Narrow roads and pink mountains

Last week I visited a friend in Burncourt, Co Tipperary. I chose a narrow country road for fun and delightful drive. Didn’t know it would be that narrow… When I startled a pheasant sleeping in the middle of the road and he lazily walked away, I thought I got lost… I didn’t take any pictures, but this one ( shared on Facebook) gives you an idea:)

keep going

After the visit I thought I might better go up the mountains on my way home. My initial plan was to stop by the ruins of Shanbally castle barbarically demolished in 1960, but I changed this plan in favor of driving South towards my favorite Old Clonmel-Cork Road.

This area lies in the Galtee-Vee Valley (Golden Vale) with the Galtee Mountains to the north and the Knockmealdown Mountains to the south. I love the rolling hills and open pastures with the breathtaking hilltop views, and I love the gradual transition from the green sunlit Knockmealdowns to the dark and lonesome Comeraghs.

In Clogheen I turned to the Vee.

The Vee Pass in Knockmealdown mountains (refers to the V-shaped turn) is a beautiful place to visit all around the year because of its stunning panoramic views, but in June the wild rhododendrons bloom in the hills, and it is the view you will never forget.

the vee

In the picture above you can see the Galtees framing the valley from the North.

the vee

the vee

the vee

the vee

the vee

The blossoms are of the color of frothy foam on the top of boiling raspberry jam. I imagine a gigantic cauldron in the hills above the Bay Lough, and the jam overflowing the cauldron and making its way down through the woods, dripping from the rocks and making puddles in the hollows. A waterfall of pink. I am overwhelmed by this breathtaking beauty.

The Bay Lough lake.

the vee

Biological function of a flower is reproduction. Mother Nature made it beautiful.

the vee

On my way down the mountain I took a few shots to make this crooked panorama:). Didn’t bother to set a tripod: I was afraid to shy away that young couple. Love is beautiful!


Photography tip of the day: to make a panorama take as many pictures as you need to have a 40-50% overlap. Use portrait format. And a tripod:)

inesemjphotographyHave a wonderful weekend!


    1. Thank you! I should have stood in the middle but I was in the left corner – I really wanted this young couple to get into the picture:)

  1. Inese–These pink hillsides are something! I am so entertained by your writing, and I love nature writing. “…the color of frothy foam on top of boiling raspberry jam.” What a line!

  2. Inessa, these pink hillsides are really something. I am so entertained by your writing, and I love nature writing. “…the color of frothy foam on top of boiling raspberry jam.” What a line!

  3. Inessa, I am entertained by your writing, and I love nature writing. “…the color of frothy foam on top of boiling raspberry jam.” What a line!

  4. What a lovely area – I have been to the Knockmealdown mountains , and to Cork amongst other places in Ireland. Much stunning scenery! I like your panorama-without-tripod, well done!

    1. Thank you! I just so loved that young couple sitting there:) Taking panorama without a tripod is ok if you are standing in the middle of your composition. I was standing in the left corner, it is why it came out so crooked:) It gave the idea though:)

    1. Thank you!:) I was standing in awe, speechless… It was my first time, somehow I always missed the rhododendron bloom season. The lake down there has never looked so beautiful! Actually, it is a big lake, and all the area is huge. This was simply overwhelming.

    1. Thank you for stopping by! It truly is:) I am trying to make another blog today… Plenty to see in Ireland when we have finally got a proper summer:) Have a great week!:)

      1. Thank you, Inese. I have been enjoying your photos. BTW, is that a fox in your arms in the photo?

  5. Inese… Wonderful set of photos… I think this post is one of my fav by you… Best wishes and I hope you have a Great week ahead,
    Aquileana 🙂

    1. Aquileana – Thank you for stopping by, and for your sweet comment. I look forward to more myths unveiled:) Have a great week you too!:)

  6. Such lovely photos. I’ve always been an admirer of Ireland’s landscapes and you’ve help reinforce that admiration. I have never seen so many rhododendrons in one place. Fantastic!!


  7. You live in a beautiful country. The open fields are like delicious gardens. The earthly imperfections are not absent, of course, but the narrow roads must be a part of the charm.
    Congratulations for your very interesting and well written blog.
    From the chilean Finis Terrae

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