Illustrated Blogger Interview Challenge

Aquileana from La Audacia de Aquiles  nominated me for the Blogger Interview Challenge.  Thank you so much for considering me!


I am following Aquileana’s  blog for more than a year, and I always re-read her posts because we both share the love for Mythology, for the times when Gods mingled with people, and ” the World was younger than today”. Aquileana is doing a thorough research on her subject, and her posts are always adorned with beautiful art and poetry. I invite you  all to visit La Audacia de Aquiles blog – you will want to follow  🙂

Now the interview. To make it more fun, I illustrated it with my images. These are the questions:

How did you get into blogging?

Since the time the Internet was invented, I have always dreamed of having a space  where I could share my experiences, memories and, sometimes, opinions. When I visit a beautiful place or meet a beautiful person, I want to spread a word so that other people know of it.



I started with installing WordPress using WAMP so that I could play with it offline before I decided on the theme, pages, widgets and style.  A whole month I explored my options and web tools, and wrote, and deleted. My first idea was to combine my advertisements and my personal thoughts. I chose the simplest, mobile friendly and lightweight theme. Finally I mastered the courage and went live, shy and uncertain. It was after St Patrick’s day, March 2014.  The advertising part didn’t survive: I changed my mind about it. This post is one of the first five posts written offline. My first attempt on blogging 🙂

My blog is not a portfolio.

What advice would you give to a blogger just starting out?

Blog about anything you like, and post as often, as you wish –  once a month, every hour; but do your best.

do your Best

Make your blog posts accessible. Only your loving family members will be willing to struggle through the numerous links until they find your latest post ( I have done it too …).  Your SEO advisers might tell you that using internal links helps with traffic, but they usually mean the ‘deep’ links, not the ‘surface’ links, if it makes sense. Also, when they speak about the internal linking, they often use a phrase ‘killer content’. Something to think about.


For all bloggers – please, make sure that clicking on your Profile Picture and Name opens your blog page, or at least your Gravatar page with a link to your blog! You are working hard – you should be heard! 

Enjoy what you do. Slow down when you feel that this becomes a burden. Everybody will understand.

slow down

Be nice with your fellow bloggers, even if you had a lousy childhood. It will pay off, and make you happier in return in your real life.


 What would be your dream campaign?

Inspire, not impress. I love this statement.


Do you have a plan for your blog?

I have been blogging less than two years, a toddler’s age. I will grow. My plan is still the same – to show how good is the world, and how good are people.


What do you think about rankings?

To be honest, nothing.  It sounds like a part of some competition to me, and I am not competing with anyone for a very simple reason – I have neither the time nor the energy  for that. I am afraid  I don’t really understand what it is about. Traffic? Likes? These two not necessarily reflect the greatness of the content. I know fantastic blogs with very little followers and likes. ‘All is vanity’…

Give yourself  rewards, regardless of your “ranking” 🙂


I would love to nominate the following very different bloggers – please don’t feel that you have to accept the nomination. No pressure, no obligations, just your free will 🙂

Praying for Eyebrowz

Photobooth Journal

Traveling Rockhopper


Souldier Girl

Milford Street

There are the rules:

* Mention the person who nominated you
* Answer the questions in full
* Don’t forget to tag up to ten other bloggers at the end

Thank you again Aquileana for the opportunity to answer questions and promote other bloggers!

IneseMjPhotographyHave a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. Congratulations, Inese. You are so worth of this recognition and I agree, Aquileana, provides us a wealth of information. I often have to read parts of her blog multiple times as I know little of mythology, etc and am learning bits and pieces as I go. You both have impressive blogs and you both display an equal amount of kindness to others. My hat’s off to both of you.

    1. Thank you! I don’t use the ranking widget. I am grateful for reading and ‘liking’. I am very happy to get a comment. Why would I demand from my readers to waste their time ‘ranking me’.

  2. What a lovely interview. And the pictures? Well… They are beautiful as many of your answers. Aquileana is an angel isn’t she!!!!! Another blog I would not miss. x

    1. Thank you for stopping by! Hope the answers are of any use – all the bloggers put an effort in what they do, and it is a shame that this effort goes unnoticed because of the complicated blog structure. I am also an advocate of resizing photographs down to the resolution of 72 p/inch which doesn’t virtually affect their quality but definitely helps the readers with a slow internet connection to open and enjoy them.

      On many occasions, I didn’t read other people posts only because I didn’t know they existed. When I open a page, I want to see either a new post, or a link to it (if this is a page with a featured post or a welcome page), or at least a calendar or a ‘recent posts’ widget. When I don’t see neither of this, I presume that the blogger hasn’t posted anything lately, and I close the page. Then, after a couple of such fruitless visits I start digging. I scroll the page down, I open links, go to archives, etc, and finally I find the latest posts and read them. Do I have time for that? No, I don’t. I do this digging only to show my respect. This person has less than five ‘likes’ on their posts, for obvious reason – new followers have no idea that this person is actually writing. Accessibility is a #1. Only a person with a ‘killer content’ can play hide-and-seek, which is never a case because such bloggers don’t use these little SEO secrets to increase their traffic. Ah, I can go on and on with that 🙂
      Thank you for your kind words! xx

      1. Totally agree. Some blogs just are inaccessible. There’s one that sends you round and round. I just think How about NO….. when it comes in!! I always love your blog though. xxxx

        1. Thank you very much for being so kind 🙂 Yes, some blogs resist my visits as if they were classified. Also, there are people who ‘like’ my posts but I cannot get back to them because their name is not linked to their page. A few times I was so desperate to return the visit that I had to find them through the search engine. Why am I not surprised that these posts have 2-3’likes’ altogether ( God Mother? Grandma?). Good posts, by the way, worth to read.
          I also wrote about the “deep” links and the “surface “links. The “deep” links are your references, and they are the choice links for the reader who can visit them later, or even never. “Surface” links interfere the reading. They send the reader from one place to another ( as you say, round and round) and are annoying like hell. I am sure these people just listened to some SEO expert. There is no one who would confuse their reader on purpose. We all want to be heard.
          Love your blog too. Don’t know if using the hamster labor is legal though 😉 xxxx

  3. Wonderful post ~ Aquileana has been a great teacher for me as well 🙂 You list out such important qualities of being a blogger ~ and with your incredible photography, you too have become a great teacher for us all. Wish you a great day.

    1. Randall, thank you so much for your comment. No way I am teaching anyone – it is just that I had to answer the questions! I have learned from life that we have to do our best and don’t try to impress anyone because there are plenty of those who are much more impressive than we are 🙂 And from my short blogging experience I have learned that accessibility is a starting point. Sure you know it yourself because your blog has a very simple and clear structure.
      You are one of the greatest people I have a pleasure to know through the blogging. Your philosophy and outstanding photography are my inspiration, and here is another point I wanted to highlight in my humble interview – you have never tried to impress anyone, but you have sure inspired many, including me. Thank you for your work and this kind comment. Wish you a wonderful day!

      1. I think our philosophies on life are quite similar 🙂 There is so much talent out there and so much to learn and admire – so thank you for this. Look forward to more sharing and inspiration in the future from you. Take care ~

  4. Beautiful blogger interview.. I love the fact that you included images alongside the answers… very creative and pretty…
    Inspire, not impress is certainly a great motto, my friend.
    Sending love and best wishes. Aquileana 💫.-

        1. Thank you!!! Went to check out your blog, and found that my ‘like’ is gone! It happens too often lately. I am trying to visit as many blogs as possible, but my ‘likes’ disappear 😦

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Takami. I know that many people don’t want to do the rewards. We will see how many bloggers respond 😉 I skipped two rewards because I was too busy at that time. I am afraid to burden the others too..
      Have a wonderful weekend

  5. What a lovely interview, Inese. Your answers certainly do inspire. Your advice to bloggers, established or new, is thoughtful and honest, and gives us all something to think about. All of your posts provide informative, thought-provoking and inspirational content, and your photos are just lovely. I enjoyed finding out about how you got started, too. 🙂

  6. After reading this inspiring interview, I´m even more happy than before to have come across your beautiful blog:)! I´m always looking forward to reading your new posts and admiring your stunning pictures! I just love the positive feeling that accompanies everything you do here:) Sarah

      1. Yes that was my comment. I wrote it posted the comment and it disappeared. I had refreshed my website and I had to fill out some info before commenting. I pressed on the comment page and it posted under my name. Strange

          1. Yes if I clear history in firefox it ask for you email, name and I think website name. After you fill these out you can post your comment. If you don’t it doesn’t get posted. The Anonymous one was a total glitch.

            1. Oh my goodness… I had no idea. It asks ME to do that to get to my dashboard, after I clear my browsing history, but not to comment other posts… I will see to it.

  7. Congratulations. You always provide interesting post with photography and I always look forward to them. Be well.

  8. Great to read more about you. I love the campaign Inspire not impress. And once again your photography is gorgeous. I have read these blogger interviews but I really like that you used your photography to supplement. You have an awesome positive energy that radiates in your words! So glad I found your blog.

    1. Thank you so much for your kindest comment! These interviews are often very alike, so I though I had to do something for more fun, and also for highlighting my points 🙂

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