To mark the first anniversary of lockdown, I share some memories. The things we have lost. The things we miss.  We are in Level 5 since mid December. Some people are struggling to cope because they already have other challenges. For some people it is too much. It breaks my heart…

St Patrick’s Parade canceled for second year.

Travel restrictions devastated tourism and separated multinational families.

People are forced to remain within 5 km of their home, which is particularly hard on the residents living in city areas.

Lack of human contact and social interactions is the worst. I opened this old file from a charity event photo shoot and sighed. The last time I hugged a friend was at funeral in March 2020! I haven’t been out for a meal with a friend since last summer! Not that I cannot cope or anything, but sure all of this is doing an invisible damage. There are many other problems that have worsened since the pandemic began.

I have read some pandemic-themed books in the past. They turned out to be quite prophetic.

To finish on a good note: at least we have learned to appreciate a simple hug:)

Stay safe! Sending you many virtual hugs!


  1. Your photo essay really catches what most of us are feeling I think. I’ve lost two very close friends, my brother-in-law and mother over this awful year. Plus having to watch so many of my countrymen worship an evil man. I’m still hoping to get over to Ireland – so sorry St. Pat’s parade has been cancelled.

    1. Thank you! Yes, I guess we are feeling pretty much the same. I might live without the St Patrick’s Parade another year, but there are other things, and they left scars.

      I read about your losses. It is a lot to cope with, especially in these times of restrictions on everything. Stay safe. Ireland will be there like Mount Everest. You will come over some day.

  2. Yes, so much has been lost in the past year. Restrictions here have been mild compared to yours. Husband and I got our second COVID shots last week so we feel a bit safer. Masks are still required in most places but we look forward to the time when we can toss them! We have not eaten out in over a year but do appreciate take-out. But at times I feel we are becoming a pair of hermits who will not know how to go out into society when this is over.

    The black and white photos made me smile! Sending hugs and cheer!

    1. Thank you so much! I am so glad your vaccination went well. I would wear the mask too. I wouldn’t rush with tossing them away.
      Oh it is exactly my thoughts, about becoming a hermit. Even visually 😉 My hair is way too long, but I was lucky to get it cut between two lockdowns in November. These little things help keep one sane.
      Sending love<3

  3. When this is over, which it will be soon, I hope those hugs are passed around with great enthusiasm, that smiles abound, and kindness overflows. ❤ ❤

  4. Very good post about the situation we are in. As you also implied, whether we are aware of impacts from isolation and concern/ fear on you I think they are there for sure – not necessarily physically but mentally as well.

    Seeing people hugging feels good.

    1. Thank you so much! I wanted to share these pictures of hugging people to brighten the day. You are so right, there is more than just a physical side of the pandemic.
      Stay safe.

  5. I am with you! So much lost, but some things gained!! If I was on my mobile, I could send you lots of virtual hugs! It’s the thought that counts, right! 🙂

  6. This post takes me back in time, Inese. I don’t think I’ve set foot in a proper pub since the old king died. Oh that I could turn back time! As ever, a splendid post.

  7. The only good thing that’s come out of it is wildlife has had breathing space. I hope we don’t forget that when this disaster is over. Great photos ~ George

    1. Thank you, George. Poor wildlife… Last summer I took pictures of Goldfinches from my window. The city looked desolate which confused the birds and they came to the city centre to nest. Now, after a year, the pandemic isn’t a novelty anymore, and a fine had to be introduced to keep people within their 5 km zone. My zone includes at least four nature walks. Before the lockdown I seldom went there. I preferred less populated places. Now I am marching with another 40 000, and I haven’t seen any winter birds I used to write about. We humans are not able to live in harmony neither with ourselves, nor with the others or the Nature.

      1. That’s a shame, Inese. Her, bird wise, it’s the other way around. I never seen so many ‘happy’ birds. Even the gulls are out there fishing like they should be instead of stealing burgers off schoolkids and ripping open bin liners ~ George

        1. Happy for the gulls. You are so right about the burgers! I am sure that our gulls and other seabirds are much happier too. It is strictly forbidden to go to the beaches during the lockdown.

  8. A sizeable chunk of our life has been cruelly snatched away from us. And yet, considering the dooms pandemics have unleashed in centuries past, we have had better fortunes in times such as these, though that hasn’t been the case for those who lost the battle.

    1. Thank you, Uma! You are so right. For many people it is all the time they have left.
      How are you these days?

  9. I don’t understand 5 lockdown. All I know is we are running 500 ish infections per day. The only restriction is no bars and no banquet halls or anybody assembling over 50 people but now they have restricted that to 7 people in a bubble. We are allowed to shop but we have to wear a mask everydday. In my city the suicide rates have gone up as well as child abuse and wife battering. It is so sad to hear. We are people that thrive on social interaction. The bonus for us we are allowed to hug who is in our bubble but that never stopped anyone. I will be glad when it is over but then that is another story. Be well my friend. Big hugs and love you black and white photos.

    1. Thank you Joseph! Level 5 means stay within 5 km from your home; no hairdresser; book, clothes shops closed, family doctor appointments mostly by phone ( specialist appointments cancelled unless it is a matter of dying); no eating out, majority of the offices are closed and can only be reached by phone ( this is one of the worst).
      We had up to 8000 infections just a month ago. Now they dropped to 600. Still a lot to compare with your population – there are only 5500 million of us. Last month 50-100 people died every day. I only know one person here who died though…

      Yes, the suicides… So sad to hear your country is the same. When I hear our rescue helicopter around the river, my heart aches.

      Please stay safe.

  10. I’m in the same lockdown. Different city/country…. same virus/pandemic.
    It’s a shame. Our leaders let us down.
    The B & W pics are fab!!!
    Take care, Inese!

    1. Thank you, Resa! They did. Lockdown of such scale = inability (lack of competence?) to handle the situation. Ireland is not the US. We don’t buy online much. I have no idea how the families with children cope. Since when clothes are not considered essential?? Also, the 5 km limit is a nightmare for the city folks. What a point in closing the businesses if we still walk in each other faces in the streets because we have nowhere else to go…
      Stay safe X

      1. Lack of competence? YES!!!!
        Stay home! Don’t see people! I’ve seen 5 people in 1 year. 2 couples, outdoors, only taking the mask off to sip or eat and sitting 8 feet away, on a short visit. 1 friend, outside for 20 minutes, with masks on.
        Now they (those who lack of competence) are doing massive road work outside my home. Now, they (those who lack of competence) want to send a couple of people, into my home to take pics in case they (those who lack of competence) cause structural damage.
        My N is letting them into the basement, and main floor. We live in an apt. on the second floor. There’s no way they can come up here. I don’t know who they are, where they’ve been, they’re going in and out of homes all day… Lack of competence? YES!!!!
        Our governments have failed us miserably.

        1. Omg, Resa… Goosebumps… So unfair, and so dangerous! It is because they don’t give a toss if we live or die.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Rosaliene. The other side looks so distant, not all will make it there. For some people, this year was a precious time they could spend together with the loved ones before their departure. And I am not talking about the Covid alone. People still die from other causes. We all were robbed of Time. This saddens me most.

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