Uinta-Wasatch-Cache I

canyon road

Summer is long gone, but I still have some pictures from my holidays that I haven’t shared yet. I will mix and divide them between two blog posts.

This canyon road goes through Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest  all the way from Utah to Wyoming. There are countless opportunities for hiking, but with our newborn baby we only did what we could 🙂 These pictures are simple snaps, our family memories.

Jordanelle Reservoir is a good place for landscape photography with all those mountain layers that change the view as you move along the road. This picture was taken from Kamas side of the reservoir, on the go, from the car window. Water level is too low this year, which is not good at all.

jordanelle state park

This cute barn in Kamas looked more beautiful than ever adorned with sunflowers.


There are many lakes of all sizes in Uinta forest. I am not sure but I think this is the Trial Lake.


Somewhere around the Mirror Lake Drive we saw a family of Mule Deer.

mule deer

mule deer

More finds 🙂 A Hawk Moth caterpillar …

hawk moth

… and a wasp nest.

wasp nest

Young explorers had a field day 🙂

Uinta forest and mountains are home to moose, elk, mule deer, black bear, cougar and many other smaller animals and birds. There are more than 1700 miles of trails, and people of any age and ability level can find something suitable to spend a day in the wild.

canyon road

I will share more Uinta pictures  in my next blog.

Big Cottonwood Canyon Road takes us to the Silver Lake.


The trail around the lake is only a mile long, easy and family friendly. Half of the trail is a boardwalk, and the other half goes through the forest. If you are in wildflower photography, Silver Lake is the place. There are more than 100 species of plants, among them Shooting stars, White bog orchid, and Elephanthead orchid. I took a picture of wild Columbines…


… and Aspen trees, still green.


Sunset over Silver Lake, the end of the trail.

Silver lake

On our way back home we were lucky to observe Mammatus cloud. I was absolutely stunned and almost forgot that I had to take pictures. It is all I have got as we had to turn.

mammatus clouds

mammatus clouds

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More pictures in my next blog post.

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  1. What a joy this was, Inese. Your photos, as always, were so lovely. That caterpillar is really cool, what a great find! And the wasp nest is beautiful too. Your drive and walks, so relaxed and your wildlife finds so beautiful, wild columbine, the scenery, the lake. But what really blew me away were those mammatus clouds. Wow! So very striking. I went to the Wiki. link, appreciated the explanation. I have never seen anything like it. Thanks for this enjoyable sojourn, I enjoyed Part II very much, too.

    1. It was the first time in my life I saw these clouds. We were driving, and after a turn the clouds appeared on our right. They were stunning. After a minute or so my daughter said – don’t we have to take pictures, because it is something very unusual. And only then I realised that I was just staring in the window. I started taking pictures, but the most beautiful part of the cloud was already behind us.

    1. Thank you so much, Rose! That caterpillar was a mighty beast. His moth has red hindwings. Very beautiful.
      I am having problems with WordPress these days – it is kicking me out of my account and doesn’t let me comment and sometimes even ‘like’. Hope to visit your blog soon ❤

      1. That moth sounds gorgeous!
        I’m sorry to hear about your troubles with WordPress, Inese. Is it just with WordPress you’re having problems? Have you re-started/re-booted your computer lately? Sometimes that can help get your computer working better again.
        No worries about visiting as I’ve been delayed in writing die to work and projects. I hope your computer gets back in shape! ❤

        1. This always happens when WordPress makes changes in their interface. The little button you have to click to see the comments and ‘likes’ has been changed, and the same day I was kicked out of my account multiple times 🙂 It is still happening when I visit some blogs.
          Goodness, I understand you so well. I am overwhelmed myself. Thankfully I have a couple of photographs prepared in advance 🙂 You take your time – we are all here to enjoy each others company, not to demand a new blog post NOW 🙂 ❤

  2. A great selection of photos, Inese. The mountains, lakes and forests are spectacular and the wildlife is lovely. I’m sure you and your family had a wonderful time sight-seeing and exploring. Lovely photo of the quaint barn with the sunflowers.

  3. Such beauty everywhere and a grand amount of open space. I love all those pictures, Inese. That hawk moth caterpillar shot is particularly impressive. And the barn picture is the sort of scene an artist would choose to paint.

  4. I love the wild west, your photos are exceptional, Inese! The precious little explorer was my favorite shot, though! You were in the U.S. which means we were closer than we may ever be in body; but our friendship and spirits are joined, from when we started connecting our blogs. . . ❤ ~ RC

      1. Oh, Inese! Thanks so much for your comment. Just as I am about to close up and head towards bed. Hope you also have a wonderful week, dear friend. xo

    1. Bun, you can google, they are stunning. I took a picture of the edge of that cloud, almost missed my chance because I was just staring at it from the car window 🙂 It was something.

    1. Thank you Andrea! Yes, the clouds are unusual. Later I found in Google that they are Mammatus clouds. I was just staring with my camera in my lap, almost missed the shot 🙂

    1. Thank you Antonia! This forest is just five hours drive from Yellowstone, and it is where most of tourists go in summer. In winter, all these mountain roads are closed, and all the activities are concentrated in skiing resorts – I will write a few words about them in my next post. It is why Uinta-Wasatch-Cache is mostly a local place of recreation.

  5. I like the light… it’s soft in some way and that sunset is breathtaking. Thank you, Inese. It feels nice to see your adventures in another lands as you have a vision close to mine, to discover another world. Hoping everything is well there for you and your loved ones. ^_^

    1. Hi Francis! I thought you had already quit the blog. Nice to see you are still here 🙂 I will go and check out if you have posted something 🙂 It was always a pleasure to view your pictures.

      1. Thank you, Inese. ^_^ But, not, I came more to see you… I cannot post yet but I’ll try to do it soon. Work is a bit heavy here. Take care so much. n_n

      1. Hello, Inese. that would be funny, the sad truth is that my time is quite reduced, I missed you and the dear friends here so although I cannot post I wanted to see you. I am happy for that, I hope your eyes are better.

        1. Yes, thank you. I think working on AutoCad damaged my eyes. I was on computer non stop for a number of days – it is when my eyesight turned to the worse.
          I understand the lack of time. Struggling with that myself. Glad you are all right, and hope you are still taking your beautiful landscape photographs.

          1. Happy to read it! Oh, and I’ll take care as well as I use Autocad. :O I received the camera I purchased on internet just a pair of days ago. I know the beauty find its way to us so I’ll meet nice things to share. ^_^

            1. Ha, so you know how it affects the eyes. Don’t overdo, take breaks.
              Congrats with your camera! It is always a very exciting moment to receive your new baby 🙂

            2. Thank you, Inese, it’s a Sigma DP2, it’s quite small! Said that if someday you need some help to finish drawings in Autocad I will be my best to help. n_n

  6. Inese, you have so much energy! I adore your zest for life. It is evident in each and every photo. I love to travel with you and see some of what you see. Thanks for visiting my blog and your wonderful comments. Best wishes, Kate

    1. Thank you so much, Kate! I am just trailing behind, wherever they take me 🙂 Here in Ireland I am not that mobile anymore. No more hiking, anyway. I go only to the places where I can drive.
      Have a lovely Sunday! Not so lovely here today 🙂 …

    1. Thank you so much! Pity that I was staring at the cloud and forgot to take a picture until it was almost too late. The middle of the cloud was much more spectacular – you can google Mammatus cloud.

    1. The trunks of the Aspen trees are the most fascinating thing to me. This group of trees was still summer green, but in my next blog post you will see lemon-yellow patches in the mountains, at a higher elevation. These are Aspen trees in their autumn beauty.

  7. I saw your beautiful post on a reblog. I especially love the barn with the sunflowers. You have such an eye my darling, you never fail to amaze and I can’t wait for your next post xxx

  8. So much beauty, and in my own country! Blast my lack of traveling! But I’m so glad you captured that cloud, and the mix of small life and epic skies…perfect. xxxx

    1. Thank you so much! That cloud was something – I only took pictures of its edge because I forgot that I had a camera in my lap. I just stared 🙂 You can google the cloud – it is spectacular.

    1. Thank you so much, Derrick! Pictures were taken mostly from the car window, but I did have a mini photo session… I will share it in my next blog post 😉

    1. Thank yo so much Vivienne! These clouds are very rare, and it was the first time in my life that I had a chance to see them. I missed the most spectacular part because I was in such awe that I forgot about my camera 🙂 I just stared in the car window and couldn’t believe it was for real 🙂 xx

    1. Exactly 🙂 I always go to the Google maps and try to recreate our trip, but it only works if there is a street view. This lake was very difficult to figure out 🙂

    1. Thank you! These forests are beautiful, but I don’t know if I want to hike away from the road. The wildlife is quite serious there. Still, many people hike. We have seen like a hundred jeeps and camper vans parked all over the place with no people around – I presume they are all hiking in the mountains. My pictures are mostly taken from the car window 🙂 More to follow.

  9. Your pictures capture the landscapes beautifully. I hiked in the Unitas years ago, Inese, and the wildflowers are some of my favorite memories. I love your photos of those clouds, how dramatic is that!

    1. Thank you so much, Diana! I am so glad that you have good memories about the Uintas. I hope to go there again when our girls are a little bit older. More pictures in my next blog.
      I have never seen Mammatus cloud before. I was staring at the sky and forgot to take pictures. Then we had to turn, so I only got these pictures of the edge of that cloud. Very delighted 🙂

    1. Katrina, I am watching that barn for years, and it is always beautiful, but the sunflowers just made it shine. I would love to put up a photo album of that barn pictures 🙂

          1. That period twixt the two world wars has a never ending place in my heart. Oh, to travel back in time and live just a slice of it to see what it was really like.

            1. Yes, tragic, the first war was still casting its shadow, and the second war was already threatening the world. I would say, people hurried to live their life before it get cut short.

            2. That was probably why it was a great period for modern philosophy, art, culture, fashion. The Left Bank of Paris was in it’s prime, full of American writers, escapee Russians, the French at their very best etc

    1. Thank you Teagan! It was a beginning of the sunset, with several micro-storms brewing around. Wasatch was the only place where I got a few minutes of rain in 7 weeks 🙂 Many hugs!

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