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Living by the river I took pictures of birds and plants.  Living in town I walk the streets and find patterns.

While looking for the patterns my mind somehow shifted to the human behavioral patterns we come across every day, and I thought about constructive and destructive patterns in human interactions.  Not being a specialist in human ethology I was simply wondering  ” why the hell they keep doing that?”

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I love the definition of Culture as a range of learned behavior patterns. I am a “nurture” person all the way, and a believer in education.  Not because humans can be taught, but rather because they can learn. If they choose so. No one can change a person, as we well know, but every person can shape themselves, re-build, re-configure – call it the way you like. Every person can learn the patterns and beyond. They can break the patterns they have outgrown.

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A couple of days ago a lady I know said that we can change the others with our love.  I disagreed. There are loving parents who love all their children equally, but somehow one of them ends up in jail.  What is it? Following bad patterns?

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Love does change people, though. If you love unconditionally,  YOU are the one who changes.

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A few more shots  and I am walking home. Most of us follow this pattern 🙂

2014-09-28 ur patterns 069res 2014-09-28 ur patterns 028res 2014-09-28 ur patterns 002res 2014-09-28 ur patterns 043res

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And now a fantastic guitar solo for you.  Lines in the Sand! Another pattern, the last for today 🙂

Photography tip of the day:  How to make a pin hole camera Have a great week!


  1. These photos are wonderful! I lived in cities all my life and about five years ago, I moved to the country. Now, when I visit a city, I feel claustrophobic.

    I agree that you can’t change another person. I think our personalities and behaviour patterns are a result of genes, upbringing and our cultural environment.

  2. Thanks Inese. I guess sometimes we might miss the patterns in known things unless somebody makes us look at them anew. I know I’ll be watching for patterns now!

  3. You have good eyes spotting these patterns. I like your view of you do not change other people. I completely agree. They decide to change themselves on their own. You may have influence them but at the end they choose. Nice essay.

  4. Extraordinary gallery my dear Inese… You did a great job with this abstract shapes, logos and urbans patterns.
    Congratulations, once again… Much love, Aquileana 😛

          1. I knew you would like them… I will try to find where does this pattern come from as I know it is a very well known one!. I’ll let you know. Hugs, Aquileana 😛

  5. Great photos of so many patterns, that most of us won’t even notice on our day to day journeys. I’m also a strong believer in nurture and the power of the way we’re educated in determining who we become.

  6. I agree with BookofBokeh.. Wonderful blog post and I often have these nature versus nurture debates with friends and coworkers. I too am a firm believer that nurturing can make a huge difference in how one turns out. But I recognize that nature also plays a role in how human beings turn out. More so for those with chemical imbalances etc etc.. Again great blog post. I got a chance to look at beautiful images and think for a bit! 😀

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting! I think that everybody is born with some kind of potential, in accordance with their mental and physical conditions: what is nothing for one person, is a huge achievement for the other. It is how we should estimate achievements. Like, if someone with disposition to anger manages not to hurt anybody, it is his or her achievement. This sort of things.

        1. Oh you too kind, there are many outstanding blogs around. I just want to share my warm feelings towards humans and creatures, that’s it 🙂 Thank you again!

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