Silent charm of Père Lachaise

Recently I had a conversation about Oscar Wilde, and I thought I might post some photographs of his grave and Père Lachaise Cemetery for those who have never been there. Père Lachaise Père Lachaise Cemetery of Paris is a city of its own. The City of the Dead, lined with streets tightly packed with tombs, chapels and mausoleums, housing more than 70.000 bodies, and many more in the Columbarium. Père Lachaise

Père Lachaise

Père Lachaise

Père Lachaise Here is a list of the graves you might check to find out that you are familiar with the names, and actually love and admire many of them. I could go on and on talking how amazing this place is. I spent there four hours and still didn’t see all of the graves I wanted to. Père Lachaise

Père Lachaise

Père Lachaise  Père Lachaise

Père Lachaise You can take a guided tour, you can walk the cemetery by yourself with a map in your hands, but please plan this visit.  Don’t listen to those who tell you that  Père Lachaise is a creepy place. It is not. This visit would be one of the best memories of your life.

You wouldn’t tell  that Oscar Wilde  exactly found a resting place there. Thousands of his admirers visit his grave every year to plant a kiss on the tomb surface.  This tradition started  in the 80s-90s. Père Lachaise

Père Lachaise

Père Lachaise These photographs were taken in 2009. In 2011 a glass panel was installed to protect the hundred-year old monument from damage, which panel was soon covered with new lipstick kisses. The kisses you see on my pictures are all gone after the renovation which, by the way, was financed by Irish Government ( or it is what I have heard). I know these kisses look silly, and I have to confess that I did kiss my fingers and touch the stone. No lipstick though. Just to say thank you to a great man for the lessons I have learned from him since I was twelve, old enough to legally pick up a copy of his Portrait of Dorian Gray from our school library.


Photography tip of the day: When travelling, take several 4Gb memory cards with you rather than one 16Gb. If your only memory card gets corrupted, you lose all your images

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