Red, orange, yellow..


A good sunny day is not something we enjoy often in the end of November.  I went down to People’s Park to take pictures of my favorites, the Beech trees, generously tossing their gold at the sparse sun rays.


I don’t know how my mind wanders, but I ended up thinking about “Hunger Games”.  Must be that golden fire, and upcoming movie release this week.

Lorde – Yellow Flicker Beat (From The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1).  “Red, orange, yellow” – a good song.

I like Hunger Games. Suzanne Collins did a great, spotless job, regardless of what some critics say. The language is rich and intelligent, the plot never gets boring. I am always curious about what the future may be like, and what others think of the future. I wonder, does it matter how we picture our future.  I guess it does.


People’s Park is not flooded yet, but Kilsheelan Bridge was closed due to the flood.  Here is my summer post, and this is how the place  looks these days: all the land is flooded up to the foot of the hill. I was there early in the morning to catch the rising sun. It was so bizarre to see all those huge trees standing in the high pink water.



This bridge is 200 years old, and can survive many more centuries.

I so hope tomorrow will be kinder.

The Secret Sisters  – Tomorrow Will Be Kinder (From the Hunger Games)

Barrow Railway Bridge, Co. Wexford, was built  by Architect Sir Benjamin Baker in 1906 and closed to passenger traffic in 2010.

It is the longest railway bridge in Ireland  –  2,131 feet long. There was an opening section to allow ship access up the river. At the western end the  railway enters a 217 yards long tunnel almost immediately.  Magnificent construction, especially for this rural area, it is not designed for walking over – a huge gaps between the ties will make your heart sink. We went there to do the test shoots. I did feel like I was in the District 13 somewhere:)


There is another relict in the area – a sunken boat.


All these abandoned constructions and machinery  look like a part of a dystopian world.  Things seldom happen suddenly.  We are creating our future step by step, item by item, decision by decision.

I so hope our grandchildren will be safe.



Taylor Swift – Safe and Sound ( Hunger games)

Do you ever think about the distant future?  Is there anything you still can change?

Photography tip of the day: For the editing software users. Make yourself collections of interesting backgrounds, sky and clouds, textures, and also a color-picker resources, like different human faces, etc.

inesemjphotographyHave a great day!


  1. Lovely autumnal photos, Inese…as for the future, I do sometimes worry. Humans are causing a lot of pollution and we need to have more respect for the Earth if we’re going to make it habitable for our future generations.


    1. Thank you Vijay. There are many millions people living in London and visiting. If they bin their litter even one day a week – all these cigarette butts or candy wraps – just 50 g one day a week each, it would make many tons of litter off the streets. What I want to say – even the tiniest effort makes a difference on the big scale. Let’s work towards the future. 🙂

  2. Beautiful images! Have not seen the movie but it sounds interesting. And not sure about what the future holds for my family but I do think about it!

    1. Thank you for stopping by! The books are very well written, I sincerely advice you to read them starting from the first one – you will enjoy them even though the story is sad overall. It made me think about our political passivity, our indifference and our feeling of false security. None of those contribute into a good future.

  3. Wonderfully moody and melancholy images. I agree with you about the Hunger Games (although I’ve only read the first novel, that I thought was very good.) I have no children, so my look at the future is a bit more…theoretical, I guess. Our time is now and it will probably pass (I mean for humanity). But the universe is very large. We are an infinitesimal part of it. Just try and enjoy the things we have and do something good. What else?

    1. I agree with you, Olga, and thank you for your comment! If we do something good now, as little as it seems, it will build up and make the future a better place. It is not even about the children – I wouldn’t dream of what my own descendants would look like in a thousand year:) I think about the whole generations – where do they go? What are they going to face? All the theoretical things make me curious 🙂 But as you say, humanity’s time will pass, eventually. Hope that if we do a good job with our “today”, humanity will hang on a little longer:)

      1. then you got it on the right timing 🙂 OOhh…here is the same..grey and windy too. Hope the weather will be better this weekend. Have a great weekend! 🙂

  4. Song of fire in the golden leaves and song of fire in the sun kissing the countryside.
    About the future we just know that we don’t know it, but I’ll try to be better 🙂

  5. Gorgeous shots Inese. I’m always so thirsty for color, so of course i loved those. But i was surprisingly drawn to the one of the railroad bridge. Fascinating image. Huge hugs!

  6. Wow. I love these pictures. That rail bridge is spectacular. You are not only a great photographer but you have great taste in literature. The Hunger Games was a fantastic series. I even have a Katnis Everdeen action figure in my writing room.

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