‘Auf der Walz’ – The Journeymen


An exclusive reblog! The famous journeymen Simon and Benjamin found a job in Co Cork, and here is their story I got a permission to share, and many photographs of them and their work. I am so very happy! Please visit and follow the Roaring Water Journal for more stories from Ireland.

‘Auf der Walz’ – The Journeymen

I am always happy to find longstanding customs and traditions still going strong, especially when they are as relevant today as they have been over countless generations. This summer we chanced upo… Continue reading on Roaring Water Journal 

Source: ‘Auf der Walz’ – The Journeymen

Reference to my blog: https://inesemjphotography.com/2016/07/02/journeymen-in-ireland-and-much-more/


  1. I admire the way they learn their trade and how humble the Journeymen are. I went over and now follow these two.
    Inese, you show how warm and caring you are towards people you meet along your own personal journey through life. Hugs, Robin xo

    1. Thank you Robin! The blogger emailed me and asked permission to use my photograph of Simon and Benjamin, it is how I learned that they got a job in Co Cork. I was so delighted! 🙂

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