Beautiful poetic response to the image and story of Lady Waterford by Mike Steeden.



Inspired by a true, sad story unearthed with only scant timeline facts left in historical record and subsequently the subject of a post by the wonderful photographer and lovely gal, Inese ( ) Her exquisite photo heads this ‘almost poem’. Plainly, I have availed myself of poetic licence in penning this. 


Only within an enchanted island of gemstone green carpet

where a chivalrous white mist serves to guard from harm

the innocence of a new rainbow’s inviting curve

where if you listen hard enough you will hear forgotten

castle ruins whisper their darkest secrets

could the knife of Divine betrayal

cut so deep a wound

that the inevitable contagion that is grief

spreads far and wide

hunts down the blameless

loses track of the hideaway guilt

of purist happenstance

“No chance of a mother and child reunion, this side of eternity?”

the last utterance…

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  1. Inese, you are someone who connects with your photographs.
    In this instance you connected Mike with the Lady Florence. Both were blessed by the beautiful marble image caught in your camera’s view.
    He displayed a lovely poetic response. While up in heaven, Lady will be smiling at such poetry written in her honor. 🙂

  2. What a poem! Bittersweet, tragic, and beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I never know what amazing surprises are in store when I visit you — always a fantastic voyage!!

      1. I find that out here I have met many lovely people I often wish I could sit in the ‘Circle ‘ with them beyond that. I value their talent, their creativity, their kindness and support, their great generosity of spirit that is never absent. I count you both at the very top of that hill xxx

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