Saltee Island: big adventure 2016


Sweet puffin looks at me with his wise grey eye.  Another hour on the island and the boat will come to pick us up. I don’t want to leave. I want to stay there, on the edge of the cliff, and see what he sees.


The aquamarine blue water turns a shade darker.


There is a dark cloud coming from the East, and it means rain.


Before long it was raining lazily, and the raindrops sat on the puffin’s back and head, like diamond beads.

puffin puffin

I have had a fabulous time and took many photographs. I photographed birds perched on the cliffs, and in flight, from the front and from behind, …



… single and in groups.


We even saw a family of partridges and a rabbit.


It is time to leave.


Enjoy this short video from Saltee Islands website .

We take the stairs down to the rocky shore, and walk along the water edge taking photographs of everything that lies around.

saltees 2 152

saltees 2 143

Huge thanks to the Neale family who have turned the islands into the bird sanctuary, and set up a shelter for those who might get stuck on the island overnight.

saltee islands

Our boat arrived with more photographers on board. This group will stay until the dark to take pictures of the sunset. The rubber dinghy is speeding towards the shore. It is also named after a bird. Guess which? A Puffin! 🙂


This is Declan Bates, the captain of  An Crosan, The Razorbill. Last August Captain Bates spotted an overturned boat that capsized near Great Saltee Island. Ten people had been in water for five hours. They were rescued and taken by An Crosan to Kilmore Quay. Nine of them survived.

Thank you for the safe trip, captain!

Captain Declan Bates

I do hope you enjoyed this trip, extended over so many blog posts 🙂

Don’t lose connection with the beautiful things of the world. Everything else won’t last long.

inesemjphotography Have a wonderful weekend!


    1. Yes, it is what I have noticed too – some of the puffins look sad. Well, they live average 30 years and have seen a lot. Thank you for stopping by!

    1. No Mike, I don’t. I only know two puffin couples I can recognize from the previous years, but I have no idea about the birds’ gender. So it is just ‘love’, ‘sunshine’ or ‘old buddy’ 🙂

      1. My wife even names the insects, although I suspect she doesn’t know the same one twice! In our old garden we had 57 goldfish all named ‘Bob’ and a 58th (her favourite) called Black Bob…funny old world!

        1. That’s fun 🙂 I guess I would give a name to a bird if I saw it every day, but may be not. As to naming our pets, we always used only human names for them. No Mittens or something like that.

          1. I think a certain kind of madness is required in terms of naming creatures far and wide. Shirl has it in shedloads…I discovered her advising cats on heir toilet habits, and how it was having an adverse effect upon her new lawn just this very afternoon…not that the two cats in question were taking a blind bit of notice!

            1. I speak to creatures, bugs including, when no one sees me.
              That situation with your lawn cannot be resolved by reasoning and advising. Get some spray. I love cats, but their habits have to be controlled.

  1. That is so cool that the island was turned into a sanctuary and that the family built a shelter for stranded visitors. Lovely photos, Inese, including the one of the hero captain 🙂 Beautiful all around.

  2. Ms inese … Magnificent photography …what grand birds … that wait with admirable patience for their portraits to be taken. Just wonderful writing and photos. Thanks for sharing your striking adventure!

  3. Inese, lovely post and it included the dangers of getting to the island. I feel I flew with the puffins. As to whether I kissed their faces I remain mute. The rocks pictures are breath stealing. xx

  4. Once again – wonderful pics. The puffin shots are beautiful.
    This is the kind of trip I’d love to do… though I doubt my photos, taken from a Samsung Galaxy phone would be quite so stunning. 😉
    (And the thought of an upturned boat and bobbing in the water for five hours …….??!!)


  5. They are so adorable how could anyone tire of looking at these delicate creatures.
    It is so nice to know that people (the Neale family) have big hearts.

    And lovely advice at the end of this wonderful post. No, we should never lose connection with the beautiful things in this world. They are gifts for all us to admire and enjoy.

    This post was a pleasure to view. Thank you for sharing these photos with us.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. You gotta love those adorable puffins! They call to mind that on July 25 I posted a piece on ‘romantic’ pet names, including “LOVE MUFFIN,” which would make a neat rhyming name for a girl puffin (not that anyone should try to make a puffin a pet). 🙂

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