Midsummer 2021


My favorite day, Midsummer, is almost over, but there is still time to weave a wreath, put some herbs around the house to repel evil spirits, look for a fern flower, light a virtual bonfire and stay awake until the sunrise. 


I am not ready to continue with the blog yet, but I couldn’t miss this day. Drink in the magic of it, listen to promptings in your heart. Solstice means “The Sun standing still”. Steady your spirit. Be still and know – the magic of the Midsummer is yours:)

www.inesemjphotography With love.


  1. Your photos are magic! May we carry the feelings of Midsummer into the rest of the year. I do have much to be thankful so far. And may I “drink in the magic” of life. I didn’t spread herbs around but I did drink some wine – that should count to keep away evil spirits. Take care!

  2. Hello dear Inese,
    So happy to see these wonderful images. You have been missed. I hope you enjoy the rest of the summer and that you and all your dear ones continue to stay safe.
    Take care,

  3. Evocative photos Inese. And down here the winter solstice ushers in the coldest of the year’s weather. A symbol perhaps of what we go through before the wondrous spring! Be still and know… in either solstice.

      1. Inese. I thought of you only a few days ago. Good to hear from you. I hope all is good. As to me, IBS ridden I remain yet given the NHS uselessness I’ve taken to my own medication born of my own research. Things are not so bad. Dear Shirl is unwell. My youngest, George, beset with dust and pollen allergies, as bad as they ever were. But…big but…to brighten up the family we’ve got ourselves a puppy. A lovely gal we’ve named Rosie. She’s a handful, yet delightful, just how a girl should be. For what it’s worth here’s a link to a picture of her https://mikesteeden.wordpress.com/2021/08/15/rosie/
        If you get a chance…but please do not feel compelled to…take a look at her.
        Take care, you’re never forgotten young lady.
        Regards, The Old Fool

        1. Mike, thank you for remembering me. I only check out my blog once a month to remove spam. How is Shirl? What happened? Please give her a hug for me. I hope Rosie brings positive spirit in your day. It is precious to always have a smile on your face. It heals and makes the world look brighter. I am thinking of you all, and sending you hugs and lots of love X

          1. Shirl is doing much better. The asthma she had as a child reared its ugly face yet the medication has worked wonders so far. I have to say I was seriously worried at one stage, yet only last week she walked the highest, steepest hill in these parts with no problem. I think that was the reason we got Rosie. Shirl loves dogs yet hadn’t had another after Skipper died. Now Shirl’s in her element again, ‘tis wonderful to see. I’m so pleased we got her even though as a puppy little Rosie can be a handful, more so because she’s teething. I’ve invocate a ‘shut door’ ruling in the house meaning she can only enter if one of us is with her. It seems to work although as I’ve mentioned to others she’s a cunning rascal. We had 5 days of finding Shirl’s knickers all ripped apart at the bottom of the garden. Remembering I was once a PI I laid in wait to see how she was doing it. What I saw on that 6th day was Rosie grabbing the draw handle…a teething thing…opening the draw allowing her access to the underwear. A clever lass. I’m on my third pair of slippers, to the extent the gal in the shoe shop claims Rosie to be her best customer last week. That said, she’s a lovely dog. We’re off to Wiltshire for our first break since lockdown next week…it should be most interesting. I trust you are well, Inese. By the way, I’ve given her your hug. Regards, Mike

            1. Thank you for passing on the hug:) The ugly asthma is a horrible thing, but exercises&happiness (Rosie) work their miracles. I am a cat person, but even a hamster can make a difference and give your life a buzz:) I can only imagine the healing power of the laugh you both had when solving the mystery of disappeared knickers:) That’s a life! And by the way, why on earth is it your ‘last’ book???

              1. My thanks, Inese. I guess Shirl and I are old fogey’s. The puppy helps maintain sanity. I agree. As to books, the one I’m working on has thus far taken me 18 months…so much research. When done and dusted I want to get back to what I call ‘almost’ poetry. ‘Tis where I started from and I’m keen to return. I guess in that regard there will…hopefully…be more books. Stay safe, Mike

  4. At last the sun is on its way home . . .Australia – :- o)

    your mid summer day is our mid winter and now we will look forward for some warmth :- o)

  5. Your post today made me realise how I have been missing your blogs. Your photos have an otherworldly quality. I looked at each of those for long. Those shapely flowers gradually falling out of focus, the half-silhouetted tree with gold rimmed leaves, falling leaves suspended in mid air, the wistfully curved palm —I could hang them on my walls for ages. Thank you for being there!

  6. Happy Midsummer Inese. Your photos are always brings happiness to me and the one with the fern has touched my soul. It is supposed to be 36c here on Friday which is extreme for us in this part of the country. I hope you are enjoying the beginning of summer and remember the heart always gives gift such as your blog entries.<3 ❤ ❤

    1. Hope the heatwave didn’t do you any harm, Joseph.
      I am trying to start all over again with the blog and everything else. Blessings.

      1. Actually the heatwave crested at 46c and the highest I believe in all of Canada for a record of all time was 52C We survived. Here is to beginnings for you may they bring you love, joy and happines.

    1. Solstice always brings happy memories of Liga and bonfires in the Latvian countryside. Wonderful to be reminded of that with your post. 😉

      1. Hey, thank you for stopping by. Would be wonderful to go to Latvia again. You are twice as old now than you were then:)

        Is your blog still there?

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