It has been four years

My Fourth Blogoversary is approaching, and it makes me sad that I have to take a break. I will resume posting in June.

Today I am sharing some ideas for my future posts. There will be birds, as always.

There will be animals. This bunny crossed the road in front of my car and just sat there. The picture was taken through the dusty windscreen, but it is the only picture I have as the rabbits don’t usually pose for you like that.

There will be some trips to beautiful places. This white cloud landed on the mountain ridge in Killarney.

Of course we will go to the Comeragh Mountains and explore some more.

I will also share my adventures in the Heritage Park.

I hope to make it to Saltee Islands again, and I also have a family history trip planned for a blogger friend. This year is supposed to be better than the previous one. Sorry for this long break, it didn’t work out like I expected it would, but I will still be around. If you want to read something on this blog, there is an Archives button and a list of blog posts from February 2014 to February 2018.

Thank you for your friendship and understanding. Love and best wishes to all!


    1. Jason, I have scheduled a family history project for a blogger friend for July, but otherwise I will only use the photographs I took last year. There is plenty. Hope to post some new pictures tomorrow – I went to the Great Saltee last week to see the puffins 🙂

  1. Thanks for these lovely photos, Inese, and the gift of all the posts in these past four years. My warmest wishes for a peaceful, easy break.

  2. Wishing you the best Inese ~ the stories and incredible photos you’ve shared with us over the past four years have been a treasure. Look forward to more scenes of life from you and wish you well ~

              1. On the contrary. There have been a few toxic people and issues creeping into our lives in the past year, but most are being or have been resolved, which is an immense relief. 🙂
                (Toxicity is on the increase worldwide anyway, so better be prepared and fight! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Enjoy your break, Inese 🙂 I’ve been so busy and need to catch up on everyone’s blog. I’ll take this time to catch up on yours. Congrats on four years. That is so great!

  4. Almost a year has taken my blog break and now I turn once again in your blog, dear Inese and read that you take a long break now.
    I hope from my heart that you are well and send you lots of strength and warm hugs.

    I look forward to seeing you when you get back. Do what ever makes you smile. 🙂 ❤

    Love, Vera

      1. Oh, yes, good health is that what all of us could need. But the life is not a wish concert and we must take what life gives us.
        It is so important not to loose our humour and laugh and to take all colors not only the bright, even the dark…even if it is difficult at times.
        Big hugs for you ❤

  5. Thanks for all the posts over the years, Inese, I follow very few blogs, and shall really miss not just your lovely images, but your insightful writing. Very best wishes to you and good fortune, whatever you do, and wherever you are, best wishes and I shall very much look forward to your return to blogging. Auf wiedersehen.

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