Follow the Vikings


Follow The Vikings Roadshow came to Waterford on the Easter weekend. I guess, attendance would be greater if the festival took place on some other weekend, but what to do – even Google never does Easter Doodles  At least we know for sure that the Vikings have been eventually converted 

Follow the Vikings

Familiar streets look different. Amazing actors and dancers from many European countries came to Waterford- or rather Veðrafjǫrðr– to celebrate our viking heritage. Famous for their spectacular performances, the Roadshow will tour another seven viking locations (twelve altogether) in the UK, Spain and Scandinavia.

Follow the Vikings

Follow the Vikings

Follow the Vikings

Follow the Vikings

Follow the Vikings

Follow the Vikings

Follow the Vikings

I only caught a glimpse of the night show, but you can see plenty of images on their website.

Follow the Vikings

Follow the Vikings



Ancient viking civilization made a major impact on European history and culture. Far from being just barbaric raiders, the vikings left the legacy that is still evident today in various parts of the world.

You can learn more about the Viking roadshow here: Check out, may be it is coming to a town near you.

Meanwhile, many other Viking clans came over and camped in Cathedral Square, the heart of The Viking Triangle. Craft making and sale, musical numbers and fights – everything for your entertainment.  You can have many of your viking-related questions answered here.








And this is our own Citric the Viking. Undercover 😉 To see him in his glory, visit the King of The Vikings virtual reality show.


The Viking virtual reality show is my favorite attraction in the city, and #1 ranking by TripAdvisor. They opened last summer and I went there three times. Once you put the headset on, you will find yourself in the middle of the viking invasion, up to your eyes in the water swimming between the burning longboats and under the flying arrows. You will love it.

King of the Vikings virtual reality show website  Booking essential.

As I happened to live in the Viking Triangle and came from the land of viking heritage, everything ‘viking’ captivates me. Including literature. I share a link to Shehanne Moore’s blog, because I absolutely love her book The Viking and The Courtesan (Time Mutant series), and her other books too. Please visit Shehanne’s blog, but watch your feet so that you don’t step on a hamster 😉

Some music from Youtube to complete this post 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. That all looks such fun. Not sure that about Vikings have horned helmets, though. I think that’s myth, but I guess that artistic licence is permissable in the name of entertainment 😉 Shehanne’s Viking book is on my reading list. I just adored her other time-hopping sizzling romance “The Writer and the Rake” when I read it … a 5-star novel that would have been 10 stars if I could have awarded that many.

    1. Sarah, the horns were well used in religious ceremonies, but sure not in combat as they would be a nuisance. You can see in the pictures that only two personages are wearing horned headgear. This project is entertaining, of course, but the main purpose of it is to make the viking heritage understandable to the world wide audience. They share knowledge on the legacy of the vikings throughout the Europe, and stop at the destinations that are rich in Viking heritage. Like Waterford 🙂 This Sunday I am attending another Viking related event, and hopefully will write something soon. We have so much ancient history here, it is amazing.

    1. Thank you! 🙂 It is a European project and hope they get more funding and resume the tours. This particular show is scheduled in two more countries in 2019. No further info yet.

  2. Fabulous post with amazing photos, as always, Inese. What a great event this was – I would loved to have seen it! But thank you so much for sharing your experience there. The music from YouTube is wonderful too.

  3. Many North Americans are researching their roots these days. Mostly I think they want to find some connection to an ancient king or queen in the old world!
    Just for fun, I researched my surname and found that although it is seen as distinctly Irish/Scots, it is likely an anglicized version of a Norse group who emigrated to Ireland and took over Irish Land.
    They then headed to North-west England and took over English land. Then, they headed up to Ulster and once again took over Irish land.
    Next, during the potato famine, they travelled to Canada and took over Indigenous people’s land.
    On the other side, I do trace my lineage to the Irish Chieftains around Dublin. (who lost land to the norse and, oh my, personal ancestry can get messy, can’t it?)

    1. First recorded Norwegian Viking raid was in 793. Fifty years later the Danish Vikings arrived, but both cannot be identified with the modern Norway and Denmark – they were rather northern and southern Vikings. The Normans came to Ireland some 300 years after the Vikings and ended the era. Many of them became rich and powerful and stayed in Ireland. It is the Medieval period. Great Famine occurred in 1845 and lasted until 1850. One million died, and one million emigrated.

  4. How I’ve missed your street photography! I attempted some at a flea market, and the images failed miserably. Every capture here holds a scrap of woolen,inked life. Inspiring, my friend! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. That looks like a pretty cool experience. We’ll be passing through your neighborhood in about 3 weeks on a tour, hopefully they’ll have something interesting to show us.

    1. Ah pity you will miss Spraoi festival this weekend. I will check the events and let you know. I am leaving in four weeks, so I might see you, especially if you are going to visit Waterford Treasures.

      1. Thanks, Inese. I’m not sure of the schedule. I know the tour calls for hitting the House of Waterford Crystal in the afternoon and suggests an evening “entertainment” (music and singing) that I assume is canned for tourists, but I’m not sure of how much free time we’ll have unless we do the evening on our own. As a local, what/where would you recommend for an evening?

        1. In town, you might try Geoff’s pub, at the Apple Market. If it is a weekend, something might go on in the Apple Market itself. Geoff’s is an old pub, very Irish. Also you can google The Reg to check out the gigs. The Reg is very popular, and location is lovely – next to the Reginald Tower, The Dragon Slayer Sword and the boat. The gigs typically start after 20.00. If you only do the Crystal with your operator, try the Medieval Museum to see the breathtaking collection of Catholic vestments, and the King of the Viking virtual show. Last admission at 5pm. All of these are within 1- 10 minutes walk from each other.

            1. Pity you couldn’t come this weekend. We enjoyed Spraoi parade and all the performances. I will put up a couple of blogs in September. Wishing you a delightful trip full of adventures. If you have more questions, just ask 🙂

            2. Dave, this summer is very different, and the forecast cannot be trusted. I only check the forecast in the morning. This week was expected to be chilly and rainy, but it was warm and dry. Good I didn’t cancel anything. I wouldn’t bring beach clothes though 🙂 This part of summer is over. Stay on the safe side, be prepared for showers. Temperature can be reasonably expected to be between 15-18 C.

  6. Fantastic! Waterford plays host to many exciting events, as I have found from reading your blog. I think the most popular type of historical event over here is in America, the Civil War Re- enactors. Think I’ll pop over to Shehanne’s blog!

    1. Resa, if you have time for books, this is the place. I absolutely love Shehanne’s novels.
      Vikings the same as knights are a huge part of the modern culture. You only understand it at the gatherings like this one, when the Vikings begin to arrive from different countries just to meet up 🙂 They are reenactors, technically, but in fact it is who they are at heart.

  7. That is a stunning carnival befitting the aura of Vikings. The photographs left me in no doubt of the hurly burly in all its glory in progress.

    1. Thank you! 🙂 It is a huge project, very well carried out, spectacular and educational. This weekend they have a roadshow in Spain, and in September-October in England and Norway.

  8. Oh, my goodness, Inese. Great photos and that looks like so much fun. I just showed my husband so we can time our vacation someday around the Viking festival. My favorite picture is the two little girls in green. How wonderful. 😀

    1. Thank you! 🙂 Keep an eye on their website. I think two more roadshows are scheduled for 2019, but I don’t know if they will do more in the future.

  9. This looks like a fantastic show! I like the costumes and the make ups though some look quite intimidating. I am sure they are cool to see them perform live and have some chats with them.

    1. Thank you! 🙂 Yes, we did chat with them, and the night show was absolutely spectacular. There is a video in the middle of the post. Breathtaking.

  10. It looks very authentic and a serious attempt to recreate the time. Thus saying, I’m not sure I’d want to be a part of an actual Viking invasion!

    1. Haha neither would I, but to be honest, I wouldn’t want to live in the 9-10th century altogether. Most of the population were cruel towards each other in order to survive.

  11. What a fabulous set of pics. This looks amazing! Like you, I have always been intrigued by their culture and civilisation – I’d sooner have been a woman in Viking times than Roman times, that’s for sure… So long as I wasn’t a slave, of course! Thank you so much for sharing these:))

    1. Thank you! It is a huge project that involves European countries with the viking connection 🙂 The show was absolutely spectacular, besides it took place under the mirrored roof that added to the effect. Pity I wasn’t able to stand there the whole hour, but the video gives the idea.

      1. I loved the video – and the whole idea. I thoroughly enjoyed the excellent documentary series about The Vikings and was astonished when I realised just how far they ranged.

        1. The Vikings are a big part of our history. We don’t necessarily have to glorify them, but we do have to appreciate what they have done. We wouldn’t be the same without them.
          Just finished your book 🙂

  12. You are right what beautiful memories and thank you for taking me on your tour to visit the Vikings Love their costumes and their sense of presence still to this day. Thank you

    1. So glad you enjoyed the roadshow. These fierce looking Vikings were the most friendly and well organised group ever 🙂 Not even for a minute they ceased to be Vikings. Great actors indeed. The second show ended well after midnight and I can only imagine how exhausted they were.

  13. What a coincidence. Weird. I was just talking about Vikings and learned that Normandy in France is named after ‘Norse Men’. They obviously got about a bit. Brilliant photographs, Inese.

  14. I agree with Sarah that the Viking weans are adorable, but the adult Vikings are pretty fearsome looking. Thank God Brian Boru put them in their place. 😉 Wonderful photos as always, Inese, thanks for the music and the links, too.

    1. Thank you! 🙂 Yes, some seriously looking folk, but they were children-friendly, gave ‘high fives’ and posed for pictures. They gave two splendid performances with stunning visual effects and choreography. In Ireland, they toured Dublin and Waterford. Tomorrow they are somewhere in Spain.

  15. Spectacular photos, Inese!!! What a wonderful event, it must have been so much fun! Love the mini-Vikings in their green coats. 😉 Wish they would come here too, but Berlin has never been part of the Viking empire – lol! Well, at least I can watch them on TV. 😉 Have a lovely weekend! xxxxxxx

    1. Thank you Sarah! I think this particular project only involves UK, Scandinavia, Spain and Ireland. But I am sure there are many more Viking festivals around the Europe.
      Hope your week is great! xxxxxx

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