Curraghmore House – another visit

Curraghmore House

On my second visit to the Curraghmore estate near Portlaw I found this tiny beautiful waterfall. Here are some more pictures from that day.

Horse riders at the entrance to the estate.

Curraghmore House

A road yet to be explored.

Curraghmore House

Amazing play of light in the tree branches.

Evergreen ivy.

Wild plums in bloom.

Ferns growing on the tree branches.

I saw many pheasants, but they didn’t let me come close. Except this one.

Young pheasant hen didn’t mind me either.

This is not a monster but a pheasant hen taking off.

Good for her. This one was not as careful – pheasants have many natural predators.

Curraghmore House, the residence of  Henry Nicholas de la Poer Beresford, 9th Marquess of Waterford.

Curraghmore House

Farm buildings.


The Tower, or Steeple, in the distance. I visited this sad monument in March.


I will share more pictures from my walk to The Tower next week. Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. More than the amazing residence of the Marquess I cannot avoid to think in how magical is that little waterfall. Thank you, Inese. Hoping all’s right around there. n_n

  2. I love the first, third and fourth pictures… this waterfall is very cute, and I like how you blurred the frame. Also the branches of those trees are amazing… nature has a lot to offer and to be surprised about 😉

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