Waterford Walls 2016

waterford walls

It is too late to write about this festival, but I wasn’t in the country in August and took my pictures only last week. An artist from Toronto created a mural for this festival, and I am happy to mention one of my favorite blogs  Graffiti Lux and Murals  that belongs to amazing Resa from Canada. If you want to see breathtaking street art, please visit and follow her blog.

The first two images are the most impressive. Smug One, a Glasgow based artist, created these two photo-realistic works just a block from each other.

waterford walls

Very detailed artwork by AOW, Ireland.

waterford walls

Work by ESTR, Ireland

waterford walls

Blue Tit by Danleo, Ireland, is about to snatch a student 🙂

waterford walls

More works in the New Street Park. I am pretty sure the Fox is created by Brendan Butler, but have no clue who is the author of that Happy Girl mural. Lisa Murphy, may be? Her work was in this exact spot last year.

waterford walls

This is one of my favorite works by Serbian artist Vunik.


Two fantastic murals by London-based artist Louis Masai are dedicated to preservation of wild life. Hammer sharks in Barrack street…

waterford walls

… and Elephants in Barker street.





Around the corner, there is a dreamy work of Kathrina Rupit (KINMX) from Mexico.

kathrina rupit

Next to it is a surreal piece created by Jerry Rugg (Birdo) from Toronto, Canada (sorry for the obstructed image!).


This work of  Joe Caslin is dedicated to mental health. You can see it in the previous image, far in background, because it is on the other side of the river. I shared two of Joe Caslin’s works in my blog last year. In my next blog I will tell you what is hiding under the mural 🙂

waterford walls

I am sorry I didn’t share all the murals scattered around the city centre. There are more, and they are all beautiful. Murals often cover unattractive walls, but some buildings just have to go. We will talk about such buildings in my next blog 🙂

inesemjphotographyHave a wonderful weekend!


      1. Your welcome! 😉 Have a Supermoon day! 😉 whatever that is…felt like saying it supermoon day…hihi!

  1. Okay…..WOW!!!! I love all of these murals. I am so impressed with how Waterford Falls has embraced Street Art.
    My fave is the elephants.
    BirdO is a Toronto staple & fave. I have posted many of BirdO’s works on my blog. I think he lives a few doors over, as I always see his van (which is painted) parked up the alley. The alleys around me are filled with his works. As a matter of fact, there is are 3 fab BirdO’s next door to me. I’ve actually met him a few times, and he is quite lovely.
    Wonderful post!!! TY, Inese!

    1. Wow, Resa! If he comes to the festival again next year, I will tell him that we have a mutual friend 🙂 I was delighted to learn that there is a work of a guy from Toronto. Pity the resident cars obstructed the mural, but I didn’t have any other time to come over. Hope I see more works, and may be I have enough material for another blog this winter. Have a happy week! xx

        1. Resa, I haven’t seen a shiny car for ages 🙂 They should have found a better place for him to paint on – a higher wall. This one is very low.

  2. What an amazing and colourful place Waterford looks. The murals are wonderful and, like so many other commenters, I love the elephants. I also agree that the first two murals are particularly impressive and so very detailed. All these artists deserve the highest praise.

  3. Amazing…. the elephants are so neat 🐘 🐘 .. have you noticed that one of them seem to be stepping over a car…Excellent selection, dear Inese. Happy sunday. Aquileana 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Aquileana! Yes, one of them is trying to turn over the car, all right 🙂 I wouldn’t be surprised if one day the cars start rolling down the hill 🙂 Thank you again, and have a wonderful week! xx

  4. The Waterford Walls festival was very interesting to see and read about, Inese. I once wrote an entire post which more or less boiled down to me saying I didn’t like graffiti much, but I was really thinking of tagging. This kind of street art is in very different category for me.

    1. I know what you mean – tagging is absolutely senseless and has no artistic value, not like these beautiful murals. It is also important that the City decided on the location, and no important building was damaged. Smug is a fantastic artist – just google his images. He speaks straight into your soul.

      1. I did have a quick look, Inese. He’s clearly very talented. I particularly liked one of a bearded man with a robin and another that he did in Eindhoven (in collaboration with another artist) which showed a small girl making a surprised face.

  5. I just love street art and murals. These are wonderful, Inese. The Joe Caslin one is my favorite though so many of them are close seconds. Thanks so much for sharing these and the links!

  6. The people who were given portraits featured through murals were interesting. The hammerhead sharks are beautiful and creative. My favorite mural was the extended, playful and colorful elephant “jolly parade!” Such a lovely post, Inese. hugs xo

  7. I totally love street art, Inese. It transforms the most grey places into colourful splendid. It’s hard to choose which of those pictures above that I love the most, but I rather fancy having some pretty blue tit birds painted on my wall 🙂
    You might like to check out this Wordless Wednesday post of mine, with some commissioned street art in Brighton, Sussex, UK. There’s loads more in the back streets, especially around the railway station, but these were two of my favourites. https://sarahpotterwrites.com/2013/11/27/wordless-wednesday-vibrant-street-art-to-colour-away-the-greys/

        1. Our city is not exactly colorful, and this particular area consists of rented and City Council property, that was not repainted for decades. I am sure that the residents love the elephants 🙂 xxxx

        2. They look as if they are walking on, sitting on , these cars. It is brilliant. It is wonderful to see a city that is not colourful come to life like this. Long live art.

  8. The Canadian guy turned half of the city of Glasgow into an art gallery, nice murals certainly but I always ask myself, one if they pay the guy, do they shut down the streets while he is doing his art work? And do they stay up forever? Or just for a couple of weeks and then you got Joe from the construction site painting over the mural to put it back as it was, these things don´t happen here in Spain, so i find them fascinating.

    1. Hi Charly! These murals were made during an art festival, and some of them might stay there a year, depending on agreement. There were many artists from different countries this year, and Sam Bates from Glasgow, who is actually Australian, made the first two murals you see in this post, just a block from each other. All these streets are very quiet, and there is enough room for the artist to work, no need to shut down the street completely, in this case. You can google “Smug” and see his works all around the world. You can add “Spain”, and may be you will find that he has worked in Spain too. His work is something else! Another world, really.

      1. I have googled the man, and his work is truly something. Haven´t seen anything here in Spain though. But what an incredible thing to do that art so big, how long would it take this man to do one let alone a two or three.

  9. Haha! The patchwork elephant looks so chummy and may follow you home; he’s exquisitely animated. Thank you for sharing such gorgeous works of art, dear friend.


    1. Yes, I love the elephants too 🙂 They are so cute, and when you stand at the bottom of the street, they are sort of rolling down the hill straight to you 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Rose! I enjoyed the walk myself – it is so fun to discover a painting as you turn around the corner 🙂 Our city is far from being considered a ‘bursting with life’, and these paintings added a wonderful touch to the streets. As you see, there is a Canadian artist presented too 🙂

      1. Wonderfully stated, Inese. It takes all colors to make a beautiful painting — wish we all would see those different, gorgeous hues and embrace them in people, as well. Yes, wonderful to see all the different countries involved! 🙂

        1. Yes, Rose, it is so wonderful to see that all these countries created a beautiful garden together. It is an example that we are able to do something good together, all of us, regardless of our political or cultural differences.

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