Splash of colour


This picture is where I want to be right now. Instead, I am down with flu, and it is the first day since Tuesday that I feel well enough to switch on my computer, but still not well enough to do any work. I will share my almost forgotten project, and go back to bed.

From my previous post I get that none of you was ever afraid of the concept of eternity and the everlasting Universe. It surprises me, because the Cosmos felt like a scary place I didn’t want to think much about when I was very young. There was another thing that bothered me at that age. I only dreamed in colour, but my parents and friends dreamed in black & white.

enchanted forest

I will share some city scenes where a splash of colour is added to the black and white images. It is what we do need sometimes.



Place where girls get a haircut, and guys get a free wi fi 🙂







Hope you are all well. Now I am taking my medicine and going back to bed.

Sweet dreams, all in colour 🙂


inesemjphotographyHave a great Sunday tomorrow!



    1. Glad to hear that 🙂 At the time I was young, most of the world’s population dreamed in black&white, obviously. I thought something was wrong with me.

  1. I hope you’re on the mend now. Flu is so debilitating to the body and the mood. I love those pictures with touches of colour. They’d look good framed on the wall of a very modern house or office. I’ve always dreamed in vivid colour and can’t imagine doing otherwise.

      1. You did very well with that post, Inese, considering your illness. I swear that the raised body temperature that goes with flu temporarily cooks one’s brain. Mine went up to 103.5 F last time and left my grey matter fried for weeks after D:

        1. Thank you Sarah! I am getting better too slowly for my liking. Chest infection makes me very weak 😦 Very unfortunate timing – I have my holidays booked 😦

  2. These pictures are great. The black and white with a contrasting patch or two of color is a very effective technique. Anyway, I’m sorry to hear that you are not feeling so well. I hope you get better soon.

    1. Thank you! I used the pictures only out of despair. These are just examples of the different Photoshop techniques to bring back color to desaturated images, but they reflected my miserable state perfectly. Today I am not getting worse anymore, it means that I will be fine by the end of the week.

  3. Sorry about the flu – these photos are amazing – ethereal and other worldly! I love your work. (I think I’ve told you that before!) Get well soon!

  4. That’s a very nice effect, the judicious use of color with black and white. I particularly like the sensitivity of the pathway between the trees.
    I hope you will soon be feeling hunky dory, Inese. Take care.

    1. Thank you Cynthia! It is the place where I was planning a photoshoot next week that most likely is not going to happen because of my illness.

  5. Get well soon! Your pictures are amazing. I do dream in color and seeing the contrast of black and white with a little touch of color. Genius! Blessings! Diane xxxooo

    1. Diane, thank you! I had no energy to put up some new content.
      When I was young, people didn’t dream in color much. I have read some articles that stated it as a sign of mental illness 🙂 Now 88% of population dream in color 🙂

    1. Thank you Diane! We have a virus raging here, some people say they haven’t been that sick ever.
      I am not afraid of eternity at all, too, but I was mortified when I first read that the Universe has no end, and no beginning. I thought that my head would burst. That was the scariest thought that haunted me for years.

      1. Ha ha ha. I love that mind-blowing ignition. It makes me feel infintesimally small, and at the same time, like a miracle – think of all that had to happen through the forever of time to bring us here to life as a conscious beings. Very cool 🙂

        1. Yes! Absolutely! I remember that feeling! I felt very small, but somehow I knew I was in the centre and everything, all the universe, was wrapping around me, circling, enclosing me, and I dissolved in it, but then on same stage I felt that the universe is inside of me, still circling and getting smaller, and this time I expanded and had no end. It is what I experienced before I fell asleep, almost every night until I was like 16-18, I think 🙂

  6. Oh, Inese! These are fantastic! I love the idea of a bit of colour in the b/w – it´s a fabulous idea! Flu is awful – hope you´re feeling better real soon!! Best to stay in bed and sleep it off. Lots of love, my friend. Sarah xoxo

      1. You did exactly right!! There´s nothing better than sleep, this way you dream it all away;) Take good care of you, Inese!! Especially with the everlasting cold weather. Don´t overexert yourself too early – that´s what I did last time and is why it takes so long to recover. Best wishes, my dear! xoxo

    1. Thank you so much! 🙂 I do need some sun. This time the flu hit me real hard. It is five days already, getting worse every day so far 😦

  7. Hope you get better soon Inese and spend a lot of time resting. I’ve always dreamt in colour – in fact I used to get a re-ocurring nightmare as a child which was all about being chased and I knew that I’d been ‘caught’ when all of these brown colours appeared. Strange, I know 🙂 But I love the pop of colour on these black and white images.

    1. Thank you Andrea! 🙂 Glad to hear that! In the 1960 I read that dreaming in color might indicate a mental illness, so I did my own research asking my classmates and family about that, and learned than no one dreamed in color, indeed! These days they say that about 88% of people dream in color, and that it is because of color TV. May be 🙂 I think that all people who really pay attention to their surroundings, dream in color – TV or not 🙂

  8. Darling, go lie down. These are lovely pictures. You have made our Sunday with them. We always laugh here in Dundee about the free Wi-Fi, cos here we call it wifey, which is another name for a woman. I always dream in colour. Now get well xxxxxxxxxx

    1. Thank you, friend! The last 24 hours have been a nightmare 😦 I am coughing and sneezing my guts out from Tuesday night, and it is only getting worse so far 😦
      Ha, wifey, it is a word here too 🙂 That day I was walking the streets with a young lady photographer and pointed her the girl-guy ad and the matching colors. As we spoke, the man asked us to take a picture of him, so we did 🙂

      Before the color TV people generally didn’t dream in color. It is what the researchers say. I always dreamed in color, and I think it is because I used to spend my time alone in the woods, paying attention to everything around me. I think that the more detail you have in your picture of the world, the more likely you dream in colour xxxxx

      1. We never had a color TV till I was like 22 so the researchers are blethers. I am so sorry you are ill my darling. There is nothing worse than a cough and that throat tickle that goes with it when you are trying to sleep. I used to use valerian drops–disgusting, and it has to be the drops and a disprin mashed up just to try and control it. Also keep some bronchial balsam handy, or honey and lemon, just to stop the tickle. The latter cures nothing but it does smooth your throat. Hope you get better soon x

        1. Thank you! Coughing and sneezing is killing me 😦 Honey and lemon, it is what I mix together and sip every now and then. I have got antibiotics, and hope to feel well enough to leave my house tomorrow for an hour or so.
          Yes, I don’t trust these researches either. I think I got a color TV when I got married, but by that age I didn’t have much interest in TV anymore 🙂 I think it is all about perception. Some people see the trees and any object of nature as a big green mass ( true story). The more we notice and acknowledge in the nature, the more we experience, and this experience colours our life, and also our dreams 🙂 xxxx

        1. Thank you, love, I am much better. I still sleep most of the day, and I am coughing violently from time to time, but I see the light. Still no energy to put up my next blog, which means that I will use some old pictures again. This time I got a really nasty virus 😦 Wait! Eureka! I will write a blog about flu! I have a huge experience, and hopefully it will help somebody. Oh, and I have some pictures to go with the blog. Thank you for being so sweet! xxxxxx

    2. Listen, that is good news. Next blog? Just put up any of your pictures. Yes, I know I love a commentary BUT we will all forgive your for that I am sure. xxxxxxx

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