Year is running out


This year is running out, and there is still so much to do! Finishing projects and fixing things in a hurry doesn’t seem to be neither productive nor satisfying. Sometimes the front looks OK, but the back tells another story… like in this picture… Well, lets don’t press too hard on ourselves: it might take years to realize that some things look better unfinished. 

There is something I call perfection, though. It is a video clip that I share every Christmas. When I watch this video, I feel like everything falls into place; my questions and my doubts get a perfect answer; vanity dissolves; harmony returns. Music and Art are perfectly woven together, and I am sure you will enjoy watching and listening to it, all of you, regardless of your age, religion or familiarity with arts.

Mike Masse is a former attorney who began performing once a month at the Pie Pizzeria in Salt Lake City in 1993, and did it until recent years when he moved to Colorado with his family. Now he is a full-time musician, performing in different states. Check out his  web site  : there is his gig schedule, and you might find him near where you live.

Mike also performs live with the former members of the band Boston, Barry Goudreau and Sib Hashian. Here is a great piece, More Than  A Feeling (1976) for you to enjoy.

This is a fantastic acoustic cover of Boston’s “More Than a Feeling” performed by Mike Masse & Jenny Oaks Baker.

So, it is what I am doing today instead of “finishing and fixing” 🙂 I am listening to the music I enjoy.

This is Dublin in December.


This is an old farmstead in the mountains.


I love Irish music. Its roots go back to the medieval times, and one of the best examples is Wexford Carol. You can listen to this traditional Irish Christmas song sang by The Palestrina Choir of St Mary’s Pro-Cathedral, Dublin.

Listening to the beloved hymn, I think about the coming year 2015. I cannot believe I have lived so long, but I don’t mind to keep on living.

The year 2014 has been both successful and devastating. They say 2015 will give us a break.  We will see. There is a song  I really like: Muse, Time is running out,  from their best album Absolution.  It is difficult to say what the song is about: Matt Bellamy himself is not sure…

Matt Bellamy: “It’s just about feeling that the last moments of your life are running out and… it’s more about the emotion itself: being suffocated, feeling that your last chance is being taken away from you by something that’s outside of your own power, and you can apply that to society, a relationship, your religion or whatever”

I like the song, but it makes me feel uneasy when I think it might be about something that is coming – something that is outside our power and control; something that can affect us in a bad way. So, may be lets think that it is simply about a mad love with a woman of destiny 🙂



What  I really want to say  –  the truth of the matter is that the time is truly running out. Gradually.

Thank you for listening to this very different selection of music with me!

Tip of the day: This holidays, take some photographs that are out of your usual genre. Discover yourself 🙂

inesemjphotographyHave a great weekend!


  1. Just noticed Panoramio database goes on June 4th – less than a month.. time to save your photos/comments and set up a migration to Google Views – if you want.

    1. I have two accounts… One will have to go… So sad! It is the best community of true friends ever. Thankfully, I have some folks on my facebook and Twitter. Golden days of Panoramio are long gone, to be honest… I hope that Eduardo will unite us again 🙂

      1. that would be nice.. will you transfer your photos to Google Views…. wonder what other people are doing – its nice to think photos are still there but wonder as technology improves, older photos could look like postcards from another time

        1. Exactly! Losing these images is like losing a part of history. I know that they are all around the internet by now, still, it was great to see them in one place. I will preserve my first account for sure.

          1. Need some advice … i connected my Panoramio account to Google+ but cant see them on Google Views .. do you know the process.. is there something i need to do or do they do it?

            1. Unfortunately you cannot see them in Google +… Right now this function is disabled. I added to Google + last year when they first closed Panoramio for a couple of days. I totally dislike it and don’t see any good in it. The same senseless “followings”… ah well. I think that when they close Panoramio in June, our pages will still be there intact, just accessible from your Google + account instead. They should keep them if they want to keep Google Earth running. So, just wait until June.

  2. Inese – You’ve hit upon a universal theme with your many followers.
    I love the opening photo. I simply sat for what seemed like a very long time for me and lost myself in the background. So many places I look, rather it be a photograph or real life, don’t seem to have a space for me to pause and simply breath.
    I too have felt that need to push, to rush and have felt disoriented instead. I’ve found it hard to concentrate on any one thing and am frustrated I haven’t accomplished any one thing I wanted to do over my blog break. I told Tom just last night I’d never felt so rushed in my entire life and it had to be self-imposed somehow. After all those years when I worked 80 or more hours a week and took care of him also — nothing adds up.
    I’m looking forward to more of your great blogs next year. You have made a remarkable place for yourself here in blogland.
    Merry Christmas.

    1. Sheri – Thank you for your always kind words. I think that you don’t really know how to take a break :). You have never had a chance to learn this lazy skill. Especially in the end of the year it seems like the time is getting crazy and disappears like the water down the drain. Try to take another break in January: may be it is going to work out better.
      Hugs and best wishes for 2015!

        1. Sheri – Thank you so much for these kind words! Take a break, enjoy the time with your guest. I have already taken some three breaks – so much to do – and you know, we will be here when you are back again.
          My warmest wishes to you!

  3. A beautiful and inspiring post. The music and the pictures are awesome too. Wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

  4. I just love the pix, Inese. The first, Dublin, and the girls are lovely, too. But you won’t be fretting on your death bed, “If only I’d taken more shots of those girls.”

    Glad you seized the music of the moment.


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