all the next year.
    (And of course, whomever was first won. Everything was a contest…)
    It’s more difficult to be first now with caller ID.
    As all those who have become my friends in blogland are spread widely across time zones, I’d like to wish you all “Christmas Eve Gift” now.
    And as I already feel so fortunate to have such wonderful readers and writers in this neighborhood, I wish to share any phrase acquired good fortune and joy with you in thanks.
    No matter where you are or what you are guided by, hope you have a very merry Christmas and a new year full of adventure and joy.
    Peace on earth and goodwill towards all creatures great and small.

  5. Inese, I am in awe of the photograph of the three princesses, is that yours? Wow. I read ad reread all the posts about the foxes. I enjoyed learning about their unique personalities. But what really blew my mind was their eyes. I have never seen so much WILD expressed in eyes. Do you know what I mean? Ginene

    1. Thank you so much for reading, Ginene. I agree with you, I sometimes hold my breath because I think they are going to do something really wild 🙂 But they are well-behaved. They know better 🙂

  6. Inese – This is one of the most beautiful Christmas messages I’ve seen. It’s written from the heart and your use of your exquisite photography expresses more than words. It’s touched my heart in a gentle loving and soulful way. I’ll share it with Tom when he wakes. I hope your holiday season is all you hope for. I’m rejoicing that Tom and I are home together with Bailey this Christmas.
    Your posts are becoming individual works of art. Merry Christmas and Happy New New Year.

    1. Sheri, thank you so much for your kind words. This year was difficult for most of us, and I am glad that you and Tom are home together this Christmas. Tender mercies 🙂 I am sending you love and hugs, and hope for a better New Year for all – we really need a good year don’t we. xx

      1. Yes we do. Tom tells me he has a lot of hope for good things to come. He’s thinking positive after everything he’s had to cope with this year. Wishing you only the best, Inese.

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