Mount Congreve gardens – an unexpected meeting …

Walled garden is greeting me with all shades of purple.

Mount Congreve Gardens

Mount Congreve Gardens

Numerous fruit trees will bear a bountiful harvest in a month or two.

I admire various espaliers clinging to the walls.

Mount Congreve Gardens

As I cross the walled garden I discover a fragrant rose walk in the middle of it.

Mount Congreve Gardens

Winged thorns are not the only unusual feature of Rosa sericea pteracantha : its flowers have only four petals instead of usual five.

Leaving the walled garden.

Walking around the pond.

Unhurried walk with occasional stops takes me back to the glass house.

Mount Congreve Gardens

More flowers, more colors.

Magnolia Daybreak was planted in memory of Ambrose Congreve by the staff of Mount Congreve. It has beautiful and extremely fragrant pink flowers. There are many magnolias in the garden that bear names of Congreve family members.

Mount Congreve Gardens

On my way to the field where I have parked my car I came across a lawn. I changed my lens to a wider one to take a picture of the tree. From this moment the events started developing rapidly.

I took the picture and next moment a huge, long-legged hare appeared out of the shrubs at the other side of the lawn and started lazily towards me. I stopped breathing for a moment and then began to reattach my 70-200 mm lens. When the lens was finally on I lifted my eyes and almost screamed as the hare was sitting right in front of me, and he was the size of a dog.

Mount Congreve Gardens

I guess he had lost all his senses because of his old age, it is why he almost bumped into me. Startled, he looked at me with crossed eyes.  I didn’t have time to focus and only got these two blurred pictures of him as he darted across the lawn.

I slowly walked to where he entered the shrubs, and there he was, recovering after the scare.


I am glad that I can share this story with you. Have a wonderful weekend


  1. The hare and you had a serendipitous moment, Inese. This was a sweet tale of a larger, older rabbit who seemed like he nearly had a heart attack! Both of you were stunned, to say the least. 😊 xo 🐇

  2. There is something about a walk in a garden that tends to sweep the mind away from all the small troubles of life, and gets the mind thinking of possibilities. Wonderful post, Inese, terrific photos with the espaliers clinging to the walls as well as the magnificent hare you saw, wow. Wishing you a great rest of the summer 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Dalo. It is a very challenging summer, but you are right, walk in the garden and woodland keeps my mind off things and gives the strength I need 🙂

  3. The sun blessed you this day, Inese! Your color here is just breathtaking. Your little run-in struck a cord with me; a rabbit’s made its home under our neighbor’s shed, but our yard is its dining room. Bash has named it Sammy, and every morning the kids look to see if Sammy’s nibbling on our weeds. 🙂

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