White Christmas

Waterford got plenty of snow last winter. Everything looked so neat.

In the beginning, the falling snow melted after touching the ground. After a month, it started to stay longer and longer.

I am pretty sure that this House of Waterford Crystal employee didn’t have ‘shoveling snow’ in his job description.

After a couple of days like that, people started storing bread and milk.

Then the storm came.

The following morning Waterford was all white and desolate.

I walked right in the middle of the former streets.

South Kilkenny on the other side of River Suir also looked quiet.

I walked past the Rice bridge with my bag of bird seed and apples, cleared the snow from the places with the bird tracks, and tossed a good few handfuls on the ground. Two bridges were barely visible through the falling snow.

Back in town, I learned that Centra across the bus station was the only shop that was open. By the size of the queue outside the shop I could tell that people ran out of bread already.

Reginald Tower has seen snow before. At least in 1987.

When I tried to walk through the smaller streets, sometimes I had to turn back – the drifts were higher than my knees. I know it sounds pathetic to the readers from Canada or Norway.

The other half of my apples went to the flock of cute visitors from Iceland – Redwings.

The storm doesn’t calm down, and I am sorry for the little Redwings. On a day like this, it is nice to be inside, cuddled up with an old friend 😉

I didn’t have enough confidence to build a snowman in the street, but after returning home I could not resist anymore and built a tiny snowman on my windowsill. Snow in Ireland is a rare occurrence. You never know if you live to see another snowfall.

My baby cacti plants are obviously excited about the snow and both sprout flowers.

Unfortunately, these are events of the past. White Christmas is still a dream this December.

Today the streets look as normal – no snow, no excitement.

Of course we have decorations, pony rides, carousels and Ferris wheels, like we always have had at this time of the year, but we are so missing those crystals of frozen water!

I guess we have to be happy with what we have.

Merry Christmas, Friends!

Hope you always find peace, and give your heart to everything you do.


PS: More music on Thom’s blog The Immortal Jukebox – C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S Alphabet throughout December.


  1. Lord winter clad in white the Christmas ^-^ That redwing caught in the snow storm… is like that story by Oscar Wilde, The Happy Prince. Snow also is seldoms seen in my city in the coldest winters. I hope yours at most only gave chance to make snow dolls and nothing more grave. Thank you, Inese. n_____n

  2. Nothing like cuddling with cacti! Lol. I’m sure the birds were happy with the bread and apples you shared. Stunning winter photographs. I send warm thoughts this chilly evening to you, dear friend. ❤️

    1. Thank you Rose! They won’t cuddle with me because I cut them and pinch off their babies, but they can cuddle with each other and plot against me :). Some of them are really old and stubborn, but I hate losing them. Unfortunately it happens every year because of humidity 😦
      Thank you for your always warm words ❤

    1. Thank you, Charly! The button doesn’t work for many blogs, so I have heard. It’s ok. I do hope you had a delightful Christmas, and all the angels we guard you when you need it.

  3. A beautiful white Christmas you have this year. It looks like it is about the right amount of snow and I love that. Your cacti flowers are beautiful!

  4. How gorgeous! I wasn’t in the UK over Christmas but I managed to see plenty of snow earlier this year, although now that I’m in Barcelona I don’t think I’ll see a lot. I love the look of it but it is not easy to carry on with life as usual unless things are well organised.
    I hope your Christmas is lovely, white or not. (Here it has been a lovely and sunny day). Have a great one. ♥

    1. Thank you so much, Olga! You don’t need snow in beautiful Barcelona. The city is already perfect 🙂 Have a lovely holiday time, and thank you again for your book. I am about to read it, and I know I will love it ❤

  5. Dear Inese, I’m sorry you didn’t get your white Christmas this year. But I much prefer any day without snow! 🙂 Although I love your windowsill snowman! Merry Christmas to you and yours. Hugs.

  6. Enjoyed your story and photo selection. Though being from Canada I can’t blame you for turning around from a back street laded down with snow. Two thumbs up for the little snow man in the window! lol. Wishing you are a very merry Christmas and lots of love!

  7. Loved that little snow man of yours on the window sill, Inese! And that you take up the trouble to brings seeds and apples to your birdfriends – I do the same 😉 These little guys need every help they can get in a weather like that.
    Merry Christmas again, dear friend! 😊 xxxxxxxxx

    1. Thank you Sarah! Yes, the birds were unprepared the same like us, people 🙂 I imagine the shock when the snow started to cover everything. Only the Redwings were calm and content – they came from Iceland 🙂 They ate all the berries that our birds never touch 🙂 xxxxxxxxxxxx

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